Book 1: Scarred

In this story Callie Styles, sister of Harry Styles falls for his band member Louis. There's a lot of drama from her jealous ex, and a whole lot of commotion happens. Read to find out more... I don't know how to make interesting intros. Please just give my book a chance.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


6. Chapter 6

I sent a message to Carson and told her what I heard, she suggested we go on video chat and talk more, but I didn't really want to, because I didn't want the boys to hear me. She kept on begging until I would say yes, but still I said no. I told her if she kept trying I will ignore her, but that didn't stop her. Then I got so annoyed that I turned my phone off, it was off for almost the entire day. But when mum was calling me, my phone was still off and I didn't hear it. When she came home she looked angry and frustrated, I was outside with the boys when she came in. "Callie--" She starts.

"Yeah mum?" I ask.

"Wheres your phone?" She finishes.

I took it out of my pocket and showed it to her, "It's right here mum, why? Is there something wrong?" I asked worried.

"I was calling you," She replies.

"Oh, sorry. I had my phone turned off." I say to her,

"Really!? That'a a surprise!" She says harshly.

"Mum, I'm sorry, it's just that Carson--" 

She interrupts, "I don't want to hear your excuse."

"But mum," I say to her.

"I don't want to hear it." She says as she walks away.

I feel like I'm going to cry, I try my best to hide my tears. I'm very sensitive, the least little thing can make me cry. I notice that the boys are staring at me, but I ignore it and turn on my phone. I see 28 messages and 7 missed calls, 6 were from my mum and the other from Bailey. By now I can no longer hold in the tears, I can feel the tears stream down my face and I wipe them away. Then Louis comes over and sits beside me, "Don't cry, you'll be okay." He says kindly. I wipe away the rest of tears that streamed down and smile at him. I move his arm off of my shoulder and get up to go to my mum, I explained to her why I had turned my phone off. 

"It's okay sweetheart, next time just tell me, I was worried. You never turn your phone off, so I thought something had happened to you." She says to me while giving me a kiss on my forehead. "Just go back to whatever you were doing." I give her a hug and go back outside, I sit on the couch and picked up my phone to check the messages. "You okay?" Louis asks smiling. His smile send waves through me, like the high tides when there's a full moon. "I am now," I smile back at him. I check the messages on my phone, Carson gave up at he 24th message, the other 4 were from Katy- Can you video chat?, Michele- Heyy, Bailey- What did you tell Harry?, Bella- Does Louis know you like him? I replied to all of them that I can video chat, then I go get my laptop and sit back on the couch, I put my headphones on and started.

"What's wrong Cal?" Carson asks.

"Yeah, were you crying?" Bailey asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine now, don't worry 'bout me." I say.

"Oh, okay. So does he know, you know?" Bella asks me.

The boys and I are in the same room so I send I message instead of saying something, 'He knows, and I think he like me back!'

"So then why don't you ask him?" Michele asks.

'He said he doesn't know how to.' I send a message again.

"So why don't you ask him?" Carson says.

"I don't know how to." I say back to her.

"Wow, just like him." Katy says rolling her eyes.

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