The Elements

There are five of them: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit.
Kenna. Alios. Demetrius. Hydra. Enola.
And they are like no one you have ever met; they can manipulate the elements...
Earth loves Enola, Air dotes on her and Fire hates her, while Water needs her, as if she's the air she breathes. And I guess they all protected her too.They're kind of obsessive.
Enola Gray was the vision of pure inoccence, and when the boy with a soul of Ice noticed her...
Well, how could he resist?


2. The Unrequited Love

The Unrequited Love

He's doing it again.

The staring thing. I don't think he realises that she knows he's always watching her, but she does. That feeling of his dark emerald eyes burning into her head, watching her every move, isn't something you can forget. Especially when its been going on for the past ten years. His stare, the same colour as the nature he controls, stabbing into her side, was imprinted into her mind.

Just ignore him Enola. She sighs, and closes the book in her lap, and glances silently out of the window. Ignore him.

The ominous grey clouds cast shadows on the damp ground, and roll across the misty darkening sky.

"It looks like rain later."

There was a pause. Enola interlocked her thin, pale fingers on her bare pale legs and gazes down at the woods.

She would give the world to be down in those woods. She truly would. Enola would do anything just get to out of this house, and away from her keepers. She takes in a deep hopeless breath. Will they ever let me leave?

Demetrius clears his throat. "Didn't you hear me? I said it looks like it might rain."

"I heard you before."

He gives out a big hearty laugh. "There's no need to snap, Enola."

She ignored him.

And then the sky opened up and thick droplets of water showered down from the menacing black clouds. The thundering rain, splattered against the window, ruining her only view of possible freedom.

Demetrius lets out another laugh. "Well, it's a good thing you decided to stay in today, otherwise you would have been soaked!"

"It wasn't my decision." She stated in a quiet hollow voice, still watching the rain, wordlessly refusing to look at his handsome face. "You're the one that demanded I stay inside..."

"Enola, don't be like this."

"-just like you always do."

"You know why I did it."

Heatedly, Enola turned to face the infuriating boy standing behind her, pulling her floral skirt over her knees as she did and fixed him with her fiercest glare.

"You look like an angry kitten." Demetrius said fondly, with a cheeky grin on his face.

Enola scowled harder, if possible, as he slowly walked towards her from his perch at the door. In the silence, you could hear Alios shouting with Kenna over something stupid. She probably burnt the sofa again. She's always been the out of control one with her Element. Well...she does have the most unpredictable power. Fire.

At a warm touch on her hand, Enola jumped. Without her realising, Demetrius seemed to have walked from the opposite side of the library, to the window seat and grabbed onto her shaking hand in his rough warm ones. She shivered.

"You know it was for the best, my love. We can't risk losing you. I can't risk losing you."

Enola froze at his words and contact, both of which were filled with so much adoration and affection. She wanted to cringe away; he was her friend, not her lover. Instead she held herself together and pulled out a hesitant smile, from where, she did not know.

"But I would have been on the edge of the woods. You would have easily been able to do your watching from here. And anyway, who would attack us here in our tiny village. There is no danger. There is no need to worry."

It was his time to scowl as he pulled away from her, her words were like a hammer to the heart.

"No. Its still too dangerous. Do you know what kind of trouble you can find in the woods?"

She scoffed.

"If its so dangerous and terrifying, why can Kenna and Hydra go into the woods whenever they want? I always have to ask permission and even then you don't let me leave this house. Surely they should have to ask too."

"They can defend themselves Enola and you cannot."

"Well, I can fight then."

Demetrius tilted his head back and let out a sharp dry laugh.

"You...fight? Ha, with what?" he gripped her shoulders and pulled her up so that she was standing, he dark hair hanging in front of her crystal-like grey eyes.. her pale arms were held aloft in his tanned hands.

"How are you going to defend yourself with these sticks?" Enola's sight blurred at his harsh words.

"Demmy, listen..."

"No," he shook her angrily. "You are the only one of us without a defence. Hydra has her water, Alios has her air, Kenna has her fire, I have my earth and you-" another sarcastic laugh ripped from his throat. "You have your pathetic emotion control powers. What are you gonna do? Give your attacker a dose of happiness and then what- its over? Are you gonna give them a dream to believe in, so that they pull the knife away from your throat, and skip away happily? Well, I'm sorry Enola, but that is not happening."

Enola ripped her hands away from his tightening fists and took a step back so that she was nearly leaning against the window. She could feel the dampness of condensation sinking through her thin dress.

"How dare you! How can you even say that to me? I can control their minds, I make them change their thoughts and-"

"What if there's more than one person? Can you do that?"

"Demmy, don't be silly. Of course I can. I'm not that useless. And why would I get attacked in the first place? We've lived here since we were seven. It's been almost ten freaking years and nothing had happened! Why are you so protective?"

"Its always back to that question isn't it. You know why Enola! Its not safe for you. And you know we have to keep you safe. You're too important There are dangers out there, that you don't understand. Why are you being so stupid. I-"

"I have not set foot outside this house in ten years Demetrius!"

With her chest heaving with a ferocious anger which she was shocked she even possessed, she pressed her hands onto his broad tense shoulders,and glared into his eyes. "Ten years, in which I haven't felt the breeze in my hair, or felt the grass beneath my feet, or even the iciness of snow, which you have never let me look at. Never mind touch!"

His slacked jaw dropped. He never expected her to react like this. Demetrius thought she was happy, that she didn't mind, staying away from the outside, with him. With the rest of The Elements. Still grasping onto his muscled shoulder, she spoke, heart-breaking tears trickling down her flushed cheeks. One flawless and one scarred; Both still absolutley perfect.

"Demetrius, do you not know how much it hurts. To be deprived of such simple luxuries as these, when you know they won't cause me any harm." Enola tightened her hold on his hand, and he let out a deep breath as she came closer. "Our garden is not dangerous. Even our village is not dangerous, so why do you have to smother me with all these stupid rules.I'm sure i'm old enough to handle the outside on my own now. For goodness sake, I'm seventeen!"

He was silent. He lifted a hand to caress her flushed cheek-the scarred one, then held it in his calloused palm. How could he respond to that? We don't let you out because your too fragile and your element is too pathetic to save you. That, no matter what, you will not be let out of the house till the day she reaches eighteen is just under a years time- no. He couldn't, what he would have said would have broken her spirit. She's too important for us to risk her hating us and leaving. Without her, we have nothing.

Enola gasped in horror. And that's when he realised his mistake.

Demetrius ripped his hand away from her bare skin and cursed himself for not wearing his gloves this time.

"When i'm eighteen..." Enola pressed a shaking hand to her rouge lips as her tiny frame shook. "I cannot leave the house in another year..."

"You read my mind."

Enola's head snapped up in outrage. "How could I not, when you refuse me of my freedom!"

This time Demetrius was the one glowering. "You invaded my private thoughts." he shook his head at her in disappointment as she looked down at the floor in barely concealed shame. "You didn't even have the decency to ask."

She looked at him, with panic flashing in her wide grey eyes. The most extraordinary colour. Those were the only eyes that captivated him; even if they were filled with watery tears.

"It wasn't my fault Demmy. You touched my skin. It just happened."

She was right, but he wasn't going to admit that.

"You still used your Element to reach my thoughts. Were you waiting to do that ever since I arrived, were you waiting till I would give into your seductive charms, and let you do whatever you want? Well, I'm sorry Enola, but you are never leaving this house till the day you reach eighteen. And even then I still won't let you go." He wanted to reach out and touch her again. To feel her soft, smooth skin beneath his rough fingers. Enola flinched away from him.

"Get out!"

His whole body froze, his face too close to hers. "What?"

"I said get out."

"Enola, you know you can't leave this house on your own. Its dange-"

"Demetrius. Leave. The. Room."

Enola pushed him away from her face, disgusted at the words he had just spoken. Demetrius' eyes flashed a darker green in his cloud of anger, and his rouge cheeks emphasised how close to losing control on his powers he was. Another earthquake was not what this moment needed.

"Leave. Now."

Demetrius growled at her before scraping a tense hand through his tousled black hair.

"Fine, but I'll be back."

Demetrius strode out of the library and slammed the door shut behind him. He'll be back. He will definitely be back, and this time Enola will happy to see him. Not like the way she was today.

Enola could now hear her friends Hydra, Kenna and Alios muttering in the background. Probably begging Demetrius to tell them what happened. Ignoring them, she uncurled her hands and stared at the crescents imprinted into her palms from the sharpness of her fingernails. Noiselessly, she coiled back in crouch by the window seat and looked back out the window.

It had stopped raining, and the sun had finally burst through the clouds as if it was waiting for this moment for its whole existence. And so, with the sun shining on her face, she gave her first smile of the day.

However, it didn't last.


An hour had passed and her forhead was pressed against the fogged up window.

Does he really think my element is pathetic? Am I really that useless? Well I'll show him useless, when I take away his free will and make him dance for an hour.

And yes, she was still thinking about what Demetrius had said.

Her anger bubbled and boiled in the emotional volcano she calls a brain. How could he do this to her?

She knew he loved her. She felt it; her element ensured that. She groaned. Sometimes she wished she had a less intrusive power, like fire or air. At least then, she would have to live with the sickly feelings she felt oozing from Demetrius whenever he was around her.

Though they are my friends, well besides Kenna, everyone knows that she hates me, they can be extremely protective of me. All because my element was too feeble and worthless, to be able to defend me.

Well maybe they're right. Maybe she really is the weak link in this group. But why does that mean I can't go outside? Why do I have to be eighteen?

A quiet rumbling noise knocked Enola from her self-pitying thoughts. It was coming from the road, out front. She pressed her face right up against the window, peering through the misty glass. She gasped.

It was a car. A sleek modern black shiny car. And it was two and a half miles down the country road.

"B-but no one drives down this road, not even people from the village."

Only the quiet rumble of the slowly advancing vehicle responded to her mutterings. The path was one of two back roads leading out of the village, but no one chose to drive down this one. Why would they want to when the magical murder freaks lived down here. She scoffed. And even then, no one even bothers to leave the village. You don't need to. We have everything here. Well, that's what Alios says, and Alios is truly the wisest one out of all of them. Even if he does make her fly up into the air whenever she frustrates him. She can't deny that it doesn't become amusing after a while.

The sound of the rumbling gradually coming closer triggered a thought in her head. It was now two miles away. Hesitantly, Enola moved away from the window as she made the quickest decision of her life.

I'm going outside.

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