Broken Dreams

Nikki Ora has always dreamed of becoming a singer, she has great talent. She can play almost any instrument you give to her. You know in high school you always meet a bully, or someone who thinks they rule the school? Well Nikki finds this person, his name is Zayn Malik. Zayn and his best friends, Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam are the most popular people in the school. They were almost as talented as Nikki. One day a music producer comes to their school to find a brand new model to go into the fame business. Nikki's dreams are crushed because she brought second place to, none other than Zayn Malik and his gang of friends.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


6. Chapter 6

"Alright guys, when you're finished with breakfast go get dressed. We need to go pick up Emma." Mum says as she washes a few dishes. 

I don't really eat much, that's why I'm so skinny. I finish up quickly and set my plate in the sink, I wash it for my mother's sake, she looks like she has way too much on her mind right now. Zayn finishes too and puts his plate in the sink, and then leaves. I roll my eyes, then wash his plate. After I finish, I dry my hand on a towel and head upstairs to my room. I decide to wear my dark blue skinny jeans, with a blue shirt that says 'Meow, I am cat!' and it has an added picture of a cat. It reminds me of Emma, she loves cats. I go over to Justin's bedroom and use his bathroom to get ready, since Zayn isn't gonna come out for another hour. 

I have some hair accessories and stuff I need in his bathroom, he lets me keep them in one of his spare draws under the sink. I normally use his bathroom when Bella sleeps over, cause she takes really long in the bathroom doing her hair, or putting on make-up. 

I quickly get ready for the day, when I'm done I go out and sit on the couch and wait for my mum and Zayn. My mum normally takes a long time in the bathroom too. She's just like a teenager, but it's annoying when people ask if we're sisters. 


"Nikki!" Emma screams running up to me. She literally jumps into my arms, making me stumble back a little.

"Woah there! Calm down, Em." I say holding her properly. 

I look over to my mum, she was packing some bags into the trunk. Emma never needed that much stuff, "Mum?" I call.

"Yes darling?" She replies.

"Why are you packing so much clothes?" 

She sighs, "I'll explain when we get home, just get her set in the car."

I prop Emma up, so she's more comfortable in my grasp. I walk back to the car, and open the back seat. I set her down in her little car seat, which we always have in the car for when we pick her up. I get her buckled in, then I wait for my mum. Right now she's talking with my Auntie. "Nikki," I hear Emma whisper. I look down to her, and see her big brown eyes staring back at me. "Yes, Em?" I ask.

"Who's that?" She whispers pointed to the right. Which is where Zayn is sitting.

"That's Zayn, say hi." I whisper back.

"Hi!" She says waving at him.

He smiles at her and waves back, "Hi,"

"I'm Emmalynn, what's your name?" She asks. She's only 3, but she as great manners.

"I'm Zayn, nice to meet you Emmalynn."

"You can call me Emma, or Em. That's what my cousin Nikki calls me." She says grinning cheekily.

"Okay, Em." 

"Do you have a nickname?" .

"No, everyone just calls me by my name; Zayn." 

"Well you need a nickname Mr. Hm.." She says, stroking a fake beard. "Can you help me, Nikki?"

"Um.. I don't think I'm as talented as you are in making nicknames, so I'll leave this up to you." I say to her.

"How about.. Zaynie!?" She says bouncing up and down in her seat.

"That's cute," He smiles at her.

Mum then comes back into the car, and I got into the backseat next to Zayn. My mum then sped off down the street, and she still didn't answer my question.

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