Take Me Home

Camille and her best friend just moved to England with the makeup styling parents. They don't know that they will be working with the most famous boyband in the world. Read the book to find out who falls for who!! :)


2. Not exactly expected....

Julie P.0.V

I got of my car nervously. My hands were shaking so badly. I called Camille quickly. "Where are you Cammy?" I said trembling." I am driving into the parking lot now, chill out" she said assuring me. " I see you now" Cammy said quickly. She hung up. I ran to Camille. " Oh my gosh I am so scared Cammy!" I cried as I ran to Camille and hugged her tightly." Look Jules, you will be fine." "We have the same classes together babe." she said calmly trying to not grab attention. I walked carefully into the school and no one noticed my americaness vibe. I think once they here me talk they will be weirded out.

Cammy and I separated because we needed to get our stuff for school. I read the locker number the school gave me. "563..563...563" I whispered to myself. I found my locker and opened the lock. "Hi there!" she a cheerful voice. I turned around and a small brunette was waiting against my locker. "I'm Christina!" she said as she held her hand out for me to shake it. "Hi Christina, I'm Julie" I said with a smile shaking her hand. " Ohhhh, are you Ms. Wallace's daughter?" she said curiosly. "Yes, why do you ask?" I said confused. "My mum works with your mum." "Cool" I said trying not to sound awkward. "What classes do you have?" I said signaling to her schedule. "Ummm....Mrs. Callbright for first period." she said squinting. "Me too!" I said excited. Finally there is someone who is my freind at this school except Cammy I thought . I walked to Ms. Callbright's room with Christina and sat down at the first desk I saw. "Hey babe!" said a girls voice. I turned around and saw a blonde teenage girl sitting on a desk with a light brown haired girl. " Hey babes!" Christina said as she gave the blonde and brunette girl hugs. "Julie, Meghan" Meghan, Julie" said Christina. She gave me a huge grin and a friendly wave. I waved back trying to smile. " Julie, Ezri" Ezri, Julie" Christina said pointing her hands at us. " Hi, I'm Ezri" she said reaching out for me to shake. Just then, Cammy walks in shyly with her head down hoping nobody will notice her. " Hey Cammy" I say stopping in her way. "Hey" she says as she gives me a hug. "This is Christina,  Meghan, and Ezri." I said pointing to them individually. They all waved and she waved back smiling. " Christina's mom works with our mom and  she's going on tour with us!" I said excitingly. "Awesome!" she said relieved. "Oh and I am bringing Meghan and Ezri along with me." Christina added. "Management surprisingly said it was fine". "Do you know who the client is?" I asked Christina. "Nope, nobody does." she said sadly. "All I know is that they are a boyband" she said. "Imagine it's One Direction!" yelled Ezri. "Ezri, what are the chances?" Meghan said as the rung. We all took our seats.




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