Book 1: Scarred

In this story Callie Styles, sister of Harry Styles falls for his band member Louis. There's a lot of drama from her jealous ex, and a whole lot of commotion happens. Read to find out more... I don't know how to make interesting intros. Please just give my book a chance.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


28. Chapter 28

When I finished untying Louis and Liam, Liam unties Harry and Louis cradles me in a hug. "How are we gonna get out of here?" Louis asks as I bury my face in his chest. 

"There, you can push the bricks down, they move." Harry says.

"Well let's go," Liam says. 

"I'll start removing them," Harry says. Then he goes over and starts removing the bricks from the wall. We then start going out quietly. But when we get outside we are stopped by one of Chad's 'men.' "Where do you think you're going?" He says in a very deep voice. He then grabs me from Louis, he holds my hands by my back so I won't move. "Let.Her.Go." Louis says angrily clenching his fist making them turn white.

"Why don't you make me, you can't do nothin' Look at yourself." The guy says.

That made Louis loose it, Louis then came over to the guy and punched him in his face making him go unconscious. He then pulls me over to him, "Stay close to me," He says pulling me closer to him.

"Come on, we have to go fast!" Harry says. We hurry behind him, but I was moving really slow. Louis and I were really lagging behind the others, then Louis picks me up and runs to catch up the boys. We luckily got out without any other disturbance, then when we reach to the front we all get in the car. Harry goes in the driver seat and Liam in the front seat. Louis and I sit in the back seat. I sit by the door and brace on the window, I cry softly so no-one would hear me. "You okay Cal?" Louis asks.

"Yeah, I-I'm f-fine." I stutter out in between sobs. 

"Are you still crying?" He asks.

"I'm fine Lou," I reply. He hold my hand and pulls me over to him, "Listen, don't be afraid to tell me anything. I'm always here for you, okay?" He says daringly. I nod and he wraps his arm around me in a hug.

"So Callie, I still don't know what Louis meant by third time." Harry says.

"It just means he did it three times, I don't wanna talk about it." I reply.

"What are we gonna tell mum then?" He replies.

"Um.. Mum is, um.." I trail off.

"She's what?" He asks.

"She's dead," I reply. He stops the car rashly making me push forward. "WHAT!?!?" He says very loudly.

"Chad..killed.. her.." I say. Harry starts to cry, "HE IS SO DEAD!!!!" 

"Um.. I think maybe I should drive.." Liam says. "Since the rest of you are an emotional wreck now, someone call Niall and Zayn and see where they are."

Harry and Liam then switch seats and we drive again normally, Harry turning pale. 

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