Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


8. A Call From Home

The next day with all the thoughts of what had transpired from the previous day all i wanted to do was to stay in bed with my blankets over my head. I was just sleep away any memories I had of me agreeing to date two guys TWINS for that matter at the same time away when my cell rang. I let out a groan, I really did not feel like talking to anyone at this point. If it was Blair i knew she would want to dive into the whole thing and ask a bunch of questions that would either make me regret what i did or make me feel like a total bad ass and like what i did. I wasn't even sure how i felt about the whole thing granted i did like them both that much was true, but i really didn't know if i even had it in me to date them both. I could hardly even do my makeup and text my friends at the same time let alone date to guys at once. I was gonna let it go to voice mail but i could tell whoever it was, was not gonna let up. I flung my blankets off of my face and sat up and answered it  "Hello?" i said with a touch of hostility in my voice, this was really not my day and whoever this was i was gonna let them know they picked the wrong day to call me. " Really? Is that anyway to speak towards your mother?"


"Hello,Mi Hija. I called your sister but she said she was in the middle of doing her little hobby" Mom always considered Melanie youtube job as a hobby. Even though this hobby is making her alot of money after Elle and Blair is the most subscribed beauty guru there is. She would tell her constantly that she could do so much more or get a real job that youtube is a nice way to keep her busy but it's not a worthy job. "Your sister and that website. I don't see the fascination with it." she sighed. I raked my fingers through my hair and swung my legs over the side of my bed and stood up and stretched, 'there goes my lazy day' i thought to myself.  Even with my mother clear across the country she still finds away to make sure i don't spend all my time in bed I swear it's like this women has a censor planted in her when she feels her daughters are wasting away a summer that could be spent sight seeing and taking the time to get to know our, gag, father and step mother. "Well, ma, you know Mel, she likes it. She has alot of fans and have met some really good people."

"Good people,Ay dios mio, mi hija, Do you not rememebr watching Megan is Missing? Did she meet good people?"

"Ugh Mom yes i rememeber the movie. The chick met who she thought was a good guy, turns out to be a pedator and he raped and killed her and buried her friend alive. God mom don't show that to Jessie it's screwed her up royally."

"I just wanted you to see what the internet is really like. "

"Is this way you called, mother?"

"No. Actually i um i called to see how you were getting along in England and"

"And?" I asked. I waited and i heard my mom clear her throat. Oh no, I knew when my mother got quiet she was looking for the best way to say something. She did it when she gathered us in her room and told us about the separation and when my little dog Bean got ran over by my aunt Lise car. "Ma?"

"I heard about your dad's little new addition"


 I sat back down on my bed and rested my head in my hands " You do? Who-Who told you?"

"Your father actually. He called me after telling you. He thought it was the right thing to do" she responded. The right thing to do? No the right thing to do would to have abide your wedding vows and fixed things with our mother not bang a new wife that looks like the melted down barbie doll. "I respect him for that"

"Mom? Are you ok?"

"Yeah, well, I am now. I took the news as tough as i could. I can't deny that it did hurt. I mean, we were married for a long time and I thought we would have been together forever. I just guess forever doesn't mean what it use to mean nowadays" I hated hearing my mother in pain I wish that i could make things better for her. Ever since i heard her crying in her room the day my father asked her for a divorce I wanted to protect her to make her smile, make her laugh, anything to get her to forget the pain he caused even if it was just for a second or a day . If i got one little smile from her i knew i did my job as her daughter. "But anyways, um how are you? Are you having fun there?"

"Um, yeah i guess. It's always so cloudy here. I don't think they even know what summer is.But i heard tomorrow is suppose to be sunny but i'm not holding my breathe " I said getting up and walking to my window and looking out at the grey sky. My mother chuckles and it brings a smile to my face."Yeah well mi hija that is England for you"

"I miss you mom."
"I miss you too Mi hija. Jessica misses you too. She took some of your things to camp with her."

"So your all alone? Mom, i don't like that. You shouldn't be alone"

"It's ok, I may go out with Charles"

Charles was this really cute guy who owned this restaurant that we spent alot of our time in back at home. Whenever all of us would go shopping we would end of day at his restaurant and he would send this really amazing desserts to our table free of charge. He would say it was complainants from the chef. Yeah right, more like I think you are so beautiful and i wanna take you out dessert. Anyways, so the week before my mother dropped the news on us about shipping us off to England we went there and my mother excused herself to go to my bathroom and when she came back she told us he finally asked her out. " Oh my god mom that's is awesome!" said Melanie as she leaned in and hugged my mother. My mom looked really happy but then her eyes dropped down "Mom, what's wrong?" i asked her. " I don't know if i'm ready to date." she said laying her napkin back into her lap and tugging her hair back.

"Mom, don't do this." said Melanie "You need to get back out there. It's ok to be happy again " she said reassuringly as she held her hands.

"Mel is right, take a chance."

She didn't go out with him that week but they have been talking and texting we had to show her how to text and now we can't get her to stop.

"Good for you mom, you deserve this. And Charles seems like a great guy and that is exactly what you need. A great guy."

"Thank you mi hija. So what about you? Have you met any great guys?"

"Ummmm, Yeaaaaah let's not dive into that right now. " I said with a laugh

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