Reality Ruined My Life - Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Being the sister of Harry Styles, the new girlfriend of Niall Horan, and the best friend of 3/5 of One Direction, plus their girlfriends, always has consequences.

Some are good.

Some are bad.

And some are out of hand.

Hannah Styles' relationship is perfect, her friends are amazing, she doesn't care about hate, and she has few enemies. But that all changes around chapter 21. Therefore, read it.


3. Dinner

"I would like a fruit margarita." I said polietly to the waiter who just nodded in with a fake smile plastered across her face.

"Same." Harry, Louis and Niall added.

"I'll have a beer." Zayn stated looking down at his phone and checking his reflection.

"Water with lemon please." Liam smiled politely.

The blond haired waitress scribbled the orders on her notepad then looked back up at us with the same plastered smile. She was obviously not happy to be here.

"I'll be right back with your drinks." She says walking away.

"So, when's the first concert?" I asked while guiding my eyes over the menu.

"Three days." Liam says folding his menu and sitting it down on the table in front of him.

"So, we just get to hang out and chill for three days in the hotel. We have it totally rented out. the manager made sure no one under the age of 21 rented out a room, so fans shouldn't be a problem, and the hotel has an indoor pool with 3 slides and a diving board, they have a game room, a weight room, and a spa." Harry says.

"Well, that should be fun." I stated.


I feel my iPhone 5 vibrate against my leg. I lifted it up from my leg and saw that I had a new message. I unlocked the screen and went to my messages.

New message from Mom:

Hannah darling! How was your flight? You haven't called so I got worried. Call or text me quick? I want to know how you and Harold are doing. I love you!

I replied back,

Mom, Harry and I are fine. I slept the whole flight. All the boys got their own hotel rooms, except for Niall and I. Harry didn't want to bunk woth me because he thinks it will be awkward, but I just think it's because he will have girls over 24/7, so yeah, Niall and I share a room. Right now we are at dinner, Harry and I will Skype you when we get back to the hotel. I love you too. Bye.

God, my mother was so over protective.

"Hannah, what are you and Niall going to do, your room only has one bed." Louis said while wiggling his eyebrows at Niall and I.

"We'll sleep together, we've done it before on the couch downstairs at home. Remember? You took my bed with Eleanor. Harry and Liam slept in his. Zayn slept on the other couch, and Niall and I slept on the pull out bed couch because I refused to let him sleep on the floor." I stated nonchalantly. "Besides we're just friends." I said

I felt Niall tense up a little beside me and caught him looking at me through the corner of his eye.

"Yeah, just friends." Niall says with a nervous smile.

What's wrong with him?


The rest of the meal Niall was mostly silent. He ate a lot, as expected, and joined in on some conversation, but other than that, he seemed a bit off. I was determined to find out what was wrong with him as soon as we got to our hotel room, which shouldn't be long considering we just got in the elevator.

When we stepped out of the elevator, I gave each of the boys besides Niall and Harry a goodnight kiss on the cheek. I told Harry to skype mom and tell her I would skype her in the morning because right now I'm very tired.

When we reached the hotel room I grabbed Harry's old Ramones shirt that fight me as a nighty considering how short I was, and some zebra print pajama shorts and slipped into the bathroom while Niall silently started to unbutton his shirt. When in the bathroom, I slipped off my dress and heels and put them on the counter. I stood there in my bra and underwear and used my makeup cleaner to clean off all the makeup from my face. Once done, I removed my earrings and other jewelry then took a hair tie from my cosmetics bag and threw my curly locks of hair into a sloppy side bun. Then I slipped on Harry's shirt and my shorts, grabbed my belongings and slipped back out of the bathroom deciding I would shower in the morning. When I exited the restroom I saw Niall sitting shirtless on the bed only wearing a pair of shorts running a hand through his blond hair. I went and sat next to him and put my head on his shoulder.

"Ni, whats wrong. You've been acting different ever since dinner." I whispered

"It's nothing." He said getting up and walking to the right side of the bed and getting in and covering himself in the white duvet.

I did the same on the left side of the bed. While lying there, Niall had his back turned to me. After a couple minutes he turned to face me. He looked at me with those piercing blue eyes that shined in the moonlight pouring through the window.

"You can tell me." I say while reaching under the duvet and finding his hand and clasping it in mine. I gave him a tight squeeze which he returned.

"It's a girl..." He whispered.

"What's her name?"

"I can't say."

"Well then, what's going on with this girl?"

"She- she's- ugh. I really like her."

"Ask her out."

"It's complicated."

"No it's not."

"Yes, it is."

"Niall, if you're worried that she won't like you back, you're stupid, and so is she, because honestly, you are one handsome lad. And any girl would be lucky to have you." I say with a smile.

"Thanks." He gave me that sexy half smirk I always loved.

Wait, what am I saying. Niall's my best friend. Nothing more, nothing less, right? Yet, I'm lying here with him holding his hand.

"Welcome." I say still holding his hand and closing my eyes. I started to think while drifting off to sleep.

Who was his crush? Was she pretty? What did she look like? Was she a slut, or was she nice? I suddenly started to feel a bit jealous.

And when I get jealous, you know shit's about to go down.

Niall Horan -

Here I was, lying in bed with her. Holding her hand under the sheets. She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep while I just sat there and stared at her gorgeous face. It's so hard to lay here and try to reatrain myself from pulling her into my arms. But I guess holding her hand right for now will do.

I looked again at her gorgeous face which pulled me away from my thoughts. I leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight princess." I whispered into the darkness.

I really need to vent my feelings to someone, and the only person I could think off telling was Liam. Yep that's it. Guys day tomorow with Liam.

Maybe he can help me finally get my best friend of two years to love me as much as I love her.

Back in my head we were kissing
I thought things were going alright
With a sign on my back saying ‘kick me’
Reality ruined my life

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