Life was great, until it happened. Now, it's spiraling out of control. What will become of former-bully, Mackenzie, now that "killer" isn't a nickname for her tennis skills? The guilt is the only reason she's still alive. Her abusive family, ostircized at school, it's only a matter of time before the guilt isn't enough.


3. Welcome to my nightmare

RIIIING! The warning bell screeches. I sigh. I feel so empty, just a shell doing the routine also known as life. I trudge towards Ms. Conier's class. I hate Geography. So pointless. I 'm almost there when Nina and her heartless Leaches come around the opposite corner. My heart freezes as a cruel smile forms on her glossed lips. I feel like a squirrel, just standing there frozen as the car comes closer. Nina, is perfect. Her parents are perfect, her body is perfect, her clothes are perfect, and her boyfriend is also perfect. She makes me sick. Her life, handed to her on a platter while she picks out the yucky bits. What makes me sicker is we used to be friends.

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Mackenzie Keller. Last year, I had it all. I was an amazing tennis player! My nickname was 'killer' because of my tennis skills, now, it's a cruel joke. I was popular, Nina and me ruled the school with our little posse. I could have picked anyone, I chose Mia.

"Well, well, well! Look girls, it's killer!"  Nina sneered in my face. I looked right at her,
"Excuse me, Nina." I tried, frantic for an escape. 
"Excuse me, Nina!" A Leach, I think named Courtney, mocked. I suppressed an eye-roll, how mature. Nina gave a small smile,
"killed anyone lately?" All the blood drained from my face. Too far! My brain screamed. Her smile widened as if she were sensing my inner turmoil. I quickly went around them and slinked into Geography, hearing their laughs behind me. A big, fat tear rolled down my face. First day of school and I'm already crying. Welcome to my life. 

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