Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


23. Home



Niall Horan -

Hannah and I took a silent cab ride back to my house.  She sat there biting her lip and playing with her earings, something she often did when she was nervous.  I grabbed her free hand, that wasn't twisting her dianmond stud earing, and held it tight.  She lowered her other hand from her ear and smiled a weak, but scared smile.  I gave her back the same expression.

I started to wonder...

Who would send creepy messages like that to Hannah?  Why would a paparazzi send her messages like that, when all they really needed were pictures?  And they could get those when she goes out somewhere.  There is no need to send messages that scare, not only her to death, but her own boyfriend.  Now I've scared myself even more.  This was most likely not a paparazzi.

When the cab finally halted at my house, Hannah and I unsnapped  out seatbelts, and made our way inside, hand in hand.  When we got inside, Hannah finally broke.

Tears started to pour from her eyes. 

I've never seen Hannah cry.


Having no expierence with her crying, I did what any boyfriend would do.  I held her.  I wrapped my arms around her as she cried into my chest, her black mascara and eyeliner staining my white shirt.  I gently kissed her head.

"Hannah, baby, don't cry.  Nothing's going to happen to you.  As long as I'm here, you're safe."  I said while making her look at me.

She looked up at me as I held her face in my hands.  Her usual bright green eyes, were now a dark foresty colour.  Around the edges they were red from crying, and her makeup was smudged down her face in black streaks.  She placed her small hands around mine, which were still holding her face.

"I'm scared.  I mean, it's probably only just paparazzi, but still, Niall what if it's not.  What if someone is actually stalking me, or out to get me!  It's still early in this stalking stage, but I'm still scared out of my mind."  She said while nervously rubbing her thumbs over my knuckles.

"You don't think I'm scared too? I know, it could still be paparazzi, but I'm not positive.  I'm scared too.  You are the love of my life.  My one and only.  I know it.  We will be married one day.  I can almost gaurentee it.  I'm 99.8% sure.  You mean so much to me.  That's why I will protect you.  This person will not hurt you.  Ever."  I stated with confidence, but still managed to tear up. 

I can't help it.

I'm sensitive.

Hannah's lips cracked a small, greatful smile. 

"We're gonna get married?"  She asked with a light chuckle.

"Not yet.  But yes.  There's always the chance that you say no, or we die, or somthing crazy like that happens, but thats why I'm 99.8% sure,"  I state, putting an emphasis on the .8%, "But, that's a while away."  I say with a smile.  She smiles widely at me.  Exposing all her teeth.  And when those teeth are exposed, it means shes truely happy, and it's not a fake smile. 

"I love you too.  Like Laila said, you're my prince, I'm your princess."  She said while still stroking my knuckles with her thumbs.

"Damn right.  Five year olds are so smart nowadays.  Not like they were back in 98'.  I didn't know how to tell if someone was in love or not at that age."  I smiled.

"Shut up.  You just keep babbling on, though you are making a point, I could really use a 'I-Love-You-And-Will-Always-Keep-You-Safe' kiss right now."  She said while standing on her toes, leaning up to my mouth.

She's so cute when she stands on her toes.

"I love you, and will always keep you safe."  I whispered truthfully,  letting my December weather chapped lips crash and glide onto her amazingly soft ones.  Her and her damn lip gloss.  I swear, that stuff works wonders.


"Banana, wake up darling. We need to leave soon." I whispered to my sleeping girlfriend while kneeling beside her on the floor.

She didn't even stir in her sleep as I spoke.

"Hannah. Wake up." I said louder this time as I pushed some loose strands of her hair behind her ear.

"Mrghph." She mumbled as she buried her face into my pillow.

"Darling get up. We're going to Cheshire." I said again this time gently shaking her shoulder. She finally lifted her head from her pillow and looked at me with tired eyes. Probably from last nights crying, or because it was 4:30 a.m.

"I'm tired." She says in a groggy morning voice.

"I know love. But it takes three hours to get to the Dublin airport from here and out flight leaves at eight. Our cab will be here in twenty minutes, so you need to get ready. I've already packed our bags and laid out clothes for you to wear. Mums making a quick breakfast for us before we leave." I said while kissing her forehead softly.

"Fine. Ill get dressed. But this means you must let me sleep in the cab and on the plane." She said while slowly sitting up.

"That's my girl. Come on I'll help you get ready." I said while getting up from my kneeling position on the floor ad helping Hannah stand up.

She was wearing some light blue plaid boxers of mine as well as an old Howard The Duck jumper of mine that I got for Christmas a few years back.

She always wore men's clothing to bed. Rarely did she wear any wemons clothing while sleeping. While on the bus she would steal either Harry or I's boxers or gym shorts, and a t-shirt or jumper to sleep in. I don't even think she packed any comfortable clothes besides yoga pants, sweat pants, and some Victorias Secret or Jack Wills jumpers.

As she stripped of her clothing, I went to start up her new straightener that my dad had bought her for Christmas. I also laid out a tube of her favorite mascara and a light gold container of eyeshadow for her to put on because I liked it better when she didn't wear much makeup. So I limited her and hid the rest of her makeup components in my luggage which was downstairs. Yeah, she would be mad at me for taking her makeup, but too late. I already packed the rest of it up.

After doing all that in the bathroom, I made my way back into my childhood bedroom, sad that I'd have to leave it, once again. I looked at Hannah who was pulling on the sand coloured uggs I laid out for her to wear. Once she got them on she walked passed me to the bathroom. I followed in suit.

"Want me to straighten your hair?" I asked her as she cleaned her face of the leftover makeup that her tears failed to take off last night.

"Yes please." She said while wiping the water off her face on a hand towel.

With that I started to straighten her naturally loose curls.

"Niall." She said with an annoyed tone as she noticed her makeup was missing.

"For me babe? Just today. You know I like you with less makeup. And you should feel lucky. At least I have you a colour eyeshadow to match your outfit." I begged while taking another curl and making it flat.

"You're lucky I love you."  She said as she started to apply her few coats of mascara, she didn't need much because of her naturally long eyelashes. 

I chuckled and continued straightening her curls.

Once she finished with her left eye, she moved to the right.  Lightly, flawlessly and gently, she coated it with mascara, checking it in the mirror every few swipes to make sure her eyes were matching and not one was too overdone.  Then, I watched as she opened the lid to her eyeshadow and used the tiny appllicator to apply a few swipes of gold to her eyelids. 

Finally she was finished, and I just finished the last curl.

(A:N; Hannah's outfit... )

6 1/2 Hours Later --

"Mum!" Hannah yelled while running into her mothers arms as if she were only a three year old.  I smiled as I tried to picture her almost 16 years ago as a little three year old.  She ould have been so happy.  No hate, no mobs of fans trying to get to her brother, no publicity, no worldwide famous brother, no crazy stalker...

"Niall James Horan, get over here and give me a hug!"  Aunte Anne said breaking me from my thoughts.  I smiled and walked toward her, as Hannah backed away, giving me room.  I engulfed Anne in a giant hug while picking her up off the ground and spinning her around.  Anne laughed as I sat her back on the ground gently.

"Hi Aunte Anne."  I said while kissing her cheek.

"Hello there Niall.  Ok now love birds, come inside, its freezing, do you not see the snow on the ground!"  She exclaimed while rushing Hannah and I into the Styles/Cox household residence. 

Once inside my phone went off in my pocket....


Did your sweet girlfriend tell you about her abortion?


My head started pounding, my heart stopped, my hands were sweating, and my body went numb.

"Niall?"  Hannah said while looking at me strangely.

I couldn't speak.  I just stood there.  I was breathing, but honestly felt dead.

"Niall, talk to me."  She demanded, keeping her voice low so Anne couldn't hear her from the kitchen.

My phone was still clutched in my hand with the message still on the screen. 

Hannah knows I'm against abortions.  Big time.  In my opinion, abortion is murder.  I understand if you get raped, then feel like you need an abortion, but honestly you don't.  Just give the kid up for adoption. 

Hannah quickly stole my phone from my hands and silently read the message to herself.   Her eyes grew wide.  She violently started shaking her head. 

"Niall, come here."  She quickly said while grabbing my hand and pulling me up the stairs.  Practically dragging me because I couldn't barley make my feet move.  She pulled me into her bedroom and locked the door.

I looked everywhere, except her eyes.  I felt like, if I did look into her eyes, I would break down crying because she kept this secret from me, espically because she knew how much I hated abortions.  I practically disowned my cousin for getting one.

"Niall, look at me so I can explain."  She said while grabbing my hands and squeezing them.

I forced myself to look at her, and instantly broke into tears.

"Why?"  I whispered/sobbed.

"Niall, you know how I didn;t have many friends in high school right?  I was bullied.  Everyday, for two years.  One day, someone made up a romour that I got pregnant and had an abortion.  But I didn't.  Okay?  It's a lie.  You should know Niall, you and I had sex.  You took away my virginity."  She started to cry. "Please, believe me." 

I suddenly relaxed. 


I instantly pulled her in for a huge hug and kissed her hard, and passionately.

"I'm sorry princess."  I whispered on her lips.

She was still crying because she had just brought up her past, and she hated her past.  Bullies, lies, haters...

"I love you."  She whispered through her sobbs and kissed me.

"I love you too princess.  I love you too."  I replied while the love of my life and I cried together. 

Why does this man want to ruin everything that's important to me?

Espically Hannah.



Miss me?  I missed you.

Anyway.... Drama....oooooo....more to come!

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