Broken Dreams

Nikki Ora has always dreamed of becoming a singer, she has great talent. She can play almost any instrument you give to her. You know in high school you always meet a bully, or someone who thinks they rule the school? Well Nikki finds this person, his name is Zayn Malik. Zayn and his best friends, Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam are the most popular people in the school. They were almost as talented as Nikki. One day a music producer comes to their school to find a brand new model to go into the fame business. Nikki's dreams are crushed because she brought second place to, none other than Zayn Malik and his gang of friends.

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


2. Chapter 2

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Joanna <3


Well apparently I have to start my 'tutor' lessons today, Ms. Brown already spoke with my mum. My mum texted me and told me focus on work, and don't play too much. She thinks I'm gonna try to flirt with Zayn or something. She doesn't know about the bullying, but yet again she doesn't need to know, or she will make us move, I don't want to move away from Bella. Zayn lived a few houses down the street from where I live, but I didn't want to go there right after school, so I went home and got changed first. I put on a floral pink and white dress, that reaches write above my knees, with my white flats. I'm a girly girl, and I tend to like myself this way! I comb my hair back and let it fall behind my shoulders. I grab a small bag and pack the supplies I might need, pens, pencils, erasers, math notebook, food, and all of that. I go downstairs with my bag slung over my arm, "Remember, focus on your work!" Justin reminds me before I go out the door. 

"Oh God! Not you too! Don't turn into mum and dad, please." I say to him giggling.

"Don't worry, that won't happen, I know you'll hate it over there. Just try not to kill him." He says smirking.

"I'll try my best!" I reassure him, while giving him a thumbs up.

Justin is the only one who knows about Zayn, because I came home crying once because of something he did. Justin is the only one at home after school, Nicholas is always at mum's work place, while dad was on a business trip this week, he left yesterday morning. As I approach Zayn's house I take a deep breath, then knock on the door. I wait for a little while then the door finally opens, Harry had opened it. He saw me and rolled his eyes, "Zayn! That girl is here!" He screams walking back. 

"Nice to see you too," I mumble under my breath.

I follow Harry into the huge living room, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry were the only ones there. He had a huge house, looked about 3 floors. Zayn, including the rest of his 'crew' was here. "Can we hurry up and get this over with?" I say to Zayn who wasn't even paying attention to me, he had his face glued into the television.

"Okay, hold on a bit, please." He says. Why is he being nice to me? His parents are probably home, that's why.

"Zayn, I'm about to leave. I left some money on the table, you guys can order a pizza." A woman says. "And who might you be?" She asks referring to me.

"That's the girl I have to tutor," Zayn says.

"Oh okay, well you guys have fun. Bye." She says giving Zayn a kiss on his cheek then walking out the door. 'Aw, a little mama'a boy, now are we?' I think to myself.

"Okay, you just sit down somewhere. And wait!" He commands.

I roll my eyes and sit on the seat next to the couch where Harry and Liam were sitting. Niall then comes out from the kitchen with a pack of chips, "You're in my seat," He says bluntly to me.

"Can't you just sit there?" I ask pointing to the spot between Harry and Louis.

"No! Now get your ass outta my seat!" He commands.

Instead of arguing with him, I just got up and braced by the wall. "Zayn, I don't have all day you know. I have to be somewhere!" I complain.

"I don't care! Just wait, for God's sake!" He says rather loudly.

"You're getting annoyed by me!? It would help if you just get up and start! The faster you help me, the less I have to come here!" I reply just as loud.

"That's your problem, deal with it!"

"If I don't get my average up, Ms. Brown will keep on making me come here!" 


"I'll help her! Jeez, can you two stop screaming." Louis says.

"She was the one screaming, not me." Zayn defends.

"I know that, we'll go in your room." He says getting up.

"Just don't touch any of my stuff!" Zayn says.

"Yeah, I know. Let's go now!" Louis says pulling my hand and dragging me along. I walk hastily behind him and we go up to Zayn's bedroom. As we enter he closes the door then sits on the bed, I go sit beside him, I don't mind being with him, he's not as mean as the others. "Sorry," He apologizes.

"It's fine, don't worry about it." I reassure him.

He first starts to help me with the basic things, then he went into the advance. It got pretty easy, because he showed me tricks to remember some things. It was now about 6:45, I had 15 more minutes until I had to leave, but I decided to leave now. "Thanks Louis," I say as we walk out of Zayn's room. 

"No need to thank me, now try not to smile." He says.

When we got back downstairs the res of the boys were still sucked into the telly. "You can continue to help her when she comes over here Louis," Zayn says to Louis as he takes a seat.

"Whatever," He says. Without saying anything else, I opened the door and left, slamming it behind me.

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