Falling For Two * A Jack and Finn Harries Love Story"

I had a idea to write a story about these two popular youtubers from England after i saw their videos on youtube. I thought what would happen if a girl on a trip to England met on of these guys and started dating him and then met his brother and started to like him also and they both begun competing for her love. Who would she pick? The funny, loveable Jack? Or the laid back romantic Finn? Well this is that story. Who would you pick? Who will she pick?


12. A Breath Of Fresh Air

The plane ride from England and California was quiet but I wish I could have said the same for my thoughts. But Iwas doing this to give my mind a sense of calmness or peace after the drama that happened and it isn't helping me decide who I wanted to be with. I could have stayed home but I know if I did I would have yelled at them and ruined whatever future I may have with the twin I chose. Despite everything that happened...I was still crazy for them both. And I whatever stupid crap they did it wouldn't change and it was still a hard choice to choose. I let out a sigh and continued to look out the window and get lost within my own mind which was still no close to being calm nor free . Annie? Are you ok? I turned to face my sister who was looking very studious in her black framed glasses and her messy bun on top of her head and white button up shirt with a plaid skirt and heels. When ever she was lost within a good book her whole persona changes she goes from beauty guru to honor student. The book of her choice this time was Bared To You. Not exactly the outfit I figured shed wear for the content of this book but the one Ihad in mind but this one draws least attention. Yeah. I said with a sigh Still upset over the guys? She said closing her book and pushing her glasses onto her nose and leaning back into her seat. I gave her a nod and looked down If I were you id pick Finn. Why would you say that? I don't know. She paused and crossed her legs ;He just...seems different; ;How do you know? I haven't introduced you guys yet?; ;I just...; she sighed and went back to reading her book. I was confused to how or why she said what she said Iwanted to ask but I think this converstation is better left unsaid til later. So all I said was "Thanks for the advice Melly" She nodded and continue to read.
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