Life was great, until it happened. Now, it's spiraling out of control. What will become of former-bully, Mackenzie, now that "killer" isn't a nickname for her tennis skills? The guilt is the only reason she's still alive. Her abusive family, ostircized at school, it's only a matter of time before the guilt isn't enough.


6. Eva

As I lie on my bed, listening to my iPod... just kidding!  As I lie on my bed, aimlessly staring at the ceiling, I think about death. People think of death as I thing that comes when your ready, when you've accomplished something and your old, weary body is ready to rest for all eternity. For me, it's an escape. Escape from routine, from hurt. It's the easy way out, but sometimes there is no other way. 


I twirl the locker to the correct numbers and open my undersized locker. I hang my back-pack up and check my schedule. "Day two, day two, day two." I repeat under my breath scanning the first three periods. Science, math and language await. I grab my binders and scurry to class. I'm very early, but Mr. Earlenmye's already there, and so is that girl from the bus! As I walk into the room, Mr. Earlenmye chuckles and says "looks like I'll know who my early-risers are!" The girl smiles and laughs a little but I remain somber. I look at the seating plan and I nearly stop breathing. Nina's in this class!!!! I look at where I sit, at least I sit nowhere near her. I put my binders on my desk and go back to where the girl is, in the lab area. Mr. Earlenmye smiles,

"hello Mackenzie. How are you today?" Wretched, just horrible. 

"I'm fine." The girl happily bounces over. 

"Hello! My name's Eva, I just moved here." She says, a huge smile plastered on her face. 

"Um- hi. I'm Mackenzie." I reply awkwardly. 

"Say girls, would you like to be lab partners?" He asks, looking over his clipboard at us. 

"That's fine with me!" she says cheerfully. They both stare intently at me. My mind races, Someone this perky for my lab partner!? It'd be mean to say no. It would hurt her feeling, I won't do that Mia! 

"That would be great." I say as my decision. She beams at me.  





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