Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


8. Nicolle

Hannah Styles -

2 weeks later...

"Hi mum."  I say into my macbook while staring at the pixleized picture of my mother on the screen.

"Hello Darling, how are you?"  My mother asks while pulling up her hair into a tight ponytail on the yop of her head.

"I'm great.  The boys are great.  Everythings great, well besides the fact that I'm the only girl..."  I state truthfully to my mother.  I could really use a good friend here right now.  We've already been through the southern half of california, and now heading north twards the top of california for more concerts.  It's been fun with Niall, but sometimes, I wish I had someone with less testosterone.  Also known as a girl friend.  It would be nice to be able to have shopping sprees, and sit down and watch chick flicks once and a while, but being stuck with 5 teenage boys, it's kind of hard.

"Well, why don't you fly someone out there with you?  I'm sure the boys won't mind."  My mother says with a questioning look.

"Well, the only real friend I have is Nicolle.  But mom, she's in college at Oxford.  Remember?"  I say losing hope.

"Ohhh, I forgot to tell you, she dropped out.  She was going there for graphic design, but decided that's not what she wanted to do.  So, she dropped out and is going to start studing the history of music next year, somewhere in Paris, so she's free."  My mother stated now gleefully.  My eyes lit up.  Finally, a friend that I could actually have fun with, not that I haven't been having fun with the boys, but, you know what I mean.

"Oi!  Mum, you're a genius!  I'll go call her right now, I'll talk to you tomorrow mum, I'll get the boys to come over too and we can skype all of our parents, but for now, I must go.  Bye mum!  Love you!"  I say quickly while scrolling through my phone to find the contact I was looking for.  Finally I found it.

Nicolle Aubertin is a sexy beast.

Oh god, this girl was great.  I closed my macbook then pressed send on my iPhone.

Ring, Ring, Ring,

"Hello?"  Nicolle's voice rang in my ear.

"Nicolle?  It's Hannah."  I say

"I know who you are idiot, caller I.D.  It's new, you heard of it?"  She joked

"I know, sorry, hey I have a question."  I say

"Yeah babe, hat is it?"

"How would you, Nicole Aubertin, like to join, me Hannah Styles, along with my brother, and therest of his bandmates on a year long tour?!"  I ask in my stage voice.

"You're joking right?  You'd actually let me go on tour with you and Harry?  Oh my God, is Harry ok with it?"  She asks frantically.

"He won't mind, I'm just sick of being stuck here all alone with 5 teenage boys."  I say nonchantly.

"Oh my God!  Yes I'll join you!  When would I leave?"  She asks

"I can book your flight now, you just get packing, stay on the phone though, so I can give you your information."  I say while opening up my macbook and clicking around until I found an airlines website and started booking.

"So, uhm, Hannah?"

"Yeah Nicolle?" 

"Does Harry, ever talk about me...."

"Sometimes, he talks about how much you guys are alike, and how you guys have much in common, Why?  Oi wait, you have a little crush on Harold now do you?"  I tease her a bit.

"No- erm- maybe- a little- yes."  She stutters.

"Well, I think you two would be very cute.  And when you get here, I could play a little matchmaker!"  I say excited.  When I find out that someone likes someone, I automatically try and get them together.  And I think Harry and Nicolle should be easy to get together. 

Back in Holmes Chappel, Nicole lived 2 blocks down from Harry and I.  We all went to school together.  We were really close friends.  When Harry left for X-Factor, that  left Nicolle and I at school together.  We drifted apart a little, but still remained really close.  I still went to her after every break-up.  Then Harry came back for a little bit, and we all got super close.  Then Harry left for the 'Up All Night' tour, and Nicolle and I drifted again, but remained close.  And now, I left with Harry for the 'Take Me Home' tour, I left Nicolle all alone. 

"Oh my Gosh, will you please?  I've had a crush on Harry since I moved to Holmes Chappel from Luxembourg, and that was 8 years ago!  If we got together, I'd love you forever!"  She said.

"I thought you already loved me?"  I questioned

"Oh shush.  So hows your love life?"  She asks

"Great.  I'm actually in a relationship with Niall.  Well, I think.  We aren't offical yet.  Hey, how would you like to leave tonight at midnight?"  I ask

"Oi!  He's a cutie.  Good job.  And, thats in like two hours!  But I can manage.  I'll go pack now."  She said.

"Alright, I'll email you the ticket information, and you will arrive in Oakland California at noon tomorrow."  I say while typing in Nicolles information

"Ok, I gotta pack now.  I'll see you tomorrow!  Bye Hannah Banana!"  She said while hanging up the phone.

"Bye Nicolle."  I said into the dead end of the phone.


So guys I need your oppinion.  I think I'm going to change the name of this Fanfic to 'Reality Ruined My Life'  That quote is actually from One Directions new song, 'I Would'  Which is on the Take Me Home album.  It is part of Niall's solo in that song.  And I think It's a quite good title, and I already made a cover for it.  If you guys could please give me some feedback and tell me if I should change the name or not.  Thanks!

Oh, and I would also like to recognize Nicolle Aubertin, she will be playing Harry's girlfriend!  Please no hate on her.   I chose her because she really fit the role I was looking for, because she is so much like Harry in my oppinion. 

Thanks once again for reading.  You guys are the best!  Massive thank you!























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