Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


31. Princess Nicolle

Niall Horan -

"Babe, we've been walking for literally 30 minutes, when will we be there?" Harry whined as we continued to walk to the destination of the person who is supposed to help Hannah and I.

"Calm your tits Haz, we're here." She said as she pulled us into a very expensive hotel, probably more expensive than the ones we stay in. This one was fit for a queen, little did I know.... I'd come face to face with one.

We walked in, Nicolle in the lead, guiding us to a lift, covered in gold and marble. Nicolle pushed a button which caused the fancy doors to slide open allowing us in. Once we piled in she pressed the button that took us to the penthouse at the top of the hotel.

"Bert, where are we going?" Hannah asked while squeezing my hand so tightly it was probably about to suffer from no blood flowing throughout my veins. Ouch.

"We're here!" Nicolle replied as the door to the lift slid open and a bell went off. Nicolle happily skipped out of the lift and started shouting..

"Grandmum! I'm here!" She yelled and skipped into the room the seemed to be a living area with a couch, and a coffee table. We all skeptically follows Nicolle to the kitchen, where we saw an older woman, with her back turned to us, talking on the phone. Nicolle stood behind her and lightly tapped her shoulder. The woman finished the conversation she was having on the phone and hung up. Then, she turned around.

"Hello, I'm Queen Elizabeth."

Harry gasped. My mouth hung open, probably attracting flies, and Hannah's eyes were wider than my mouth that was open.

"Children, calm down. I'm just a grandmother." Her majesty stared chuckling at our reactions.

"Yes, your majesty." Hannah stammered.

"Please, call me Liz or Grandmum." She said politely.

Harry was still speechless. As was I until Hannah smacked my thigh. My mouth instantly clamped shut, then opened to speak.

"Hello Liz." I said bowing before her.

"You guys aren't servants, don't bow either." She laughed, as did I.

I looked at Harry who still was staring and couldn't talk.

"Grandmum, this is my boyfriend, Harry." Nicolle said while wrapping an arm around Harry's lifeless frame.

"Hello Harry." She said waving a hand in his face, finally after a good five minutes, grabbing his attention.

"H-hi Liz." He said.

"So children, I hear you need some of my assistance." Liz started to speak but was interrupted.

"Wait! If the queen is your grandmother, YOU'RE A FREAKING PRINCESS!" Harry exclaimed.

That thought never once crossed my mind. Nicolle was a princess. I have been living with royalty for the past 7 months.

Holy shit.

"Yes Harry, I am a princess, why don't we have a seat and explain all of this to you." Nicolle said, leading us back into the living area. Nicolle and Harry sat on a large couch, Hannah took my hand and dragged me to a near love seat, and Elizabeth took a chair in the corner.

"This is amazing. But Nicolle, if you're a princess, why have you been living with Sharon and Chris?" Hannah asked, referring to Nicolle's 'parents'.

"That will all be explained now." Nicolle explained, gesturing to the queen.

"You see, before Diana died, she had another child, a daughter, named Nicolle. Nicolle was born about three weeks before Diana was in the car accident. When Diana died, her father and I decided it would be best to keep the princess in hiding, and not tell anyone about her so that she would be safe from paparazzi and such things. Plus, there was rumors that local kidnappers were in London at the time. We couldn't keep William and Harry a secret because Diana went out in public while she was pregnant and everyone knew, but when she was carrying Nicolle she stayed inside the whole nine months.  Then when Nicolle was born, we kept her inside, and three weeks later Diana died.  Too keep Nicolle even more hidden, we moved her in with Sharon and Chris who are actually her cousins.  She often visits me though at least once every two weeks.  And those times when she went on vacation to America?  She actually visited me here in my New York flat."  Elizabeth explained the whole thing to us.

I looked around studdying Hannah and Harry's emotions.  Harry was still trying to comprehend, Hannah was biting her lip, god that was sexy, and thinking of something to say.  Then Harry spoke.

"This is amazing."  He said, finally talking like an average human being.

"Yeah, I agree." I stated,nodding my head at Harry.

"I still cant believe this is all real."  Hannah chuckled.

"Oh, I assure you, its real."  Nicolle says.

"My girlfriend id a princess.  This is fucking awesome."  Harry said, earning a glare at Elizabeth for his language, he mumbled a sorry.


We all sat and talked a little more before getting into business.

"Alright so, I have things planned for you guys."  Elizabeth stated, looking directly at Hannah and I.

"Your tour ends in a week, you will finish the tour, then fly back to London.  There, you will pack some clothes, and I will have you secretly jetted off to Paris.  In Paris you will lay low for a few days until we can track whoever is trying to hurt you.  While also in Paris, you all must stay together.  Even though I have gaurds going with you, you must never go anywhere alone.  Espically Hannah and Nicolle, take one of the guys with you, as well as a gaurd.  Once we find the person, you will be flown back to London, and we will take care of him here.  But id he does somehow get ahold of you in Paris, I need to be notified at once.  Do we all agree?"  Elizabeth explained.

"We agree."  We responded.

"Alright.  You guys neeed to come back tomorrow so we can discuss some more.  But for now, I have a meeting with President Obama.  So, you need to get going."  She said and shooed us out the door.

We all stood in the hallway giving nervous glances at eachother.

"We'll be okay."  Hannah said and gave us a small smile.  The others might not have noticed, but Hannah was lying.  She was not okay, and neither were we.




I've been super busy, and have a lot of things going on.  I'm trying though.  Ill try to update soon.  I love you.  Sorry.

this chapter is not edited.






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