Maybe I Do Fancy Him

Hi I'm Brielle and I'm Niall Horan's cousin. Yes the Niall
Horan from One Direction. He is more like a brother
then a cousin. He has always been really protective
over me. I never thought I would end up fancying one
of his bandmates.


1. Reunited

Well today Niall finally comes back from his first world tour. I'm so excited to see him.
The whole family is getting together and we are going to surprise him. I'm so excited to
see him. Oh let me introduce myself. My names Brielle I have 2 brothers and my cousin is
Niall Horan, I love to horseback ride and be at the beach. Ever since Niall left I've missed him like crazy. I told him everything. We would
text and FaceTime but it wasn't the same. I've met the rest of the boys once. I was going to meet them again soon well at least that's what Niall told me. When I first met them, me and Liam had a lot in common. I don't fancy Liam though. Actually I don't really fancy any of them. It was finally 1 and Niall was going to be here soon. I saw his car pull in the drive way and I ran out. I have him the biggest hug EVER! After a few hours the other boys showed up. Niall introduced me to them all again. They all have me hugs and were so sweet. At about 6:00pm everyone left. Niall's flat that he shared with Harry was literally two houses away from mine. The next day, Niall texted me asking if I wanted to go out to breakfast with all the boys and of course I said yes. We went to a diner. The whole time I got to know the boys and about how their tour went. I was only able to go to one concert and I felt bad about it. I ha gone to the bathroom but I accidentally left my phone at the table. When I came back all the boys were smiling. Oh god what did they do!!
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