Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


17. Would you have let me?

Hannah Styles -

"You guys don't realize how much I've missed her.  This has to be the best early birthday present anyone has ever gotten me.  Thank you so much."  Louis preached to Niall and I, then gave up both giant bear hugs.

"Well, we couldn't think of anything else to get you, so we brought you El.  You are very welcome."  I stated while squeezing Nialls hand.

"I love you two so much." Louis said once again. 

I looked over Louis shoulder to see Eleanor blushing a light pink from where Louis was previously speaking about her.  I gave her an appreciating smile, which she returned, then walked up beside Louis and grabbed his hand tightly.  Then her face went into a shocked expression as she looked over Niall and I's intertwined fingers.

"Oh my God!  I totally forgot to say congrats to you two and your relationship!  You guys are so adorable, I knew he would finally get the courage to ask you, I mean it's been two fucking years!" El gawked at Niall and I's relationship. 

"Actually, she started the whole thing.  Hannah kissed me first.  But I didn't ask her until 3 weeks later."  Niall admitted truthfully.

"Oh!  Did she now?  Hannah, you cheeky girl.  I thought he just asked you, or at least that's what he said in the interview."  Eleanor pondered.

"No, what he said in the interview was a lie, we couldn't actually say what happened, because of management, if youknow what I mean."  I said while wiggling my eyebrows up and down.  Louis facial expression was priceless as he looked at me, then Niall, and gave us a 'What-The-Fuck-Happened' look.  Niall had to hold in his giggles, and his face was as red as a tomato.

"YOU WILL TELL ME EVERYTHING." Eleanor stated with determination.

"Later, why don't you for right now, go get things settled in your room, and have some Elounor time together."  I said while handing her the suitcase I was holding.

"Gladly."  Eleanor said while taking the suitcase I was holding, and walking down the long white hallway, Louis took the other suitcases from Niall and gave him a dirty wink before sassing off beside his girlfriend.  I swear those two are more like twins than lovers.

"I swear, those two are more like twins than lovers."  Niall said, reading my mind.  Freaky!

"Agreed."  I stated while tugging him down the corridor to room 166, which Liam texted me and said was ours. 

I got there to see the key card taped to the door along with a note written in my brothers surprisingly neat handwriting.

Hannah Banana & Nialler,

Well, while you guys were off ordering the cake, and God knows whatever else, Liam, Zayn, Nicolle and I went birthday shopping for Louis.  We rented out the nearest go-cart and lazer tag place.  Danielle and Perrie are flying out now, they will get here tomorrow morning, and stay for a week. 

Your shit is in this room.

I hate youuuuuu.



Sometimes he was such a dick.

"Well, he is lovely."  Niall retorts while taking the key card from the door and slides it in the card scanner, which flashes a green light and let Niall and I enter the room.  We entered the small aera, which had a small kitchenette, a red leather couch in front of the large window with red curtains.  There was one bed, which had a red comforter and white pillows, a tiny night stand next to the bed, with a white lamp.  In front of the bed was a little space then a large flatscreen telly hung on the wall with a small dresser underneath. 

Niall squeezed my hand then looked at me.  He wiggled his eyebrows and gave me a creepy face.

"One bed."  He stated wiggling his eyebrows again.

"Niall, weve been sleeping in the same bed the past month and a half.  Calm yo' tits."  I attempt in an American accent, totally failing.

"Fail."  Niall says laughing and throwing himself on the bed. 

"I know."  I sighed and dropped on the bed beside him. As soon as my back was on the bed, Niall was hovering over top of me.  He grabbed my hands and put them over my head, and held them there by holding my wrists.  He smiled at me then lowered his face to mine, and kissed me hard.  I enjoyed it. 

He still held my wrists while he kissed down my neck.  He removed his lips from mine and moved his mouth down my jaw, leaving a trail of sweet kisses on my jawline.  He eventually found my neck, leaving a long trail of kisses until he reached my collar bone, where he sucked on it lightly, leaving a small, but noticeable love bite.  He retracted his neck and looked at my collarbone, reflecting on his work.  When he saw the hickey clearly he smirked.

"Niall James Horan.  I swear on carrots if you gave me a love bit that's super noticeable, I'll fucking kill you.  And so will Harry."  I stated firmly at my smirking boyfriend.  Well, at least the girls will be proud of me.  First love bite?  Of course.  Oh god, Nicolle is definately going to have something to say about this.

"Babe, you can see it, but it's light, and barely noticeable.  Harry won't care.  Believe me.  I know him."  Niall stated while still, holding my hands and hovering over me.

"Whatever.  Can we continue?"  I asked biting my lip, attempting to look sexy.  I quess it worked because not a moment later, Niall's soft, warm, mint flavored (from his gum earlier) lips were on mine, and kissing them hungrily.

Niall released my hands and his flew to my hips, where my shirt was rising up, exposing skin.  I took my hands and started to lift up Niall's red polo shirt.  I lifted it up halfway before he broke our intense kiss and took it all the way off and throwing it across the room.  He looked back from his throw and smiled at me, which I returned and pulled his head back to mine. 

"I love you."  I whispered to his lips.  He smiled on my lips.

"I love you too.  More than you could imagine."  He said and moulded our lips together.

Our lips moved in perfect motion as Niall started to lift my hot pink t-shirt up my body.  I gladly let him. 

I wanted this.

Niall got my shirt all the way over my head and threw it across the room, leaving me in a black lace bra with a hot pink bow in the middle, and a pair of high waisted denim shorts.  His hands were rubbing over my flat, tanned tummy and his kiss was full of hunger.  I moved my hands from his chest to his pant zipper, when we were oh so rudley interrupted...

"Hey- HOLY SHIT!  DAMNIT HANNAH AND NIALL DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO LOCK A DOOR?!" Nicolle shouted as Niall quickly ran jumped off of me and threw a shirt on while I took the nearest pillow and held it over my breasts.

Thanks Nicolle.


"Well, you could have knocked."  I said sarcastically.

"I did, Miss-Have-Sex-During-Mid-Day." She retorted.

"Oh.  Whatever.  What do you want?"  I say getting off the bed and retreving my shirt from across the room, and throwing Niall his shirt, which he was looking for, when it was next to mine the whole time. 

"Thanks."  He mumbled taking his shirt.

"Well, Eleanor and I wanted to know if you wanted to go out for a manicure and pedicure..." Nicolle said.

"Yeah sure.  Give me 10 minutes.  Meet you in the lobby." I say pushing her out of the room and locking the door.

"I'll call a cab!"  She shouted from the other side and walked away.

I turned back to see Niall staring at me.  Smiling.  Cheeky bastard.

"Well.  That was.... exciting?"  He asked with a cheeky grin.

"Yes.  Definately."  I roll my eyes.

I went to the purple suitcase which belonged to me, sitting on the red leather couch.  I unzipped it and pulled out a new shirt, something classier to wear out.  I chose a white, ruffled tanktop, which would look nice tucked into the denim, high waisted, rhinestuded, shorts.  I needed a new bra because the one I was wearing was black, and a black bra and white shirt is a big no-no.  So I grabbed a nude one and made my way to the bathroom in the corner as Niall watched me the whole way.  Once inside, I quickly changed my bra and top and stepped back out to see a confused Niall running his hands through his hair, something he does when he'd deprived, or stressed.  I went to sit down next to my boyfriend and rubbed his back.

"Babe, what's wrong?"  I asked.

"Would you have let me?"

"What?"  I asked

"Would you have let me have sex with you?  You started to unbutton my pants, and I didn't know if you were leading me on, or would you have actually let me?"  He asked.

I thought about his question.  I was a virgin.  And I swore I would give my virginity to the person who had my heart, and that sure as hell was Niall.

"Yes.  I would have let you.  I am a virgin, yes, and I swore to myself that I would give my virginity away to the person I love more than anything else, more than I love myself, and that is you."  I said truthfuly.

Niall looked up at me and smiled.

"I love you."  He said looking into my eyes.  I glared into his perfect, ocean blue ones. The ones I fell in love with two years ago.

"I love you too."  I say while kissing him with love.

"Can we try again tonight?"  Niall asked as I was grabbing my phone and purse.

"Probably yes.  But I'm still going to think about it."  I say while walking to the door.

"Ok.  Have fun with the lasses.  Get your nails done orange.  I like orange.  It's my favourite colour right now.  I love you baby."  Niall says getting up from the bed and giving me a hug.

"Anything for you Nialler.  I love you so much."  I said squeezing him tighter and kissing him goodbye before walking out the door.


"Um, I like the orange, could you paint a shamrock on them in green, and do the same to my finger nails?"  I asked the asian lady at the counter.

"Sure!"  She said a little to perky. 

She led me to a giant, padded chair with a tub of hot, bubbling water to put my feet in.  I gladly sat down and took off my shoes resting my feet in the water.

"So, Banana, while you and Nialler were getting it on, Nicolle and I got along.  And I must say, we couold be sisters!"  Eleanor said excited beside me.

"I know!  You two are so alike!"  I say looking at Nicolle to the right of me, and Eleanor to the left. 

"Agreed."  Nicolle said with a mouthful of pretzels.  When the hell did she get those.

"So.... Banana.... I heard little Nialler and you got a little frisky after my little bitch slapping."  Eleanor said while wiggling her eyebrows.

"Umm, yeah, I'll tell you later when we aren't around so many people."  I say to the girls.

"Indeed you will.  Indeed you will."  Nicolle stated pushing more pretzels into her mouth.

Seriously, where the hell did she get those?

The rest of the time, we talked about anything and everything.

Eleanor and I told Nicolle all about Perrie and Danielle, who were joining us tomorrow. 

Needless to say, the day out with the girls went amazing.

My toes and fingers matched.  They were a perfect shade of orange.  And the ring finger was painted with a silver glitter polish, and a green shamrock was painted on topmof the glitter.  The same was done to my toes, but the big toe had the glitter and shamrock.

Eleanors were white with blue horizontal stripes, except her ring finger which was red, and a carrot painted on it.  Her toes were firetruck red.

Nicolle's naile were painted a nude colour and on her ring finger was a black bowtie.  Her toes were painted a navy blue.

All of our nails represented our amazing boyfriends in one way or another.

We were such good girlfriends.



Hope you liked a new chapter!

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