That One Mistake

I actually wrote this a while back. Just thought I'd post it to see what people thought and maybe I'll continue, depending. Hope you enjoy it (:

I had everything- the looks, the grades, the friends, the boy, everything. But one insecure thought and... It's all gone in the blink of an eye. I've got to get it all back, but how? Hmm. Let's go over what happened one more time...


2. First "Dates"


       I spent the weekend at her house. I loved it there, her parents were the nicest, her brother just the sweetest. I knew he liked me, but he was two years younger and as we all know, I liked Dom. Those next few days were like floating on air. I could see and hear, but I couldn’t get him out of my head, no matter how hard I tried. Not that I tried very hard.

     The day after school with Dom had been Friday, today was Sunday. At around noon Heavenly got a text from him. ‘Is Kaily avoiding me?’ She texted back ‘no why?’ The reply beeped. ‘She won’t text me back…” My phone! I can’t believe I didn’t think to mention that to him! My phone had broken a while ago, exactly two months before Christmas. We’re one week away from Christmas now. I asked her to explain for me. ‘Ohh’ he said back. Before she could respond she got another message: ‘can I talk to her?’ She gave me her phone with a smile that said ‘Have fu-un!’ I rolled my eyes and took the phone.

 ‘hey’ I said.

 ‘hey :)’ he sent back.

 ‘sooo….. wuzzup?’

 ‘wanna hang out tomorrow? You, me, jared and heavenly’

 ‘sure ill ask her’ (I’ve never been one for big texting conversations)

 ‘She said it’s cool. By the gym, on the field?’ I asked.

 ‘sounds good.’ He said. I got another text that read, ‘hope you can play baseball.’

 Lucky for me I’ve had three years softball and we’re playing football in p.e. ‘bring it on!’

       I sat there for a minute, picturing his short, light brown hair with a funny discolored patch in it. The freckles on the bridge of his nose, his perfectly blue eyes, I thought about it all. Look him straight in the eye and you just get lost in a word of happy. It makes your tummy feel funny all over, and I’m not the only one who’s said that. They are by far the prettiest eyes in the whole school.

     I hung out with Heavenly for the rest of the day and went home later that night. I spent the entire next day wishing it was Monday. I couldn’t wait! He’s in 4 of my classes, including the first two classes. Seeing him is definitely the best way to start my day. After school Heavenly and I waited for the guys by the gym. They showed up with baseball bats and gloves for everyone. Their eyes opened in shock when they walked up and saw us pull out our gloves.

     Heavenly and I play softball, and we’re on the same team this year. She’s better though, because she’s played longer and is on a travel team. These guys didn’t know what they had gotten themselves into.

     They decided to go ‘easy’ on us, since we’re just girls. We were throwing, but then we all got bored.

     “Can I bat?” I asked to no one in particular.

     They all nodded so I grabbed my stuff and stood in front of the  backstop.

     “I’m going to throw the ball, and you have to hit it with your bat,  okay?” Jared teased me.

     “Very funny. Now pitch.”

     He threw the ball to me underhand. I watched it come slowly, stretched my arms back, stepped forward and swung with all my might. BAM! The ball sailed past Jared’s head, forcing him to duck. It flew past second base and way into the field. No doubt that would have been a home run.

     “Whoa!” Jared shouted. “You tried to take my head off!”

     “Shouldn’t have underestimated me,” I sang while swinging my bat around. “Haha, I’ll go get the ball, you can stay right here.” I pointed at his feet.

     “Here, I’ll come with you,” I heard Dom say as I was walking away. He threw his glove on the ground and ran up next to me. I turned to face him, getting a little out of his comfort zone with the others watching us. “Guess what?” I whispered.

     “What?” he said.

     “I’m going to win.” I saw the puzzled look on his face and started running to the ball. Looking over my shoulder I saw him smile and run after me. We got there around the same time, so we dove for the ball. Missing it completely, I started rolling around.

     “Hah!” I crawled up to him lying on the ground with the ball in his hand. I pretended to whisper to him again, but instead I took the ball from his hand and rolled away.

     “Hey!” He yelled. I started to get up and run when I felt his arms around my waist, pulling me down again. Laughing, I had ended with my torso over his.

     This time, he kissed me, and it was like magic.

     The sky became bluer, the grass greener, all noises sounded like music when I was with him.

     “So this is what was taking so long,” Heavenly said as she and Jared walked up to us.

     “Sorry, Heavenly,” I said while getting up.

     “Stay. Don’t let us ruin your fun.”

     “No, really.”

     “No, it’s okay.” We looked at each other. “We want to keep playing.”

     We continued to play for about three hours. I’m not sure if it was Heavenly’s mad pitching, or if I’m just that skilled, but no one else hit the ball as far as I did.

     As we were all walking home I said to Dom, “I had a really great time. I’d say it was a perfect first date.”

     “That wasn’t our first date,” he said.

     “It wasn’t?”

     “Nope.” He said.

     After a moment of silence I said, “So when is our first date?”

     “Hmm…. This Friday?” He must have taken my smile as a yes because he said, “I’ll pick you up at 6.” He kissed me on the cheek and waved goodbye as I walked up the steps and into my house



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