Book 1: Scarred

In this story Callie Styles, sister of Harry Styles falls for his band member Louis. There's a lot of drama from her jealous ex, and a whole lot of commotion happens. Read to find out more... I don't know how to make interesting intros. Please just give my book a chance.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


24. Chapter 24

As you may have noticed,

I changed the name of the story.

I decided on naming it after a song,

which is my favourite 1D song,

I think. I can't really pick favourites,

I would either say I Would, Rock me, She's not afraid, or loved you first~~~

Harry's POV

"Louis, can we talk?" I asked Louis who was switching through channels to find something to watch.

"Yeah, sure. What is it Haz?" He replies. I look over at Callie who was giving me the evil eye.

"Can we talk in private?" I asked.

"Um... sure.." He says. We both get up and go to my room, I lock the door making sure no one could come in. "So what did you wanna talk about?" Louis asks.

"You know the whole story about Chad right?" I asked.

"Yeah," He replies.

"Well Callie didn't really tell you everything about him, she didn't really say the reason she's afraid of him." I say.

"She just said that she scared he will try to hurt us." He replies.

"Well that's not why, only mum and I know about this." I say.

"Okay, what is it?" He asks.

I start to explain what I knew, "Well, when she was 16 and her and Chad were dating we went to this party. She was outside with him for pretty much the whole time we were there, while I was inside. Then she came inside crying, when we went outside she explained to me that Chad had... raped her--"

"WHAT!?!?" Louis says sounding as angry as ever.

"Calm down..." I say. "She didn't want to tell you, she doesn't like to talk about it. So don't bring it up in conversation, please." 

"That won't be a promise." He says. "Is there anything else I should know about him?" 

"He's a wanted criminal." I say. And by those four words I could tell Louis lost it, we went back downstairs.

Callie's POV

"WHAT!?!?" I hear Louis say, damn quite down a little. I guess Harry told him... After a little while Louis and Harry came back downstairs to join us. "Callie?" Louis says.

"Yeah Lou?" I reply.

"Come with me please," He says. I get up and walk with him to our room. I sit on the bed and he starts pacing. 

"Louis stop, I know Harry probably told you about Chad--" 

"He's a wanted criminal!? Why couldn't you tell me that!?" He yells.

"I don't like talking about him..." I say staring into my lap.

"I can't believe what he did to you! You should of at least told me." He says angrily.

"I'm sorry Louis! It's just..." I trail off.

"Just what?" He asks toning down a little.

"It happened twice, I didn't tell Harry the first time. I was stupid, I thought he wouldn't do it again. Or I would've broken up with him. But I was only 15 then." I say.

"When was the first time?" He asks as he takes a seat beside me.

"On my 15 birthday, which was two days after we started dating." I say starting to cry.

"I know you don't like talking about this Callie, but maybe you should've told your mum at first." He says.

"Well it's too late for that," I say burying my face in my hands. Louis wraps his hand around me hugging me as I cry into his chest. "You'll be okay..." He says.

"He sent me more messages, too. He said he'll find me, I need to change my phone number. 'Cause he said he can track it." I say.

"Don't worry about that, we'll change it." He says. "I'll protect you, we have the other boys too and our other guards, but two were missing yesterday." He says.

I pull out of his hug quickly from what he said,"What!?" 

"You worry too much.." Louis says.

"No! He already started Louis, he already did." I say shaking.

"Stop worrying yourself!" He says.

"How can I stop Louis!? How!? There is a psycho criminal after us, he's mostly after Harry, you and I. 'Cause you guys are the closest to me. Yet, you're not worrying about anything!? Has some of your brain died or something!" I say not knowing how loud I was. 

"Sh-h, stop being so loud." He says hugging me tightly. How can't he be worried about this, what is wrong with him!?

"Louis I'm scared, can we just go back home?" I beg.

"Sorry Cal, but the nurse said you can't until you've taken all your pills. When those are done you have to wait at least a week before going on a plane." He explains to me.

"Ugh! I know you guys hate when I take those pills, why don't I just drink them all now?" I say.

Louis' POV

I have to hide those pills, 'cause the way she just said that, I know she's serious. "No, it may be medicine, but it's still drugs and you could become addicted." I say.

"But I'm scared Louis, Chad is determined to get what he wants. And he won't stop until he gets it." She says.

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