Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


29. What the hell?


And here, my lovelies, is a Filler chapter, You are very welcome. Just kidding, nobody likes fillers.  I know.  I'm sorry.  

Harry Styles -

“Bert, wake up.”  I whispered in Nicolles ear.
“No.”  She replied with no hesitation at all.
“C’mon love, we’re going out today with Hannah and Niall.”  I said while kissing her hair.
“I don’t care, I’m tired.” she mumbled into her pillow.
“Nicolle.  Get up.”  I said seriously.

    With that, she slowly sat up and stretched.  She then rubbed her eyes and grabbed her glasses from the bedside table, the glasses no one knew about, except Hannah and I.  I don’t know why, but she hates wearing her glasses, especially around people.  

“I hate you.”  She said as she walked her bare body over to her suitcase to pull out some clothes.  Once she did she made her way to the bathroom to get ready.  I gave her a cheeky grin and she gave back a sarcastic ‘I Hate You’ smile.  And with that, I blew her a kiss as she rolled her eyes.


About an hour later, Hannah, Niall, Bert and I were all in the lift making our way to the lobby, to sneak out the back doors of our hotel where we would meet Paul, who would drive us to a nearby Starbucks.  

“Hello lasses and lads.”  Paul greeted as we hauled ourselves into the Range Rover.

We said our hello’s and got strapped into the seat belts.   Soon enough we were on our way. 

“So, why was I awoken at 11, when I should still be asleep?”  Bert pondered.
“Well, Dani, El, and Perrie are all hanging out with their boyfriends today, since they are leaving tonight, so I thought we could have a double date, plus, Banana missed her brother, they need some bonding time.

Hannah snorted from beside Niall.

“Lies.”  She said then gave me a joking smile.
“No offence Niall, but I really should be asleep for another two hours.”  Nicolle said while leaning her head on my shoulder.
“Well, too bad, you’re staying awake all day.”  I said kissing her hair.
“No promises Haz.” She responded.

“We’re here!”  Paul announced as we piled out of the car.

“Pick us up in an hour, eh?”  Niall asked Paul.
“Sure, bye guys.”  He said as he speeded off.

We all headed inside and ordered our frappichinos, the girls got Mocha, and Niall and I got Carmel.  We sat down and started talking.

"So, what the fuck did Taylor think she was fucking doing at the People's Choice Awards?  Like, who ducking does that?"  Bert proclaimed while slamming a hand down on the table.  

I rubbed her back to try and calm her down.

"She's just a bitch.  A jealous, skanky, rubbish bitch."  I said with memories of her flooding through my mind, wondering why I was so stupid.  

I looked over at Niall who's one arm was around Hannah's waist, another clamped in a fist on the table. 

"Mate, you okay?"  I asked.

"Yeah, just kind of pissed off at both Taylor and Connor."  He said.  I saw my sister flinch at the sound of his name.  

Suddenly, my phone started to ring from my pocket.

From: Unknown Number.

Tell your sister I said she looks gorgeous, and tell the Irish one to look out.

I studied the text for a minute before turning the screen toward Niall and Hannah and letting them read.  Nialls hands flew threw his hair and over his face.  

"Jesus Christ."  He mumbled.

I watched as Hannah's eyes filled with tears and Niall grabbed her hand on the table and squeezed it tightly.

"Shhhhh..." He whispered while kissing her hair, tears in his eyes as well.

I sat there with a very confused face.  I looked at Bert who looked at me and mouthed the word 'what?' And I mouthed 'I don't know' back to her.

"Alright, sorry if this is too straight forward, but what the actual fuck is going on?"  Bert asked.

Niall took a few deep breaths before talking. 

"Haz, call Paul.  Ill explain at the hotel."  He sighed, Hannah was still in tears.  


Hannah Styles.

I hate people.

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