Book 1: Scarred

In this story Callie Styles, sister of Harry Styles falls for his band member Louis. There's a lot of drama from her jealous ex, and a whole lot of commotion happens. Read to find out more... I don't know how to make interesting intros. Please just give my book a chance.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


19. Chapter 19

Callie's POV

I know I shouldn't have done it, now look what happened. They think I remember, but I can't tell them now, it'll just make them sad. And I could tell they're hiding their emotions when their around me. The only think I really remember is my dad walking out on us, Harry and I. I'm not even sure if Louis' telling the truth about us, but that kiss felt like I felt it before. I felt sparks fly, there were fireworks when we kissed, and it was like were in our own world, just the two of us. He really is my boyfriend, his wallpaper proves it and the feelings I have for him. Come on stupid brain! Remember something! I'm stressing too much, oh god now my head hurts. I fold my foot on Louis' bed and hold my head, "Are you okay Cal?" Louis asks. 

"My head hurts really bad, it's pounding!" I say. He stops whatever he was doing and comes over to me, he hold my shoulders and braces me back on the bed, "You need to lay back and rest for a while. I'll get you a wet rag to put on your forehead." He says.

"Wait!" I say grabbing the tip of his finger before he leaves. "Stay with me, I don't wanna be alone." I say.

"But I have--"

I interrupt him "Call one of the boys to get it, you stay."

"Okay, I'll text Zayn to get it." He says.

Louis' POV

"Wait!" She says grabbing the tip of my finger before I leave. "Stay with me, I don't wanna be alone." She says.

"But I have--"

"Call one of the boys to get it, you stay." She interrupts

"Okay, I'll text Zayn to get it." I say

When she said stay with her, I saw fear in her eyes. Is she afraid of something. Eh, it's probably nothing, I'm probably just seeing things. When Zayn comes up with the rag I put it on her forehead, "Is this making it go away?" I ask.

"A little, Louis I have to tell you something." She says.

"What is it Callie?" I ask her.

"I don't really remember you guys, the only true thing I remember is my dad walking out on me.  When I said I knew your name was Boo Bear, I saw it on a one direction video diary. And that's also how I can describe you guys too. You guys seemed really upset, but I didn't want you guys to always look depressed. Yeah I don't know you, but I don't like seeing people sad." She explains.

"Oh," I say trying to hold back the tears. "So how did you remember our first kiss?"

"I saw it on your phone, your wallpaper, it said My magical moment, (first kiss)and I saw a picture of us kissing." She says.

"Oh..." Is all I can say.

"Can I trust you with something else I remember, you can't tell the rest of the boys." She says.

"You can trust me with anything, I was the one who you tell all your secrets to." I say.

"I remember that we're dating, I remember that Christmas when mum figured out. When I started going out with you, I had to break up with my other boyfriend 'cause I really liked you. But what I didn't know about him until the day I broke up with him, that he was in jail more than five times. He acted as a perfect boy to me, and I fell for the trick. Then he sent me a message after he figured out we were dating. He's like the jealous type, he said he would do anything to get me back. Even if he had to... kill you..." She says starting to cry. 

"And why would you only tell me this now?" I ask.

"I didn't want you to worry, and maybe the car accident--" She says but stops.

"Please tell me." I beg.

"When we were in the car coming home today, I got a message from him saying that I have a week to break up with you or he'll start making your life miserable, by going after the ones closest to you." She says.

I lay beside her and stare at the ceiling, "I don't really think he can do that."

"But still... just check the messages on my phone. His number is unknown." She says.

I go get her phone from the table, I open it, "What's your password?"

"12,24,91" She says.

"Your password is my birthday?" I ask.

"That's your birthday? I guess you were that special to me then." She says smiling.

I check the messages from 'unknown number'

unknown- You love your new boyfriend more than me don't you?

Cal Cal Styles- Who is this?

unknown- You probably won't even remember me, my name's Chad Smith.

Cal Cal Styles- Chad? Who's that, if I know you I probably don't remember you because I have amnesia. That's what my nurse said

unknown- Yeah, I was hoping on making Louis die in that accident.

Cal Cal Styles- OMG, I remember you. Leave Louis alone! He didn't do anything to you!

unknown- Stupid idiot, aren't you? I already started. You have a week left before I start torturing him and his family, I'll save you for last Princess Calesia.

Cal Cal Styles- Don't call me that any more. And stay away from him!

unknown- Don't worry my love, I won't hurt you... yet... I'll save you for last. If I can't get you no one can!

Cal Cal Styles- Stay out of my life! 

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