Book 1: Scarred

In this story Callie Styles, sister of Harry Styles falls for his band member Louis. There's a lot of drama from her jealous ex, and a whole lot of commotion happens. Read to find out more... I don't know how to make interesting intros. Please just give my book a chance.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


21. Chapter 21

I start suffering to breath, it feels like someone was squeezing my nose.

Louis' POV


I came back in the room to see Callie fast asleep, I go in the bed and lay beside her quietly trying not to wake her.  I was woken up at 1:00 in the morning when I heard Callie scream my name, I looked at her and she was shaking and sweating, she was even crying. I try waking her up, but she wouldn't budge. I call the rest of the boys and asked them to help me wake her up. Nothing they did worked either. She keeps tossing and turning on the bed, crying more and more. I then squeeze her nose, like what Niall did once to wake me up.

*End Of Flashback*

Louis' POV

Callie finally woke up, she saw me and hugged me like if she hadn't seen me in ten years. I sat on the bed and she cuddled into my arms, she was trembling like she was scared. "What happened Cal?" I ask.

"I s-saw h-him, in my dream. H-he k-killed you guys, h-he said he c-couldn't wait a week. I s-saw him sh-shoot you." She says crying. 

"What's she talkin' 'bout?" Harry asked.

I explain to them the whole Chad story, and now they kind of caught on. "Lou, I think I got my memory back fully, I can remember everything up to the accident." Callie says.

"That's great! Come on try to go back to sleep, we still have to go to the hospital tomorrow." I say to her.

She wouldn't let go, she kept on hugging me, I guess she's really scared now. I signal for the boys to leave and everyone went back to their rooms. "Okay, c'mon. I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere. Just go back to sleep." I say, she lays back on the bed and we cuddle together. I kiss her forehead, and hold her close to me. After a while we both fall asleep.


The next morning I wake up, Callie was awake and just staring in space. "What you thinkin' bout Cal?" I asked her.

"Huh? Oh nothing," She replies. "I'm gonna go take a shower, Liam said we should be done by 9 and ready to go."

"Okay, you can use the bathroom first.

When everyone was dressed and ready to go, our guard drove us to the hospital. When we were there the nurses checked Zayn's arm and Niall's leg, then we told her about Callie remembering. She said Callie will need to take another injection, for something. I can't quite understand what she says. "Do you want him to come with you?" The nurse asks Callie, which the 'him' was referring to me.

"Yes." She says. The others go to the waiting room to wait, while me and Callie go to the nurse's room. The nurse puts Callie to sit next to the computer table and I sit next to her. "Okay, so tell me everything she remembers Mr. Tomlinson." The nurse said.

"She said she remembers everything up to the car accident." I reply.

"Did she ever get sick during the time she was home? Maybe a little fever?" She asks.

"Yes, once." I reply.

"Okay, so Callie, you're going to get one last shot to clear up any left over germs that might be in your blood. but first we need a blood test." The nurse says.

"Oh okay," Callie replied.

"Okay, come with me." The nurse says directing us to us to the lab where the blood test was to be done. When we get there I see a woman sitting in a chair by the computer typing something, "Is this Callie Styles?" She asks looking up at us.

"Yes, she's here for the blood test now." The other nurse says, then she leaves.

"Okay, sit there hun." The nurse who was doing the blood test says. Callie goes and sits by the chair where the nurse had told her to sit, "And who are you?" She said facing me.

"He's my friend, can he stay, please?" Callie replies.

"Well sure," The nurse says getting up to go over to Callie. I went and stood next her while the nurse got out the needle, I hate needles, and by Callie's expression I can tell she does too.

"Okay, relax your arm." The nurse says. I hold Callie's other hand and she looks away from the needle, I try telling jokes to get her mind off of the shot. And it seemed like she didn't feel a thing when the nurse was giving her the injection. "Okay, so you're done. You can go into the waiting room and wait until your nurse comes to you." The nurse says.

"Okay," Callie says and we leave. When we go to the waiting room I see the rest of the boys, we go sit beside them. 

"So are we done here?" Niall asks. "I wanna go home and eat." 

"No, she has to be checked by another nurse before we go." I say.

"Come on!" He replies. 

The nurse came, "Callie Styles?" She asks, did you seriously had to say her last name that loud? Thankfully the parents kept their children under control of running crazy saying, "Oh My God It's One Direction!"

"That's me," Callie says.

"Are all of you together?" The nurse asks.

"Yes." I say right away.

"Okay, well please follow me." She says. Then we all followed her to her office, "Okay, let's see what we have here. I have a few questions." She says.

"Okay asks." Callie says.

"Your friends will answer that Callie." The nurse says.

"Oh, okay." She says.

"So you said she has her memory back? Is that right?" The nurse asks.

"That's right." I reply.

"Has she made up any stories, like something that terrifies her. Maybe saying she has a stalker?" 

"Um... Not really." I say, not sure if that's a lie though. 'Cause the messages seem to make it true.

"Any sickness, maybe fever? Or has she had head aches lately?"

"Yes, once she had a slight fever and last night her head was hurting really badly."

"Did her head ever start bleeding?"


"Okay thank you, you are done now. She will need to take these pills after her second meal everyday. It will make her kind of drunk, and she might not be able to think straight. And she must not be left alone at any time. She must not go on any planes, so if you're deciding on going anywhere for a tour maybe, since you guys are on tour. It will have to be cancelled, unless you have someone to stay with her." The nurse explains.

"Tour is finished." Harry says.

"Well that's great, you may leave now." She says.

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