Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


21. Please Be Paparazzi.

Niall Horan -

"Can I have a bag of gummy bears?" I asked the air hostess.

"Sure, I'll be right back." She said walking away into the small kitchen compartment they had on the plane.

"Niall James Horan that is the seventh bag of gummy bears this whole plane ride!" Hannah complained from beside me.

"I'm hungry!" I held up my hands in defense.

"Yeah, I kind of predicted that. But seven. Really Niall? Really?" She asked giving me the 'Are-You-Fucking-Kidding-Me?' Look.

I just replied by giving her a sweet, innocent smile, which resulted in her rolling her eyes and looking out the plane window and staring down at the blue ocean underneath us.

I admired how she looked, her naturally curly, mid back length hair was down and over her shoulders, resting on her chest. She was wearing white skinny jeans, that git her nicely, and a purple Justin Bieber jumper. I swear, she is such a fangirl when it comes to him, even though she's met him like three times.

Her emerald eyes sparkled and glistened in the sunlight seeking through the plane windows. She had no makeup on. But she didn't need it anyway. Her eyelashes were dark and long, so it automatically looked like she wore mascara.

She was the definition of pure beauty.


After finally getting through the baggage claim, and about 15 fans.... How the hell did they know I was going to be here?

We eventually found our luggage, and headed through the terminal and searched for mum and Greg.

We searched for about ten minutes until we found them sitting down, both playing on their phones. Typical.

Hannah and I walked over hand in hand and stood in front of them, while mum played 'Temple Run' and Greg played 'Angry Birds'. They were both completely oblivious to Hannah and I standing right in front of them. I looked over to Hannah and smiled. She smiled back.

Then I awkwardly coughed, and Greg and mum both lifted their heads from their electronic devices to finally see us.

"Niall! Hannah! Oh how I've missed you two! Sorry I was caught up in that game that Greg has got me hooked on." She exclaimed grabbing us in a group hug.

"Hi Maura, I've missed you too." Hannah said flashing my mum her glorious smile.

"Hi mum." I said while breaking apart from the hug. Then Greg came over and wrapped his arms around my head, because he was taller than me.

"What's up baby brother! I've missed you!" He says while rocking back and forth while hugging my head. Talk about embarrassing.

"Missed you too Greg." I said prying myself from his grasp. Then before I knew it, Hannah flung herself into Greg's arms. She always had a thing for Greg, he was like another brother to her.

"Banana!" Greg exclaimed while lifting Hannah off the ground and spinning her around.

"Greg. Off the girlfriend." I said as he put her down. Hannah shot me a look as if saying 'Calm down, he's your brother, I love you, not him. We're just friends'. I nodded at her.

Greg just chuckled.

"So how's my favorite fruit?" He asked while ruffling her hair.

"Great." She said with sarcasm. She hated when he called her a fruit.

Greg actually gave Hannah the nickname 'Hannah-Banana' while we were on The X-Factor. It rhymed, so it stuck. And that's her official nickname.

"Alright guys, lets go, it's 5 o'clock and you guys will be exhausted when we get home die to jet lag and a three hour long car ride back to Mullingar." My mom said while slipping her purse over her shoulder. With that we left the airport, and Greg drove us back to my house.


The next time I woke up, I was in my bedroom at home. I tried to remember how I got there, but nothing came to mind. I looked around to find my girlfriend, but she was nowhere to be found. Then I heard her British accent ring from downstairs, as I also smelled bacon lingering in the house. I automatically jumped from bed and ran downstairs to where the two loves of my life were. Food and Hannah.

I swiftly took the plate that my mother, so graciously had filled with eggs, toast, and bacon from the counter and sat next to Hannah at the table.

"Christs sake Niall, but a damn shirt on. Your girlfriends in the room." Greg mumbled while tumbling down from upstairs.

"She's seen it all before." I mumbled back soft enough to where I thought my mum couldn't hear it but I was mistaken.

She turned around and gasped.

"Please tell me you used protection! I'm too young for grandchildren!" My mother squealed.

Hannah's face was red. Super red. She looked at me and her eyes begged me to say something.

"Yes mother. We did. You don't have any grandchildren on the way, unless Greg has a Christmas surprise for you. Now let's change the subject." I said taking a bite of the egg I was eating.

"Woah! No surprises here!" Greg said while pouring some milk.

My mother sighed in relief.


"Hannah!" My 5 year old cousin a screeched before running into my girlfriends arms.

"Laila!" Hannah replied while picking her up and spinning her around. She was so good with kids.

"I've missed you! I haven't seen you in like a hundred billion thousand ten years!" She said wrapping her arms around Hannah's neck and hugging her. I chuckled at the little girls way of explaining how long it's been since she's seen Hannah. When truth is, she saw her like 5 months ago when I flied my whole family to the Brit awards.

"I know darling! You've gotten so big!" Hannah says kissing her cheek and setting her on the floor.

Laila then quickly ran to me. I picked her up and flipped her upside down, holding her feet.

"Nialler! Stop making everything upside down!" Laila giggled.

"First, who's your favorite cousin?" I asked still holding her legs.

"Hannah!" She giggled in her childish laugh. Hannah chuckled at her response.

"Laila honey, I'm not your cousin." Hannah said laughing.

"But Niallers a prince, and Hannah is a princess, and When you guys get married you will be!" She said while untying my supra. I lifted her higher so she couldn't touch the laces.

"Laila darling, we aren't getting married honey." I said flipping her right side up.

"Yet." Laila replies. Hannah looks at me, and I look back at her. Our cheeks are both tinted a shade of red.

"You're right. Not yet." I said kissing Laila's cheek. Hannah blushed again.

"Now, who's your favorite boy cousin?" I asked Laila.

"Greg." She replied nonchalantly.

"You make this too hard," I laugh at Laila, "Who's your favorite boy cousin, with blonde hair, and is best friends with LiLi, and is in a band?" I ask the toddler.

"That's you Nialler!" She giggles and nuzzles her head into the crook of my neck.

"Good job princess. Good job." I say kissing her blonde locks of hair.


"You guys honestly didn't need to buy me anything! I'm just a guest!" Hannah insisted.

"Hannah, you are dating Niall, you are officially family, therefore, we buy presents." My aunt Maddie says.

"But I didn't get you anything!" Hannah states.

"No need darling. Forget about it!" My uncle Daniel says.

Eventually after getting all the presents passed out, my dad insists that we open.

You're probably wondering why my dad is with us for Christmas of my mum and dad are divorced, it's simple. Me going on the X-Factor joined my family closer together. So now my mum and dad are friends.

I am eternally great full for that.

Christmas at my mums rushed passed quick. From Uncle Daniel and Aunt Maddie I got a new pair of black and red Supras. Hannah got a pair of knee length leather boots. From Greg Hannah got a shirt that said 'I dig the Irish one'. And I got a shirt that says 'I dig the Cheshire one'.

Thanks Greg.

From mum Hannah and I both got knitted beanies. Mine was grey, Hannah's was a light pink. From Dad I got a new guitar strap that had pictures of the boys and I plastered all over it. It was truly amazing. And Hannah got a 430° straightener for the days she wanted to tame her curly hair.


"I have another present for you!" I exclaimed while eating a bag of crisps while Hannah was testing put her new straightener.

"Niall really? Enough with all the presents!" She said straightening her last chunk of curls.

"Believe me, this one you will love, and might be a little surprised." I said getting up and walking to my closet to retrieve her present.

"Fine, Niall but I swear this better be the last- oh my god." She said a I took my favorite guitar, my baby, my one and only, and handed it to her.

"No Niall. Take it back. I can't take Gertrude. That's too much." Hannah said handing the guitar back to me. Yes I named my guitar Gertrude.

"Hannah, take it. I want you to have it." I said pushing it back to her. She crosse her arms in front of her chest and refused.

"Hannah Marie Styles. Take Gertrude. I want you to have her so that you know how much you mean to me. Hannah, I love you more than I love this guitar, and I LOVE this guitar. But you have replaced her. I love you, now take the damn guitar." I said setting it in her lap. She smiled and sat it up into a playing position and started to play our song she wrote that she named 'This'.

I smiled at her and she mirrored my actions.


"I'll take strawberry on a cake cone." I told the old woman on the other side of the counter of the cute ice cream parlor.

"And I'll take mint chocolate chip on cake cone." Hannah said.

"Sure. I'll be right back. Oh and by the way, you two are a lovely couple. Reminds me of when I was your age. My husband and I were the same way. So in love. Best time of my life, those days were." She said sadly smiling.

"Why thank you." I said while wrapping my arms around my girlfriend. The woman smiled and walked back to get our orders.

"She's adorable." Hannah whispers while hugging me close.

"Agreed. She said we're in LUHVE." I tried in an American accent. Fail.

"She's got that right. I wonder if she has any tips?" Hannah asks.

"I don't know. Lets ask her." I said as the woman came back with our cones. I took then from her and gave Hannah hers.

"Um miss, we were wondering, do you have any tips for our relationship?" I asked kind of shyly.

"Of course," she replied, "First, protect her. I don't care if you two are in a fight that's so bad to its where the point you can't even look at each other. Protect her with all your will. Second, never, ever, EVER tell each other you hate each other. You two are in love, don't try to say that you aren't because I see it in your eyes. It's the same way my husband looked at me. Therefore, don't ruin your love by saying three words that you know you are going to regret. Don't EVER say I hate you or so help me I will track you two down and make you make up." I chuckled at her. "Third, and finally, never grow up. I don't care if you are 80 and sitting in a nursing home. Never get to old to call her baby. Or to say 'I love you'. Never grow up. Keep that fire in your hearts burning. And that's all you need." The lady said.

"Thank you so much." Hannah and I said at the same time making us smile at each other.

We paid the nice old woman £20 for the ice cream. She refused to take it but I insisted.


When we got home Hannah asked to use my laptop. I gave it to her and she checked her many emails. She was going through and deleting them. After about 20 minutes she deleted all of them and was about ready to log out of yahoo, when another email popped up. She clicked on it and it read....

Did you have fun at the ice cream parlor? Remember when we used to get ice cream? xx

Attached was a picture of Hannah and I smiling at each other licking our ice cream.

"Niall... Who is this?" Hannah asked.

I looked up at the From tab to read the address it came from.

"Baby.... I don't know. Is it maybe a jealous ex?" I asked her.

"I don't ever remember getting ice cream with any of my ex's. Niall I'm scared." She said quickly shutting my laptop and snuggling close to me on my bed. I kissed her hair.

"It's probably some paparazzi trying to creep you out darling. Things like this happen. It happened to Liam once. It's fine." I said holding her tight.

"Ok. Well I'm just not going to worry about it. If it gets any creepier or gets super bad we can call the cops right?" She asks mumbling Into my neck.

"Yes. We can and we will. Now go sleep. I love you Hannah. More than anything." I said while she brought her head from my neck. She smiled slightly at me. I pecked her me lips letting the kiss linger. When I pulled away she mumbled "I love you too Nialler." Then dozed to sleep.

Damn. I really hope that creep is just paparazzi.


Ohhh! I told you drama! With a pinch of cuteness in this chapter.

Oh well. Oh and just to let you guys know, Nicolle's name will soon be changed to Bert, because the actual Nicolle requested it. It's her real life nickname, so she wants it to be in the book. That's why Harry called her Bert in the last chapter. Your Welcome Bert! <3 :)

Oh, and you guys should like share this movella so I can get more reads, I know it sounds selfish, but I just really want this movella to get a ton of reads. My goal is to get 10,000 before my birthday which is November 28. So it could be like an early birthday present if I get that many reads before them. Please? I love you. Ill virtually Horan Hug you! (/•.•)/ <-- virtual Horan hug.

Ok. I'm out.


Love you.

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