Finding Niall

My name is Valeire I have dirty blonde blue eyes 5ft 2 I am 18. My Mom died when I was 15 when my mom died. I now live with my abusive father Rob. I have an older brother named Niall. But he left befoer mom died. I havent seen him since then. Find out what happens when she escapes her father. Will it lead her to Niall?


4. Reunited

Niall POV

Harry texted us that he was haveing one of his friends stay with us. I was anxious because I didnt know who it was. The door opened and I saw the person I thought i wouldnt see agian. The person I have missed so much!!! Valerie... I just wanted to hug her something in her eyes said I should leave that to Harry because she was going to cry. She doesnt even want to see me cause I left her.

Valeries POV

I walked in to see my brother Niall. Whom ive never seen in forever. Should I hug him? I have my brother back. But my heart is still broken from when he left our family a long time ago. I miss him so much. I was about to cry and he knew that. I just wanted him to hold me and tell me everything would be okay. But my heart was telling me I shouldnt forgive him so fast.

Harrys POV

I brought Val to the house she seems to know Niall very well because I can see it in her eyes. They kind of look similar though.... I need to find out whats going on between themm

Zayns POV

Somethings going on between Niall and Valerie Lou and I can sense it. We were secretly texting about it.

"Hi love I am Zayn" I said

"I am Liam" Liam said

"LOUIS!" Louis shouted really loud. Which made her laugh

"and I'm Niall Horan" said Niall

"Valerie.....Valerie Horan" she said.



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