Life was great, until it happened. Now, it's spiraling out of control. What will become of former-bully, Mackenzie, now that "killer" isn't a nickname for her tennis skills? The guilt is the only reason she's still alive. Her abusive family, ostircized at school, it's only a matter of time before the guilt isn't enough.


2. Almost

I stand there; deciding. Rope or knife? Knife. I raise the cool blade to my throat. I look into the mirror and see a desperate girl wanting to end this nightmare called life. Is that me? How had it come to this?
I swallow, I press the knife into my throat. It burns, tears run down my face as a red slit appears and a drop of blood trails slowly down my neck. I raise it again, no. This isn't fair to her. I deserve to live with this. She was better than this! I slam the knife down on my drawers and collapse on my bed, sobs wracking my body.

That was the time I almost ended it. But every time that one thought stops me; she was better than this. Mia, I am so sorry Mia. Everything I do, I do for her. The reason I study until 10:30p.m. to get an A+ on the test, the reason I never say anything bad about anyone or don't swear. My teachers think I've really turned things around. Wrong again, my grades may be better but I haven't smiled, laughed or done something fun since it happened. That would be disrespectful to her, and I will NEVER disrespect her again.


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