Book 1: Scarred

In this story Callie Styles, sister of Harry Styles falls for his band member Louis. There's a lot of drama from her jealous ex, and a whole lot of commotion happens. Read to find out more... I don't know how to make interesting intros. Please just give my book a chance.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


8. Chapter 8

It's 12:00 in the evening, yet I'm still in bed. But then Harry comes in, "So you happy now?" He asks me. "What do you mean?" I say puzzled.

"You.. and Louis." He replies

"Oh, of course I'm happy! What do you think?" I say happily 

Then I hear a knock on my door, I say come in and Louis enters the room. Then Harry gets up to hug him, for some reason I don't know. Then I hear him say happy birthday, "It's your birthday?" I asked surprised.

"Yeah," Louis says as I get u and give him a huge hug. "How come you didn't tell me? I would've gotten you a gift." I say pulling away from the hug.

"You already did," He says smiling.

"Huh?" I say confused, when did I give him a gift?

"The best gift is you being mine." He says to me.

I smile at him, then I turned around to ask Harry what he wanted, but he had left, no idea when. "Did you eat yet?" Louis asks me.

"No, didn't leave my room since I woke up." I say to him.

"Okay, when you eat and get ready I want to take you somewhere." He says.

"Um.. Where you taking me?" I ask him.

"Somewhere special," He smiled and leaves.

So I got up to get ready, I put my hand out my bedroom window to see how cold it was, wasn't that cold. So I put on my my white jeans with a long sleeved 'hello kitty' shirt. I go to the kitchen and get something to eat, my mum had made pancakes before she left for work, so I ate 2 pancakes and drink some tea. I go to Louis to tell him I'm ready to go, "I don't really have an idea on how we're getting there." He says.

"We can take my car." I say.

"Okay, but I'm driving." He says.

"You have your drivers licence right?" I make sure.

"Yeah, how else would I drive?" He says.

I smile, then we go to the front of the house, where my car was, since I'm too lazy to put it in the garage or even in the yard. I hop in the front seat, while Louis gets into the driver seat, while we're driving I feel my phone buzz, I check it,  Incoming Call: Carson :p I answered it, "Hey Carson." I say into the phone.

"Hey, what's up?" She replies.

"Not much, but can you message me, not in the mood for holding my phone to my ears." I reply.

"Why? Because of last time when it burned your ears?" She says laughing.

"Maybe," I say sarcastically.

"He-he, okay. I'll text you." she says still laughing

Carson- Hello Marshmallow! :)

Me- Heyo Mayo! Guess what!

Carson- You got a brand new car that has motion sensors and an automatic toast maker?

Me- Really Carson -_- No, no I didn't get that. BTW If I want a new car, I'm gonna have to buy it, says my mum~ Well anyway, what I wanted to tell you was that Louis and I are finally dating! <3

Carson- Aw that's nice, who asked who?

Me- No-one really...

Carson- So how did you start dating then? :?s

Me- Well.. we were on the couch in the living room, just us. And I fell asleep and he was hugging me, then when I woke up, Zayn was like, "So are you two dating now?" Then Louis was like, "I wish..  And then I said, "You really want to?" Then he said, "Do you?" I stopped their because I exceeded the amount of space I could use on my message, that's really annoying!

Carson- So then what happened?

Me- Then I said yes of course!

Carson- Aw, wittle Callie can't hold back fwrom hottie #1, Louis Tomlinson A.K.A BooBear  :)

Me- Exactly ♥_♥

Carson- You actually admit it!

Me- Cause it's true :p

Carson- Yeah, yeah, whatever, I think I've got that down ;)

Me- :)

"We're almost here, and you're probably gonna have to leave your phone in the car." Louis says. "Oh, okay, lemme just tell Carson good-bye." I reply

Me- G2g, bye.

Carson- Where you going?

Me- Louis' taking me out somewhere.

Carson- Aw, I'll leave you two love birds to have time by yourself xD

Me- :) Kk bye.

Carson- Bye

Louis had started to slow down, so I guess we have arrived where ever we were going. He says we're here, then I ho out and walk to his side. He comes behind me and blocks my eyes, "You can't look," He says. "Okay.." I reply confused. Louis takes my hand with his free hand and leads me to where we're going, we walk for what seemed to be a minute, then Louis removes his hand. We are at a really pretty place like a meadow. I'm at the edge of like a cliff, then I back up into Louis' arms and he hugs me. "Where are we? How come there's no snow?" I ask.

"Don't worry about that, just relax." He whispers sweetly into my ear. He goes to then edge of the cliff and motions for me to come sit next to him, "I'm afraid of heights," I tell him. "Don't worry, I'll never let you fall." He says with a reassuring smile

Scene From Hunger Games Book Two: Catching Fire (I was reading that part and it was really romantic, so I decided to add it here :)

I smile and go over to him, I sit behind him and let my feel hang down. He puts his arm around me and I lay side ways with my head on his lap, he starts playing with my hair, while I'm staring down the steep cliff worrying if I'll fall. Get the worry out of your head Callie! Just enjoy yourself! I start lecturing myself in my head. "I wish I could just pause this moment and stay here forever, just you and me." Louis says. 

"Really?" I say blushing.

"Yeah, I like when you're around." He answers.

"I like when you're around too, but sometimes when you smile I freeze and don't know what to say." I admit, seriously how did I get the courage to do that?

"Harry thinks I only hang out with him so I can be with you." He says laughing.

"Is that true though?" I asks chuckling.

"Sometimes it is." He replies.

"By the way, do Harry and I look alike?" I ask.

"Yes, a lot! I thought you were his twin sister at first." He answers.

"Really?" I reply.

"Yup," He says.

"So how old did you turn today?" I ask.

"19," He answers.

"I'll be 19 in 6 days." I reply.

"So then I'm 6 years older than you then." He says.

"Yup," I say.

Then Louis leans back and stares u at the clouds, that look a bit fake. Then I go next to him and lay on his chest, I start to feel a bit sleepy, maybe the warmth of Louis' arms around me make me drowsy. After a while I doze off, when I wake up Louis' wide awake and we're still cuddled together, he notices I'm awake then ask me how come I fall asleep so much. I explain to him that since school has been closed for almost the entire month of November and December that I've been staying up really late texting or on video chat. I check the time '5:39', "We have to go now! Mum comes home at 6 and I didn't tell her where I was, and she'll be pretty mad if I tell her now." I say worried.

Then Louis and I get up and hurried to the car, he drove extremely fast. When we reach home, my mum, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam are on the couch watching T.V. I'm dead. My mum turns to face me, "Where have you been Callie?" She says angrily.

"I was out with Louis," I reply.

"And why didn't you tell me?" She replies seeming even more angry.

"I kind of forgot.." I say on the verge of tears.

"You forgot?" She replies harshly.

"I-" Is all I can manage to say before she cuts me off.

"I don't want to hear yet another excuse, go to your room!" She says.

I go up to my room and start crying while going up the stairs, "And no electronics!" She says as I leave.

"Whatever!" I mumble under my breath.

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