Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


16. Eleanor

"Please El?"  I begged Louis' girlfriend through the phone.

"Niall, do you realize how hard this is?  I'm a model.  Models dont get breaks.  I can't just leave for two weeks.  Louis' girlfriend or not, my boss doesn't care."  Eleanor stated through the phone.

"But El, it's your man-childs twenty first birthday.  You can't miss that."  I whisper yelled through the phone, due to the fact that it was 4 a.m, my girlfriend was asleep next to me, and the rest of the boys were asleep also in less than a five foot radius of me.

"Niall.  I don't know.  What will I tell my boss?"  She asked me.

"I'll take care of your boss.  You just pack a few bags.  I've already got a flight picked out and everything for tomorrow, you will land in Flordia on Thursday.  All I have to do is click 'Book Flight' right now."  I state while looking at mt laptops screen.

"Fine.  But Niall I swear if I get fired I'll kill you."  She stated.

"Oh, feisty."  I joked.

"Sass masta from Manchesta' my friend."  She laughed in London.

"Alright, I booked your flight. You leave tomorrow, get here thursday on Louis' birthday."  I say while copying her information and sending it to her via e-mail.

"Okay, you e-mailed it?" She asked.


"Alright.  See you in a couple days.  Good night Nialler."  She said.

"Good morning El."  I said.  Making her laugh at my time zone joke.

She chuckled and hung up the phone in London.  I hung up my phone in Alabama.  I then quickly pluggede my phone into the dock charging station.

  Once my iPhone was plugged in, I sat it on the small shelf in my bunk.  Then I looked up at my collage of pictures hanging a good two foot above me.  I could see them all clearly, due to the light that was being given off my the little light up shamrock night light Harry had bought me last year. I took each picture in carefully. 

I studied the pictures of my family first.  I looked at the baby pictures of Gregg and I.  I was such a cute baby.  Then my school pictures.  I looked over my crooked teeth, and my messy dyed blonde hair.  I took my tounge and guided it over my teeth, glad that I now had braces to fix my ugly mouth.

  Now I looked at the pictures of my mom and dad.  I missed them so much.  I looked over my mom and dads pictures, admiring where I got my features from.  I looked at the recent picture Greg gave me of him and his fiance, which I got to be the best man in their wedding.

  Now I looked at the boys' pictures.  There were random photos that we had randomly taken at random times, photos from the X-Factor, and the 'Up All Night' tour.  God, I loved the lads so much.  Now, I re-read all of the notes fans gave me.  Some saying how I changed and saved their life.  Those ment a lot.

  Finally, I got to my favorite picture.  Hannah and I.  The picture was beautiful, even if it was torn from a magazine.  I admired her hair, which flowed in perfect brunette ringlets down her back, stopping in the middle of her back.  Her eyes were closed, and she was smiling into our kiss, as was I.  She didn't have makeup on, which I adored.  Her arms were wrapped around my neck, and fingers in my hair.  My hands were on her hips, pulling her close.

It was perfect. 

Pure perfection.


"Ni, Babe, wake up.  Did you call El last night?"  I heard Hannah ask beside me.  I felt her stroke my face. 

"Mmmm, yeah.  I called her."  I mumbled pulling Hannahs body closer to mine and hiding my face in her neck, while kissing her collarbone and leaving her love bites.  She giggled and moaned as I did.

"Well, you are cheeky this morning now aren't you?"  She asked as I brought my face back up from her neck.

I didn't have an answer, so I just kissed her.  I kissed her hard and passionately.  Eventually it got very heated.  So heated that she now had each leg on either side of my torso.  Her hands were caressing my face, and my hands were on either side of her hips and we were in an intense makeout session.  When we were suddenly interupted, by my curtain to my bunk being pulled back and a gasp escaped someones lips.

Hannah and I stopped our little session as we looked over to see a disgusted Harry Styles staring at us with a horrified face. 

"That.  Is.  Fucking.  Disgusting."  Harry said. 

Hannah smirked then asked, "Something wrong Harry?"  In a sweet, sinless voice.

"You are some sick, sick, sick people."  Harry muttered looking at the ground while Hannah rolled off of me and started laughing.  I did the same, not being able to contain my laughter anymore.  Harry just shook his head and walked away smirking, then we heard him mutter the words, 'fucking bastards'.  I just chuckled a little more, then sighed when no more laughter could escape my lips.  I rolled over on my side to see Hannah already staring at me.  I smiled at her and she did the same to me. 

"I love you."  She said sounding completly confident, and clear.

"I love you too."  I state truthfully. 

"Good.  Now get up.  We have to go order Louis' cake, and you need to call Eleanor's boss."  She said while jumping off my bunk to the floor.  I groaned then also hopped off the top bunk that belonged to me and followed my girldriend to get ready for the day.


"The cake must be 3 tiers.  One tier must be white with blue stripes, the second must be red with the name 'Louis' in blue and white lettering, and the third tier must look have carrots on it."  Hannah stated very calm as the baker wrote our order down on a small note bad.

"What kind of cake should it be?"  The baker asked

"One layer chocolate, another vanilla, and the last one a carrot cake."  She stated. 

"Okay, will this be all?"  The baker asked.

"Yes."  Hannah stated handing him Liams credit card.


"Hello, this is Linda Engel from Hollister Modeling, how can I help you?"

"Hello, yes this is Niall Horan, from One Direction."

"Um, Niall, yes hello.  How can I be to your assistance?"

"Yes, um Eleanor Calder needs to have 2 weeks off from modeling."  I state into the phone.

"Well, Niall, Eleanor is very busy.  She has many shoots to do in the next two weeks that will be very hard to miss.  May I ask why you are calling me instead of Eleanor?"  Linda asked through the phone.

"Well, she is actually on a plane right now to Tampa Bay, Flordia, in the United States for her boyfriend of a years, birthday.  Can you please let her have the two weeks off?  I'll do anything."  I tried to bribe Eleanors boss.

"Well, she will get in much trouble for not giving us further notice.  But, I guess she can have the weeks off, if you can give me 3 free tickets to your next concert in London for my daughters."  Linda tempted me.

"Gladly.  Ill have them shipped to you as soon as possible Mrs. Engel."

"Thank you Mr. Horan, I will reschedule Miss Calders photoshoots now.  Thank you so much.  My daughters will be so delighted.  Goodbye Niall."

"Thank you, Mrs. Engel.  You are very welcome.  Goodbye." 


"So I guess you have everything figured out?"  Hannah asked from the other side of the booth in McDonalds.

"Yep, just had to throw in tickets to the next concert in London."  I said while taking a sip of my coke.

"Of course."  Hannah laughed.

"Yeah.  Let's go, we need to pick up Eleanor in an hour."  I say while getting up out of the booth and holding out a hand for Hannah to take, which she gladly did, and we walked out of McDonalds, escaping the screaming fans, and into the car we had rented.  When we were both safely in the car and the doors were locked, we started moving.  Hannah leaned up to the radio and turned it to a random station, which just so happened to have 'Little Things' begining. 

Hannahs musicaly talented voice filled the car.

'Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me,

but bear this in mind it was ment to be,

And I'm joing up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks, and it all makes sense to me...'

She started and finished the song beautifully, and I sang with her on my solo. 

I can't believe she still has no idea.

"Ni?"  She asked

"Yeah?"  I answered

"Have you noticeed how that song has everything about me in it?"  She asked.

Now she realizes it.

"Yeah, I know." I replied to her.

"But I thought Ed wrote it?"

"He did."  I state.

"Bu-"  I cut her off.

"Ed wrote it, when he was 17.  He just didn't finish it all.  So, he called me over and asked for my help.  I went over, and he showed me what he had to far, which was Liam, Zayn, And I's part.  I read them all over, and it instantly described you.  So, I added more about you in it.  Like how you can't sleep without tea, how you talk in your sleep, Harry told me about that.  How you hate the sound of your voice when it's  being played back, and you must be fucking deaf because your voice is fucking wonderful.  And how when you put on jeans, you do that little dance where you have to wiggle and jump into them.  When it was finally finished, Ed and I played it for the lads, they instantlyknew who it was about, but they swore not to tell you.  We were just waiting until you figured it out, and today you did.  Congradulations."  I chuckled and looked over at my girlfriend who had tears swelling up in her eyes. I gave her a week smile, which she returned in a huge one.

"Niall, I love you so much."  She said while she smiled.  I quickly pulled the car over into a store parking lot.

"What are we doing here?"  Hannah asked while I put the car in park.

"You can't expect me to just admit that to you, and you to tell me you love me, and me not to kiss you, and tell you I love you too, I just pulled over, so that I could kiss and tell you that, withut getting into a car accicdent.

Hannah smiled as I leaned in and whispered, "I love you so much, more than anything."  before closing the small gap between our lips, and closing my eyes.

The kiss had to be the best kiss I'd ever in my history of kisses.  This one wasn't full of cheekiness, or silliness, or just a crush, or lust.  This kiss was pure love. 

Pure love, as our lips moved in perfect slow motion.  Pure love, as my tounge slipped into her mouth.  Pure love, as her fingers moved into my hair.  Pure love, as she pulled away after a few minutes, and stared into my eyes, as I stared into her green ones.  Pure love, as she whispered yet again, "I love you Niall James Horan."  Pure love, as I recited and said, "I love you too Hannah Marie Styles."

Pure Love.


"HANNAH-BANANA MARIE STYLES!"  Eleanor screamed through the terminal while running full speed into Hannahs arms, dropping her many suitcases behind her. 

Jesus El, got enough shit?

"El!  I've missed you so much!"  Hannah said while gripping tightly to one of her best friends.

"Me too!  Oh my god, I'm having Lou withdrawls, it's been a month and a half without my Boobear.  Can we go see him now?" Eleanor asked, letting go of Hannah as I grabbed two of the four suitcases Eleanor brought with her.

"Yeah El, let's go."


"Ok, so you will be bunking with Lou while on the bus, but right now, we are in a hotel, while picking you up, the boys carried all of our things to our rooms.  You are in room 169 with Lou."  I recited to Eleanor who was bouncing up and down with excitement as we pulled into the hotel parking room. 

"Ha, room 169.  That's fucking awesome."  Eleanor said as the car parked and practically flew out of the backseat and out to the pavement. She quickly had 2 suitcases, and made me and Hannah take the two other ones from the truck. 

"Come on! We have to see him!"  Eleanor said while skipping with her luggage to the front door.  We stepped into the lobby and checked in.  Our rooms were on the main floor, so we started walking through thr corridors until we hears someone desperatly saying "Get off of me you dirty hoe!"  in a Doncaster accent.


Eleanor quickly turned the corner, Hannah and I followed desperatly.  When we rounded the corner, we saw a girl, with booty shorts on, a pair of high Converses, and a very low cut, too small top, and the whole Crayola factory painted on her too tanned face, forcing herself around Louis Tomlinson. Her lips were on his, and he was trying very hard to force her away from him, but she was way too strong.

"Get the fuck off of him."  Eleanor said with hatred in her voice. 

Louis quickly turned his face to see Eleanor and us behind her.

"El?!  El, baby please, it's not what it looks like!"  Louis begged desperatly.

"I know it's not Lou."  She replied and walked with sass towards the fake girl.

"Get your mother fucking hands off of my fucking boyfriend.  And don't you dare fucking say that he came on to you, because I heard him yelling at you to get the fuck off.  He doesn't fucking like you.  You look like a mother fucking baboon, who had a toddler to their makeup with fucking Crayola makers.  You look like you are wearing a 5 year olds clothes, and your skin looks like fucking sweet potato baby food.  Now, fucking leave you discusting hoe."  Eleanor was fuming.

"What the fuck are you going to do if I don't leave?"  The girl asked.

"This."  Eleanor replied.

I felt Hannah grab hold of mine and squeeze it tightly as Eleanors beautifuly perfected 'bitch slap' came in contact with the girls baboon face.

The girl instantly backed away from Louis and held her cheek in pain.

"I'm, I'm so- so- sorry."  The girl stuttered.

"You should be.  Now, if any of this gets to the press, I will personally fucking hunt you down."  Eleanor said.

"I wont.  I swear." 

"Good.  Now leave."  Eleanor pointed to the direction of the lobby and the girk followed her gaze, then started walking, passing Hannah and I without a glance.

"Eleanor Jane Calder, I love you so fucking much."  Louis said while taking Eleanorin his arms and kissing her passionately. 

"I love you too Lou.  The 'Sass Masta from Manchesta is here!"  She stated proudly while looking back at Hannah and I. 

Hannah and I looked at Louis and at the same time said, "Happy Early Birthday Lou!" After we said it, we looked into eachothers eyes and smiled.  God, we were perfect.  I leaned down and kissed Hannah lightly.

Louis chuckled and looked at us greatfully.

"Thank you guys so much."  And continued kissing his girlfriend again.



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