Book 1: Scarred

In this story Callie Styles, sister of Harry Styles falls for his band member Louis. There's a lot of drama from her jealous ex, and a whole lot of commotion happens. Read to find out more... I don't know how to make interesting intros. Please just give my book a chance.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


12. Chapter 12

It's about 10:00 pm. now, normally we would open gifts at 8, but mum said Harry and I have already gotten every single gift she can ever think of. Which is pretty true, my mum had allowed the girls to sleep over so everyone was here, in my room, like it's a hang-out. Zayn and Katy were of course cuddled together on the bed, Zayn looking through his phone, while Katy was asleep wrapped in his arms. Niall was stuffing his face with cookies, Michele was doing something on my iPad. Louis and I were on my bed, he was already fast asleep, I know that 'cause I can hear him snoring. I was laying on his chest scrolling through twitter, literally just scrolling through it. Bella was staring at Niall, probably saying 'Slow down, the cookies aren't going anywhere.' Liam was with Michele, doing whatever the hell they were doing. They were probably reading something, the two nerds. Harry was fast asleep next to Carson, Bailey was at the end of my bed also asleep. So only Michele, Bella, Liam, Zayn and I were awake.

I was still scrolling through twitter when Carson sent me a message,

Carson- I have 2 tell u something, I 4got 2 earlier.

Me- R u playing asleep?

Carson- U think im asleep?

Me- Look behind u. She turned around and saw Harry sleeping very close to her, her eyes widened when she saw him.

Carson- Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so cute when he sleeps <3

Me- :) You're love shot!

Carson- What the hell does that mean!?

Me- It just means you're in love dummy! Yeah, so what did u wanna tell me?

Carson- Oh yeah! Bailey likes some guy in our school, but sadly she won't tell me who :( But who cares, now Harry's mine! All mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! xD

Me- Wow, does he even like u the same way u do? -_-

Carson- Had 2 ruin the moment, huh? Well anyway, you will figure out if he does or not.

Me- Me? Why me?

Carson- Cuz you're his sister, duh!

Me- Ugh! Fine!


I wake up, but Louis and Katy are still asleep. Everyone else is awake and dressed and stuff, I check the time on my phone '11:30' I hear my mum shout for me from downstairs, I slowly move Louis' hand from around me, trying not to wake him. Then I go downstairs to see what mum wanted, "What'd you want?" I ask her.

"I have to baby sit Emily today, so I'm putting you in charge. If you're hungry just make the pizza that's in the fridge, okay?" She says.

"Um.. why can't cousin Emma just come over here?" I ask her.

"This is exactly what she said, 'I don't want to go over there! Harry's a big meany!'" She says with a squeaky voice, which is pretty much how Emma sounds.

"I wonder what he did this time..." I say giggling.

"Me too, well I have to head out now. By sweetheart." She kisses me on my forehead then leaves.

I go back upstairs to my room, Katy was was now awake, but Louis still asleep. I went to wake him up, "Louis, wake up." I say softly, he doesn't wake up, I start tugging him to wake, still nothing. He just moans and turns away from me, I poke his cheek to see if that would work. But it didn't instead he just whacks my hand away, really hard. "Ow!" I exclaim, it hurts like hell! How is he even asleep. 

"You okay Cal?" Harry asks.

"Not really!" I say holding my hand, which is now slightly pink.

"I'll wake him up," Niall offers.

"Never try to wake up Louis, you'll just end up failing at the end." Zayn says laughing.

I turned to Niall who was still attempting to wake up Louis, he looks very annoyed right now. He pinches Louis' nose, and after a few seconds Louis wakes up. "Finally!!!" Niall exclaims.

"Why you so happy?" Louis says.

"Do you know, how hard it is, to wake you up?" Niall says angrily.

"Were you even asleep? You whacked Callie's hand and it turned to pink! It's not possible to have that amount of strength when you're asleep." Harry says.

Louis looks over at me and sees me holding my hand, "Sorry Callie," he says getting up and giving me a hug. 

"It's okay Lou," I say backing out from the hug and giving him a kiss on his cheek.

I explain to them what mum had said, then we all go in the living room and just hang out there for a while. "Callie...? Niall says.

"Yeah Niall?" I reply.

"Can we talk?" He asks.

"Yeah, sure." I say.

"Can we talk in your room?" He says.

"Um.. sure, okay..." I say getting up.

When we reach in the room Niall closes the door and I asked him what he had wanted to talk about.

"Well um..." Is all he said.

"C'mon Niall, what is it?" I say.

He comes beside me and whispers, "Do you think Bella likes me?"

"What! You like her!?!?!?!?!?!" I practically scream.

"Sh-h!" He says. Ignoring that I scream for Bella to come upstairs. Niall shuts me off by coming up behind me and putting one of his hands around my neck and the other covering my mouth. But Bella heard me anyway, she came in to the room quickly and sees Niall and I. I try to get loose from Niall's grip, but I can't, darn my weak girly hands! "Don't say anything." Niall complains. I bit his hand so he would let go, "Well the answer to the question you asked me is a yes." I say to him.

"You bit me!" He whimpers.

"Oh man up!" I say mocking him.

"What are you guys talking about?" Bella asks confused.

"Niall likes you!" I say moving away from Niall.

"He does!?" Bella asked surprised. "You do!?" She ask Niall.

"Since you both like each other, why don't you just go out?" I suggest "Yes or no?"

Niall looked over at blushing Bella, doesn't look like he's going to answer. I just left them alone, I'll check the cameras later to see what they did. Yes I'm sneaky, don't judge me! I hope downstairs and back into the living room. "So what did Niall want?" Liam asks

"He wanted to know if Bella liked him." I say casually.

"Niall like Bella?" Michele asks surprised.

"Seem like it." I say. "Oh and guess what happened!" 

"What?" Katy asked.

"I but Niall's hand." I say laughing.

"Um...What were you two doing up there?" Harry asks confused.

"When I screamed for Bella, he covered my mouth, so I bit him. So he can let go to let me tell her." I reply.

"So you bit him?" Louis asks raising one of his eyebrows. How does he do that?

"What else was I supposed to do?" I asks.

"I don't know," He says laughing.

"What did he do?" Zayn asks me.

"Nothing really," I reply.

"Yeah, but if it was one of us, he would punch us." He says sarcastically.

I go sit down beside Louis, after a while Niall and Bella come back in the room and re joins us. "So what happened love birds?" Zayn teases.

"Shut up!" Niall pits back at him.

"Aw, she turned you down?" Zayn asks still laughing.

"Hell no! I would never!" Bella says hugging Niall.

Okay, all that's left is to put Liam and Michele together and Carson and Harry together, hopefully. At least Bailey and Carson don't fight over him any more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Next Chapter: One Direction Goes World Wide!

Yes, they get even more fame!

Enjoy, Chapter 13 shall be delayed for a while.

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