Book 1: Scarred

In this story Callie Styles, sister of Harry Styles falls for his band member Louis. There's a lot of drama from her jealous ex, and a whole lot of commotion happens. Read to find out more... I don't know how to make interesting intros. Please just give my book a chance.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


11. Chapter 11


Hello you obsessive freak shows! Lol, just kidding. Sorry I haven't been updating in a while, caught up in too much homework and also my brother was hogging the computer!

Well anywhooo...

This is a continuation of chapter 10, which I told you not to read unless I made chapter 11. But if you did, that's fine. But I insist you read it over, for a remider, 'cause imma just write with no reminders, too bad :p

I am 15 viewers from 300 readers! Thank-you guys sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mwah! Love ya! {I know 300 ain't really a lot, but I never got so much on a book ever!}

So, hope you keep on loving this book!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When we go up to my room, the girls sit on my bed while the boys sit on the extra bed, yes I have an extra bed in my room. I have it because when the girls sleep over, we would share beds, so 3 on each bed. It's kinda hard to sleep with Katy on the bed, 'cause she kicks in her sleep, very hard. We decided on playing boy vs. girls, a game I made up. The girls will ask the boys a question, if they get it wrong they will be disqualified, and vice versa. If the last person left is a girl, girls win. If the last person left is a boy, boys win. You will have 3 categories to choose from School, Celebrity or Guess (When you ask the question, the person has to have 3 choices to pick for the answer).

"But it's not fair if there's six girls and five boys." Liam points out.

"Well, um..." I reply.

"I don't really wanna play, I think I'll read a book. Where's your tablet?" Michele says.

"Left side of my bed head," I say pointing at it.

"Kay, hope girls crush the boys!" She says.

"Don't worry, they won't." Zayn says.

As she reads we start, "So who goes first boys or girls?" I ask. Then Niall says boys at the same time Bella says girls. She giggles then I kinda notice Niall's cheeks go pink-ish, I never thought boys blushed.

"Let's do rock, paper, scissors to solve this." Carson says.

"Callie versus Louis!" Katy bursts out.

I gave her a funny death stare, then me and Louis start. First we both picked rock, then we went again, this time he picked paper and I picked scissors. "Girls first!" I smile.

Then the girls and I huddle together to think of a question. When we got it, we turned to face them, "Okay, so the category is Celebs!" Bailey says.

"Who do you choose to answer the question?" I ask her, even though I know she would say Harry.

"Hm... Harry." She says.

"Okay, ask." Harry says to her.

"Which actress has an I.Q. of 150?" She asks.

"Sharon Stone," He replies.

"That seemed a bit too easy," Bella says.

"Well Harry was the one who told me anyway, I thought he would have forgotten by now, since he forgets everything." I say.

"Wow, I should'a asked someone else." Bailey says crossing her arms.

"Okay, your turn guys." I say laughing and pointing at them.

"Okay, our category is also celebs, I'll ask Callie." Niall says pointing at me.

"Go," I reply.

"Which famous Canadian is a good friend of Usher's?" He ask.

"Justin Bieber," I answer without even thinking.

"Never ask her things about Justin Bieber, she knows almost everything about him." Carson says.

"Really? Cool!" Niall says with a huge baby smile on his face. I smile back at him, "This is kind'a hard, I can't think of any questions." Katy says.

"Well let's lay hide and seek!" Louis exclaims.

We all stare at him, "I guess that's a no then?" He says, we all laugh. "I am so bored! You need more books on here Callie!" Michele says dropping back on the bed.

"Well after you read all that I have," I say to her.

"Can we watch a Christmas movie?" Zayn asks.

"Yeah, let's watch Home Alone! I have a DVD with all of them in one." I say.

Then we all head down to the movie room, everyone takes a seat. I sit next to Louis, Carson, Bailey and Katy sit with Zayn and Bella, Liam, Niall and Michele sit together. Harry puts on the movie and we all watch, about an hour through the movie I fall asleep on Louis' shoulder, I feel him hug me and then I doze off.

Katy's POV

Everyone but Zayn and I had fallen asleep, we were only like half way through part 2 of Home Alone. Zayn was sitting right next to me, I was a bit scared 'cause no-one but us were awake. What do I do?

"Uh.. you okay?" I hear Zayn ask me.

I smile, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You have a cute smile." he says.

I blush, "Thanks,"

"Wanna continue watching the movie?" He asks.

I'd rather watch you, "Not really, I've seen this a million times with Callie." I say giggling.

"So what do you wanna do then?" He asks.

I would love to keep talking with you, "There's not really much to do, so let's just continue watching." I say.

"You have the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen," Zayn says dreamy. We continue to stare into each other's eyes, then Zayn leans in towards me. Then we kissed, I felt fireworks and the butterflies went crazy in my stomach. When we back out of the kiss, I see Bella staring at both Zayn and I. "CALLIE! CALLIE!" She runs over to Callie to wake her up. When she wakes up, Louis' still soundly asleep, "What?" She says in a sleepy voice. "ZAYN AND KATY KISSED!!! A REAL ONE, TOO!!!" She said loudly enough to wake everyone up. 

Callie's POV

Hearing that made me half awake, "I'm sorry, what'd you just say?" I asked Bella surprised.


The rest of the girls all sounded surprised saying "What!?" 

"Jeez Bel, you're almost as loud as Niall." I say.

"What's that s'posed to mean?" Niall says.

"Nothing!" I reply.

"Aw, Zayney got a girlfriend." Liam teases. 

"Yeah, I've figured it out now." Zayn says sarcastically.

Then Zayn cuddles with Katy on the chair, "What time is it?" Louis says still half asleep.

I check the time, "Almost 7." I say to him. He lays his head back on the chair and I lay my head on his chest and he hugs me. "I'm hungry!" Niall exclaims.

"Is there ever a time when you're not?" Harry chuckles, while Niall gives him a death stare that was kinda saying Don't mess with my food man "Well mum probably has Christmas cookies in the fridge," Harry says to him. So then we all got up, got the cookies and we head back up to my room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I was gonna make it longer, but i have to go to bed, it's like 2 in the morning right now, and i am so tired! So goodnight. Chapter 12 will also be a continuation of Christmas, sorry it's broken up so much.


JoJo ~xoxo~



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