Love Till The End Of Time

When you Mix Ashley & Madison Tomlinson, Louis's sisters, with there two bet friends Sydney Rocheal and Kristina Krause add in the band and than add a crazy Star, you get a big mess watch as Maddie, Ashley, Sydney and Kristi go threw time as the sisters of Louis Tomlinson and The girlfriends of the 4 other boys


1. They're HOMEEEE!

Maddie POV

"Maddie! Wake up, love. Mum made breakfest." Louis whispered in my ear. What he said next made me wake up immediately.

"And Niall's here, Just so you know." He left my room, but I could tell I wasn't alone.

"CHEESEBURGERS AND JELLYBABIES!" my boyfriend Niall Horan, fell onto my bed, crushing me underneath him.

"Niall! I can't breath!" I screamed loudly, making Louis come running back into the room.

"Niall! Stop it! Your gonna kill her!" Louis screamed. He pulled Niall off me and threw him on the floor. It was like this every weekend.

Ashley POV

I could hear screaming coming from Maddie's Room. Niall and the boys must've come home last night from their gig in Manchester. That could only mean one thing....

"Hey Baby" Harry poked his head into my room

"Harry!" I scream as he came in and flopped on my bed

"I missed you!" Harry said before kissing me passionately.

Kristi POV

I woke up to find Zayn snuggled in my pillows, shirtless. He woke up, screamed and fell off the bed.

"Babe? Why did you fall off the bed?" I said to him

"Because I thought I was back in the hotel in Manchester. Alone. Cold. Missing you." He said before kissing me.

Maddie POV

"Don't do that again, Niall, or i will seriously hurt you." Louis sat on my bed  as I cuddled into him.

"Fine, fine, fine. Big brother protectiveness. I get it." Niall kissd my cheek before going to the kitchen. What Louis said surprised me.

"Do you love Niall?"

"Of course I do! Why would you say that?" I slapped them before running off after Niall.

Louis POV

I knew Maddie was pissed. I shouldn't have said that. She gets very sensitive about Niall. I know that she loved him. Then why did I say that?

"Louis!" Ashley, my second sister, came out of her room Harry behind her.

"Ashy! Oh, I'm so happy to see you!" I picked her up and  spun her around.

"Kids! Breakfest!" My mum called. We walked into the kitchen and my hands balled into fists. Sitting on the couch was Maddie and Niall. It looked to me like they were trying to suck each others tounges out of their mouths.

"NIALL!" I screamed. They pulled apart immediately

Maddie POV

Niall hardly ever kissed me like this. But when he did, he wasn't in the mood to talk. Just kiss. Suddenly Louis screamed, Niall's name and we pulled away. He was angry.

"What the fuck are you doing to my little sister?! Trying to suck her tounge out of her mouth?!" He screamed

"Lou! Stop! You have ruined my morning! Niall, Baby? Can we go to your flat? We can have Privacy there!" I snarled at Louis and snuggled againist Niall's bare chest.

"Sure, babe. Let's go. Thanks for the breakfest Jay!" Niall put his shirt back on and smiled at my mum.

"Your Welcome, Niall. Don't keep her too long." my mum waved goodbye and we left.

At Niall's flat, We were alone.

"So, let's continue Where we left off?" He asked me. I smiled and flung myself into his arms kissing him.

Louis POV

"God! Why does he have to do that?! He knows I am protective of my sisters." I said to Eleanor.

"Louis. The more you get involved the more rebellious she's gonna get. Just let them be." She kissed me and went to go talk to my mum. How was I going to apologize to Maddie?

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