Finding Niall

My name is Valeire I have dirty blonde blue eyes 5ft 2 I am 18. My Mom died when I was 15 when my mom died. I now live with my abusive father Rob. I have an older brother named Niall. But he left befoer mom died. I havent seen him since then. Find out what happens when she escapes her father. Will it lead her to Niall?


2. Wake up at the park and seeing him again

Harrys POV

I was driving to my favorite park to write a new song for album. When I got of the car I saw a beautiful blonde sleeping on the bench all alone. I decided to wake her to make sure she was okay.

"Excuse me love" I said

"Wake up please" I whispered to myself

She slowly fluttered her eyes open.

Valeries POV

I was asleep until I heard a british boys voice say:

"Excause me love" he said

"Please wake up" he whispered to himself

Why did he want me to wake up? My eyes slowly fluttered open to see a cute curly haired british boy smileing at me. He looked Nialls age. I started  to cry when I thought of him. The boy kept comforting me. Why? he just met me. He kept hugging me til i finally stopped crying.

"Im Harry. Whats your name love?" he said

"Valerie" I replied

"Beautiful name. May I ask why you are here?" he asked

Thinking about it made tears form in my eyes.

"I have no...were to go" I replied crying

He hugged me and led me to his car. Where was he takeing me?

"You can stay with me as long as you want" he said

I was actually trusting him he was such a nice person for letting me stay with him.

" We are almost there. By the way I live with my four mates" he told me

Car Ride Over

Harry parked the car and led me inside of his flat. I saw four boys sitting on a couch together. One with a brown and blonde quiff with dark brown eyes, a boy with messy brown hair and pretty light blue eyes, and another with short brown hair and innocent brown eyes. Lastly the person I thought I would never see again.....Niall


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