Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


9. Welcome to Cali.

Hannah Styles -

"Harry!  Wake the fuck up!  We must go to the airport!"  I yelled and slammed on Harry's room door.  I heard him grumble and mumble a few curses before the door handle shook and the large white door opened for me to find my naked brother standing there with bags under his tired eyes.  Ew.

"Good Lord Harold put some clothes on!"  I said while my hand instantly shot up to protect my eyes from the horrid scene.

"Well, dont wake me up while I'm sleeping and this wouldn't happen.  Now why do we have to go to the airport?'  He asked while walking into his room and slipping on some shorts.  I followed him inside his messy room.  He better get cleaning considering we are leaving to Arizona tomorrow.

"I have to pick up a friend.  And she wants to see you.  So, you, Ni, and I are all going to pick her up."  I say while he sits on the bed, now with a pair of black jeans on, but still shirtless, running a hand through his brown locks.

"What friend?"  He asks confused.

"Nicolle."  I say.  And I swear Harry was up and had his shirt and shoes on faster than you could say 'One Direction'.

"Excited much?"  I ask.

"Fuck you."  He grinned.  They are so getting together.


"So, who's Nicolle?"  Niall asked while keeping giving the cab driver directions to the nearest airport.

"She is my best friend, or the closest friend that I have."  I say while taking his free hand and intertwining my small delicate fingers with his his large rough ones.  He looked down and smiled at me, then pecked my lips lightly.  

And after all this cuteness, I don't even know if I can call him my boyfriend.

"Ew.  God.  Please, keep down the PDA you two!"  Harry groaned.

"Oh shut up.  I don't ever tell you to stop kissing girls."  I say while squeezing Nialls hand.

"Well, the girls I kiss aren't yoer best friends now are they?"  He says with a smirk.

"Not yet..."  I mumble.

"What was that Hannah?"  Niall asks

"You heard me Ni."  I smile.

Niall leans his lips down to my ear and whispers, "Darling, are you trying to play match maker?"  I smile because his breath tickles my ear.

"Maybe..."  I smile.

"You are great."  He says while leaning down and kissing me hard.  We hear Harry groan and mutter a couple 'fucking discusting' and 'ew's under his breath but that doesn't stop us.  We just kept kissing.  I smiled into the kiss then broke it off. 

"I think he's suffered enough."  I smile at Niall then look at Harry who is shoving two fingers into his mouth to act like he's gagging.  I punch him in the arm and he smiles.

"You two are really cute together, and I'm happy for you sis, truely, it's just awkward."  Harry says.

"Yeah, it's gonna get even more awkward if you don't stop acting like a dick."  I smirk at him.

His eyes widen along with Nialls and they both look at me in shock.  I look back at Niall and wink at him before kissing him hard and leaving him and Harry absolutely speachless.


"HANNAH MARIE STYLES!" I heard my name being called behind me in a Luxembourg accent and I knew exactly who it was.  I turned around quickly from Nialls grip sround my waist.

"NICOLLE!"  I yelled in excitment as we ran towards eachother with our arms open wide.  We ended in a big hug.

"Welcome to California."  I say while letting her go and Niall came up behine me chuckling.

"Hello.  I'm Niall."  Niall says in his adorable Mullingar accent while shaking Nicolle's hand.

"Hello Niall, your Hannah's little friend aren't you?"  She asks while retreving her hand.

Yeah, little friend.  WHY NOT BOYFRIEND?!

"Hell yes I am."  He says while pecking me on the cheek.

Nicolle just winks at me.  She was so perverted.

"Nicolle!"  I hear my brother running up behind us with a hot dog in his right hand.  He stops running when he gets to us and pushes the half eaten hot dog towards me.  I take it and he scoops Nicolle off the ground and swings her around.  They were to damn cute. 

"Oh god, I've missed you so much!  I barely saw you after the 'Up All Night' tour and now you're with us on the 'Take Me Home' one!  This will be great!  Here, let me and Niall take your luggage.  We'll take it to the car and check for fans, you girls wait in here until we come get you."  Harry says while finally putting her down, considering he had been holding on to her waist and he legs were wrapped around hid torso this while time.

"Ok."  Nicolle says.  Harry kisses her check and her whole face turns pink.  He grabs some of her bags, Niall grabs the rest.  He kisses me then they walk outside.  I saw Nicolle checking Harry out the whole time he walked.  Dirty girl.

"I'm so getting you two together."  I say

"Oh yes, yes indeed you are."  She chuckles.

A few minutes later the boys come back in.

"There's a few fans, 50...75... something like that.  So it's all good."  Niall says.

"Ugh, I'm so tired.  Jet lags a bitch."  Nicolle says while yawning.

"Piggy back rides?"  Niall suggests.  And before he even had a chance to squat down so I could get on his back, I jumped on Nialls back and wrapped my legs around his torso.  He chuckled and placed his hands firmly on the underneath of my thighs.  I looked over at Nicolle and Harry and they were in the same position. 

"Race?"  Harry asks Niall.

And we took off running without a say in it from Nicolle and I.  But, needless to say, Niall and I won.  Because Harry can't run fast worth shit.  But, the two teenagers both came out giggling about 30 seconds behine Niall and I.  Nicolle's arms were around Harrys neck and she was whispering something in his ear, which in return made Harry blush and whisper something back in hers, making her do the same thing.  They were fucking adorable.











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