Finding Niall

My name is Valeire I have dirty blonde blue eyes 5ft 2 I am 18. My Mom died when I was 15 when my mom died. I now live with my abusive father Rob. I have an older brother named Niall. But he left befoer mom died. I havent seen him since then. Find out what happens when she escapes her father. Will it lead her to Niall?


1. The Escape Plan

Valeries POV

I woke up and looked at the alarm clock it was 8 am. That means Rob is getting ready for work. I sit there and pretend to sleep. Usually Im locked up in the house because he locks up everything so I cant get out or leave. I heard the door slam and I watched as his car left the drive way. I sigh of relief once he left. I look down at the bruises he caused last night. Im scared to think of what he will tonight. I stop thinking and make myself something to eat. I sat on the coach as i ate my sandwhich and stared at the door. I then realized it wasnt locked at all. I was debating wether to leave now or later. I decided now because I couldnt take this abuse anymore. I ran up the stairs and packed everything I owned. As I was walking down the drive way he was pulling in mader than he was yesterday. He got out of the car and started to chase me. I ran for my life. He finally stopped.

"Val I will find you and you will regret ever leaving" Rob said

That just made me run even faster. I ran to a park and ended up falling asleep on a park bench.

Robs POV:

I was on my way home from work and drinking with my friends when I saw my slutty daughter running away this made me furious.When i catch up to her she will be so sorry she ran! I tryed to run after her but she was way too fast. She will regret ever running away and I will find her and i will kill her for what she has done

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