Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


15. Movie Makers



Hannah Styles -

"Hannah, come on, band meeting." Harry said pulling me up from my comfortable laid back position on the tour bus couch.

"I'm not in the band." I state.

"Whatever. Nicolle is out going to McDonalds to get us food, therefore I have time to call a band meeting. Which I need you to be in." Harry said while pulling me up to where I was now standing.

I followed Harry to the back of the bus while he yelled at Niall and Zayn to get up from their bunks. After minutes of yelling Zayn trudged up from his bunk, and Niall got up from his grabbing my hand and kissing me good morning as we walked to the Game Center located at the very back of the bus.

We all sat down. Liam Louis and Harry sat on the couch. Niall sat in the large reclining chair with me on his lap. Zayn sat on the large black beanbag next to Niall and I.

"Alright Lads and sister. I officially call this band meeting to order. We are here to discuss how I should ask Nicolle to be my girlfriend."

Louis jumped off the couch and gasped.

"What about us? What about everything we've been through?" He sang, quoting the well known song from 'High School Musical 2'.

"Boobear, I don't have time for this. Nicolle should be back in 20 minutes with our food and I have to choose how I should ask her in these twenty minutes, and I'm fucking clueless." Harry stated while running his large fingers through his luscious curls.

"What does she like?" Harry wondered aloud.

"She plays base guitar!" Niall blurted from behind me.

"True." Harry stated.

"Sing to her?" Liam asked

"Nah. I did that to Caroline." Harry said while flinching at Caroline's name.

"OH! She LOVES movies. And I mean LOVES." I say emphasizing on the loves part.

"Oh yeah!" Harry exclaimed. "But how could I tie that into asking her to be my girlfriend?" Harry pondered.

"What if, we made our own movie where Hannah plays Nicolle, Niall plays you. And we will make a comedy movie about how you left for X-Factor, she was upset. You came back she was happy, you left for 'Up All Night' she was sad, then she came on tour, and you guys have been inseparable since, then it gets to the end and Niall and Hannah are sitting in a movie theatre watching a movie, he asks Nicolle, or Hannah, to be his girlfriend, she says yes, the movie ends, then you ask her." Zayn mumbles, clearly still tired.

Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and I's eyes opened wide. Zayn was fucking brilliant.

Before you could say Louis Tomlinson, Harry was on top of a sleep Zayn kissing his cheeks repeatedly. Zayns tired eyes flew open as he pushed Harry off of him.

"Zayn, you don't realize how much I love you right now." Harry said while getting up and dusting himself off from where Zayn pushed him to the floor.

"Ok so, we need to shoot this movie. How shall we do it?" Harry asked all of us.

"I'll take care of it. It should only take a day and a half to shoot. You think you can keep Nicolle busy that long while we shoot it?" Liam, being responsible, asked.

"Oh I can definitely keep her busy." Harry winked and shot me a cheeky grin.

I shook my head and laid back on Niall's hard chest.

"Alright then it's settled. Start shooting now, I'll take Nicolle shopping for 3 hours. Is that alright?"

"Fine." Louis said.
"Good." Niall states.
"Great." I mumble.
"Cgcghhchddhsgchg." Zayn snores loudly.

That boy is never awake. I swear.


"Oh Harry. I've missed you so much. All I do is sit around and play on my guitar playing sappy old love songs all day while you go around having millions of girls falling all over you every second of the day. Oh Harold. I miss you so much." I say holding my hands over my heart and talking to the camera Liam was holding.

Then Liam turned the camera over to Niall who had a giant Afro wig on and was pretend playing on his phone.

"Oh louis. I miss Nicolle. She was so beautiful. I can't stop thinking about her. Her gorgeous black straight hair, her grey eyes. I love her so much." Niall said while pretending to call Louis on the phone.

Then the camera switched back to me and Louis who was standing there in an apron holding a carrot.

"Now Nicolle. Stop moping around about Harry. He's coming back in two days. Calm yo tits and get down stairs and ready up for dinner." Louis said in a nasally voice while hitting me in the back of the head with the carrot then taking a bite of it and walking away with sass.

Liam turns the camera to face him then starts to speak.

"Two days later Harry has packed up and is on his way home to the lovely Holmes Chapel to meet up with his sister, mother, and love of his life."

The camera turned back to Niall as he walked up knocking on the closet door where Louis was standing in an apron with a broom. His hip was popped out and his lips were pursed.

"Is Nicolle there?" Niall asked in a low Holmes Chapel accent.

"Yes. NICOLLE GET YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE!" Louis yelled behind him, I walked out from behind Louis in the closet, grabbed Niall's hand and walked off set.

Liam then shot the camera towards Zayn and he started to speak.

"VAS HAPPENIN?! Now, Harry and Nicolle hung out the whole time Harry stayed in Holmes Chapel, then, once again it was time for him to leave. But this time he was taking his sister with him and leaving Nicolle alone.

The camera was now pointed at me as I sat on the bean bag in the game room and acted like I was on the phone.

"Hey Nicolle, it's Hannah Styles, would you like to join me, Harry and the boys on tour. I'm very lonely." I say to myself.

"Oh you will! You are amazing! I love you so much!" I retort to myself as the camera switches to Niall as he speaks.

"Harry and Hannah went to pick up Nicolle at the airport the next day. Since then, Harry an Nicolle have been sharing hotel rooms and bunks, getting very comfortable together." Niall said as he wiggles his eyebrows up and down.

Niall quickly ran and sat down in the seat next to me. Zayn turned off the light and Louis took two flash lights and shined them on Niall who's Harry wig was falling in his face, and me, who's long black wig was off centered.

"Oh Nicolle. I can't stand it anymore. This romantic movie is making me love you even more. I want to be like the people on screen. Nicolle Aubertin, will you please, please, please be my girlfriend?" Niall asked in a slow, fake, low Holmes Chapel accent.

"Yes Ni-Harry,". I caught myself and Niall smirked at me. "I will be your girlfriend." I said as I moved Nialls wig out of hi face and kissed him passionately then releasing. Next thing I knew, Louis was beside me, still in his apron, Zayn was standing behind Niall and I, and Liam was on the other side of Niall.

We all spoke in sync.

"Nicolle, will you be Harry's Girlfriend?!" We screamed and smiled. Then Liam shut off the camera and smiled at all of us.

"IT. IS. FINISHED!" He state while folding his hands in prayer and praising The Lord.

We all joined together in a group hug, and let the two days of hard work fall off our shoulders.


"Baby?" I asked from the outside of the bathroom door.

"Yes love?" Niall called out with his Mullingar accent.

"Can I come in? I need to put on my makeup." I say as he unlocks the tour bus bathroom door. There stands my amazing boyfriend, shirtless and wearing some faded blue jeans, that were sagging a little, but not much, making them look incredibly smashing. He had a pair of grew Jack Wills boxers underneath that were pulled up higher than the jeans themselves. I stepped in and swallowed hard as he shut the door behind me and locked it. I turned around so I faced the mirror, trying to avoid Niall's dashing appearance.

I started applying foundation to my makeup free skin. I took the long handled big brush and rubbed it around the matted skin tone powder. Once I had enough on the brush, I applied the dry substance to my face making sure to cover any upcoming zits. I then started to uncap my various colors of eyeshadow. I chose a pastel pink/cream/nude color and applied it to both my bare eyelids with simple strokes from a smaller brush. Then I uncapped a dark brown color and used a skinny brush to apply it to the far corners of my eyes, making them darker on the outside, and lighter towards my nose. Then I opened my gel eyeliner, applying a thin layer above my eyelashes. And last but not least, I unscrewed my mascara and brushing various coats over my eyelashes till they were a length of my liking. Once finished I braided my hair to the side and then coiled it up into a braided, messy side bun. I collect my beauty products, put them back in my purple cosmetics bag and put them into the counter under the sink. I turned around to see Niall staring at me with his arms crossed on his bare chest. I gave him a what-is-your-problem look. And he just shook his head.

"Why do you need all that?" He asked confusing me.

"Need what?" I asked

"The makeup." He replied sternly.

"Because I like to look nice?" I asked with a chuckle.

Niall just gave me a half smirk and pulled me into a hug. I embraced his warm body in my arms and took in the amazing smell of his cologne.

"You really don't need it you know." He says mumbling into my hair.

"I know, and honestly I don't like wearing it all that much. I just wear it on special occasions. And my brother asking out the girl of his dreams is definitely a special occasion." I say mumbling into his shoulder.

"I just wanted to make sure you know that you are beautiful without it." He says while kissing my nose.

"Thanks for caring Nialler." I say pecking hi lips.

"Anytime babe." He says kissing my forehead.

"I love you Hannah Marie Styles." He says while pulling me tighter into his warm, good smelling embrace.

"I love you too Niall James Horan." I say leaning up to kiss him passionately, until we were rudely interrupted by Mr. Tomlinson knocking on the bathroom door.

"Condoms are in the drawer under the sink children." He says to us from the other side of the door.

Niall and I chuckled and retrieved from the bathroom as soon as he put on his green long sleeved shirt with Howard the Duck on the front of it and spiking up his hair.


"Nicolle will you be Harry's girlfriend?" The homemade movie of us rolled up on screen in the movie theatre Harry had rented out. As soon as the movie started Nicolle was in hysterics. And when that final question was asked, she was in tears. Harry got down on one knee and asked her again.

"Nicolle, I've loved you since year 2. Will you please do the wonderful favor of being my girlfriend?" He asked.

Nicolle's smile was brighter than the moon. We all stood back and watched her smile like an idiot until Zayn and Louis at the same time yelled "GET IT OVER WITH!"

With that Nicolle shouted "Yes!" And flung herself into Harry's arms.

I love playing matchmaker.
I love my friends.
I love my brother.
I love my boyfriend.
I love life.

Well for now anyways....


So, how was that chapter? I almost died of cuteness. I'm so proud of this chapter. HICOLLE IS OFFICIAL BABY!

OH! And I am designing the cover right now for the new title, I will update it this weekend. Thank you so much!

I decided to dedicate this chapter to Nicolle Aubertin.

She is the girl who plays Nicolle in this book, and I must say, she is truly an amazing girl, along as a great friend.

I love you cyber best friend!
You are amazing Bert! <3

Massive thank you for reading.
Love you all.

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