Life was great, until it happened. Now, it's spiraling out of control. What will become of former-bully, Mackenzie, now that "killer" isn't a nickname for her tennis skills? The guilt is the only reason she's still alive. Her abusive family, ostircized at school, it's only a matter of time before the guilt isn't enough.


4. A Little Change

I won't explain my entire day because it was exceedingly boring. Now it's time to take the bus home. The doors open and we file in like good little sheep. I go to take my usual seat, but some nit-wad's already there! It makes me mad that now I'm going to have to change seats. Before I probably would've made her move, I'm not that person anymore so I take a deep breath and sit down two spaces up. Ella is carved below the window. I look out the window, tree, tree, house, tree, tree, tree, house, tree, house, BORING! Ugh, why am I getting mad so easily!?! I look back at the girl in my seat, her head was resting on the window and she looked happy. What's she so happy about? I don't recognize her, maybe she's new! No, probably didn't notice her, like everything else. As if sensing my stare, she looks up at me. Embarrassed, I look away quickly. My stop, I pick up my backpack and walk out the door. As the bus drives away, I just stand there. I look at my house, such a drab colour, yet so menacing. Well, it's not the house. It's what's in the house, and that would be my family. My mom's a sadist, my dad's always drunk, and my siblings are just mean. Me, I'm the punching bag for the whole family. Still, Mia never deserved how I treated her. I take a breath and walk towards the looming door. 

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