Finding Niall

My name is Valeire I have dirty blonde blue eyes 5ft 2 I am 18. My Mom died when I was 15 when my mom died. I now live with my abusive father Rob. I have an older brother named Niall. But he left befoer mom died. I havent seen him since then. Find out what happens when she escapes her father. Will it lead her to Niall?


5. Cant take it anymore

Liams POV

Harry brought such a a beautiful girl home. I feel a little jealous. We all introduced our selves and she told us her name was Valerie Horan. Whoa! shes related to Niall no wonder they have been stareing at each other.

Harry POV

I knew something was up with them! Shes his sister! Now its akward.... But i can see Nial and Liam glareing at me because I am holding her hand.. I cna see why Niall is but Liam? Why? Does Liam Fancy her I hope not... Because she means so much to me. Even though I just met her I think ....I...Love...Valerie

Valeries POV

I just told them who I was. Now they are all stareing at me with their mouths wide open except Niall because he already knows its me. I couldnt take it anymore Niall knew I couldnt stay mad at him so i just ran over to him and hugged him. I missed his hugs and the way he would comfort me when I was little. I was now crying into is chest. 

"Its okay Val im here now." Niall said in a comforting tone.

"Niall I've missed you so much ...we need to talk...I have to tell you what happened...with dad.." I said crying 

"Ok Val come with me." he said carrying me to his room.

Nialls POV

I knew it was my little sister Val. Harrys becoming close to her...I mean too close he needs to back away. I can telll Liams jealous too. They need to back off my sister. I havent seen her in so long and I didnt need her to be heart broken by either one of them. I knew she couldnt stand being mad at me. I was ready for her to hug me. Which she did and cried into my chest. 

"It's okay Val im here now." I said comforting her 

"Niall I've missed you so much ...we need to talk...I have to tell you what happened...with dad." she said through her tears.

Oh no. what did he do? I never really trusted my Dad around Valerie. Mom was always my favorite and always will be. But why is Val here now I guess Ill find out.

"Ok Val come with me."I said carrying her to my room

Valeries POV

We went to Nialls room. I was ready to tell him.

"Niall sit down." i said sitting on the edge of his bed.

"ok whats wrong" he replied with worry in his eyes.

"Remember when you left?" I asked

"Yes, Im sorry I left you Val" said Niall sadly

"Mom died a year after, and...." I said

"Oh my gosh its all my fault...What else happened and why are you here." he said crying with his face in his hands

"Dad abused me too much and I ran away. He said he would find me and kill me. Then Harry found me and brought me here because I had no were else to go" I said crying

"He will never touch you. I am here now Val. Im sorry I put you through that." He said hugging me.

"Its not your fault Ni I love you." i said makeing him smile

"Love you to Val" he replied

"I have one little question for you."

"Yes?" I asked 

Nialls POV

I knew I shouldnt have left her. I feel really bad now.... I need to know which of my mates she likes because i would like to have a little talk with both Liam and Harry..

"Which one do you like?" I asked

"What do you mean?" she replied worried 

"Liam or Harry?" I asked waiting for her answer...........



Who do you want valerie to end up with Liam or Harry please comment and I will add them up then write another chapter thanks


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