Broken Dreams

Nikki Ora has always dreamed of becoming a singer, she has great talent. She can play almost any instrument you give to her. You know in high school you always meet a bully, or someone who thinks they rule the school? Well Nikki finds this person, his name is Zayn Malik. Zayn and his best friends, Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam are the most popular people in the school. They were almost as talented as Nikki. One day a music producer comes to their school to find a brand new model to go into the fame business. Nikki's dreams are crushed because she brought second place to, none other than Zayn Malik and his gang of friends.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


5. Chapter 5

I sat on my bed as Zayn sat on his, it was way too close to mine. I was thinking of pushing it away earlier, but it's a king sized bed, good luck with that. We didn't talk for the while, while we were up here. He was on his phone, while I was writing down some lyrics for a new song. I wanted to try making a beat for it, so I got up and got my guitar to try it. 

I started strumming it a little, then I added the lyrics;

I just can't sleep tonight, 
knowing that things ain't right, 
it's in the papers, it's on the TV, it's everywhere that I go, 
children are crying, 
soldiers are dying, 
some people don't have a home...

(Song: Pray by Justin Bieber)

That's all I have so far, I've decided on a few lines for the chorus, but I'll try that tomorrow. Zayn has headphones on, so luckily he didn't hear me. 


The next day I woke up at like 7 and went down for breakfast, "Mornin' mum," I said to her as I took a seat at the table.

"Zayn really needs to know where he is," She mutters to herself.

"Is everything okay mum?" I ask.

"I checked the cameras, and how can you sleep through all of that sound?" 

"I don't know, I was really tired last night, I guess.."

"Can you go upstairs and wake up Zayn for breakfast, please." 

"Sure, mum. I'll be right back." I say getting up.

I'm gonna flip if I have to keep acting nice around him. I walked up to the room to find Zayn fast asleep. I went over to him and shook him to wake up, he just groaned and pulled the covers over his face. "Come on, you have to come eat. All the food will be done if you don't come now." I say shaking him again.

"Go away," He groaned.

I sighed and went back downstairs, "He doesn't wanna eat," I say to mum who was setting up the table.

"Well we have to go pick up Emma, and I refuse to leave anyone alone in this house! I don't care the age! Just go try again, please." She replies.

"Okay," I shrugged. I went back upstairs to try again, when i went into the room he was still fast asleep. 

"Zayn, we have to go out. Come on, get up!" I say shaking him again. He just groans and says go away again. I rolled my eyes and then yanked the sheets off of him, but that only resulted in me being punched in the face. I immediately fell back, "Ow!" I complained holding my cheek.

"What do you want?" He asks very groggily.

"We have to go somewhere," I say getting back up. I won't be surprised if he broke my jaw, I went into the bathroom in my room and looked in the mirror. My cheeks were very pink, I took some of my make-up and rubbed it on. It slowly faded away, I then went back out to find Zayn asleep on the bed. Ugh! I am not trying again, I went back downstairs.

"No luck?" Mum asked me.

"Nope," i reply sitting at the table.

"Are you wearing make-up?" She asks rubbing my cheeks. "What happened there!?"

"Well let's just say Zayn isn't a morning person," I reply taking a bite of my pancakes.

"Why don't you just throw a bucket of cold water on him or something." She suggests.

"It doesn't necessarily need to be cold water, just throw a bucket of ice on him." I say.

She then goes upstairs, and comes down a while after with Zayn. How'd she do that? "You can take a seat besides Nikki, and eat." She says to him.

He takes a seat beside me and starts eating.

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