Take Me Home

Camille and her best friend just moved to England with the makeup styling parents. They don't know that they will be working with the most famous boyband in the world. Read the book to find out who falls for who!! :)


1. First Day of School

Camille Denmar P.O.V
"Camille get ready for school!" yelled my mother. "Five more minutes!" I pleaded. "Come on,  I made French toast!"she whined. "Ugh! Fine then" I yawned. My mom and I just moved from America to England, and to be honest I was really homesick. All the resturants and lifestyle here was so much different then what I was used to. My dad passed away 3 years ago due to drunk driving. I am just your average 17 year old.

I got up and washed my face. I took put my toothbrush and started brushing. My phone vibrated violently against the stone counter. The caller I.D said Julie. "Hey Jules!" I exclaimed as I spat in the sink and wiped the excess paste on my mouth. " Hey Cammy,are you excited about today!?" she exclaimed. "Yeah, I guess so.." I giggled. "Watta you wearing?" she questioned impationatley. "Um.." I ran to my closet which was a huge mess. I rumbled through the mess and found blue skinny jeans and an American tee shirt. I took out the black combat boots in my suitcase."Blue skinnys, American tee,and combats" I said. "Sounds cute!" Julie squealed. " Kk girl I gotta go, I am getting getting ready too" she said. " Okay, I love you bunches!" I said as I made a kissing noise into the phone. " Love ya too girl" she yelled.

Julie Wallace P.O.V

I am Camille's best friend from America and I live my mother as well. My father died of lung cancer 5 years ago. I know Camille because , my mother and her mother work with each as makeup artists. My mother Tammy has worked with Camille's mom Melanie before Camille and I were born. Since then, we have best friends forever. To me Camille is my sister because I have no siblings to talk to. Since my my mom and Ms. Denmar have a makeup buisness, they transferred to England to meet with their first client. They have been told that their new client are famous and are a boyband and that's it. My mom has told me that I am only going to my new school for 5 weeks until they go on tour. Camille and I are going to be homeschooled while they are on tour and we are with them.

I grabbed my light pink blouse and white jeans, took my purse and headed downstairs. "Hey mom!" I said cheerfully. I took the bagel from the plate off the kitchen table and my mom handed me my orange juice. "Thank you mom!" I said as I kissed her on the cheek. " No problem sweetie, good luck!" she yelled as I walked to my car. I waved and blew a kiss to her. " Don't be nervous Julie you'll be fine" I said to myself. " You will be with Camille" I said as I backed up the car into the street.

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