The Elements

There are five of them: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit.
Kenna. Alios. Demetrius. Hydra. Enola.
And they are like no one you have ever met; they can manipulate the elements...
Earth loves Enola, Air dotes on her and Fire hates her, while Water needs her, as if she's the air she breathes. And I guess they all protected her too.They're kind of obsessive.
Enola Gray was the vision of pure inoccence, and when the boy with a soul of Ice noticed her...
Well, how could he resist?


3. The Heated Hatred

The Heated Hatred

A tense hush filled the lounge as the boy with flashing emerald eyes, barged his way into the room, his black locks falling into his face as he did. Furiously, his vibrant vine tattoo’s twisted and jerked along the skin of his arms. His anger was making him lose control on his element. Any minute now he could blow and all four of them, standing in that room could be crushed by one of his ridiculous earthquakes or maybe a spontaneous falling tree.

The three seventeen year olds were frozen as he flopped back on the brown leather sofa, just opposite the way he came in and pressed his tanned hands against his eyes, as if wanting to physically push the memory of his fight with Enola out of his brain. It didn’t work.

Echos of the argument hovered in the air like an invisible fog, poisoning all four of their minds with harsh words and offensive tones. He stretched his legs across the sofa, trying to get into a relaxing position, which ended up with him dangling off the other end. Demetrius scowled to himself.

Alios, the wise golden haired air Elemental, also known as the only other male in the house, watched him with pale glinting eyes at his place by the window. Which happened to be just by his hanging feet. I guess he’s angry, Demetrius thought with dread as Alios shot him a fierce glare. I’m such an idiot. Why did I have to say those things to her? She’s not pathetic. As if hearing his thoughts, Alios glared even harder-if possible. Oh Gosh,I’m screwed. He’s is gonna kill me.

“Hey Demmy.” He removed his hands from his face shamefully, and gave Hydra a weak smile. She was the water Elemental of the group. Though she kept getting in the way whenever a possibility of alone time with Enola came around, she was still a great friend. Even if she kept stealing the attention of love of his entire existence away from him. “I heard what happened.” Her sky blue eyes twinkled in the flicker of the flame from the inky black marble fireplace beside her.

“I think we all did actually.” Kenna slyly replied, flicking her red wavy fringe out of her face. She abruptly started curling her fingers while twisting her wrist, and the roaring flames blazed and increased in size. The room filled with a fierce, sweat inducing heat.

“Whatever, Kenna.” Demetrius quickly replied, still trying to avoid more of Alios’ sinister eye contact. He really was the most serious out of the group, so naturally he took charge of everyone. Even though he is the exact same age as all five of us Elementals, he was like a big brother to us. A terrifying big brother...

- - -

The last wooden step let out a meek groan, just as Enola finally touched solid ground. She released a relieved sigh and almost squealed in excitement as she reached the front door without any trouble. Finally, I’m free. She grinned cheekily. Well, for about five minutes, until Demetrius catches me…but it will be totally worth it. Especially if I stop the car. She grasped the door handle with hands slick with sweat, and twisted the cold metal globe. The door cracked open, and she licked her lips with anticipation as a tiny silver of light shone through the gap. I’m going outside.

- - -

The girls glanced between the boys, feeling the awkward tension, which would have need a blow torch to cut through. No one moved an inch. Just the thin edge of the sofa separated, Earth from Air- Demetrius from Alios.

However, the silence only lasted a few more seconds, before Demetrius decided to get it over and done with. His guilt from his earlier actions towards his darling Enola, were hitting hard.

“Go on Alios, hit me with it. Say what you want to say, I can take it.” Alios carried on glaring as if nothing was just said.

"You just put yourself right in it Demmy,” muttered Hydra and Kenna smiled in response. Both were still sitting by the fire, immersed in watching the flames.

I wonder what Enola is doing right now…Is she still angry with me? Would she still be reading…or dreaming about me, like I would her?

“Why did you have to say that to her?”

There was a pause.

“What?” Demetrius was shocked. He wasn’t shouting.

“Why on earth world you ever think that letting her hear about the eighteen years issue, would be a good thing? You know how sensitive she is and how fragile she can be.You should have known she wouldn't understand.” His voice was calm and cold. The worst combination possible: deadly. I wish he was screaming at me now. His icy voice is rarely used, but when it is, you’d wish you could go to hell to avoid it.

The vibrant emerald vines, wriggled and shuddered on his arm. Even they could feel his anger.

“Look, you know I didn’t mean it. I was angry.” Demetrius viciously scraped his hand over his face and let out a tense low growl. “I was just so angry. She was pushing me away. I can feel it.”

“Well, that gives you no excuse."

“Alios,” Demetrius hissed irritably, “You know why I did it.”

“No,” he replied nonchalantly. “I have no bloody clue. Tell me.”



With his hands covering his blushing face, he stood up and strode over to Alios’ lean tense form , and mumbled out his next words. Almost sounding as if he was embarrassed.

“You know how much I love her. I can't risk her getting hurt. She's too important to us all.”

At this, Hydra giggled smugly, “I knew it!”

“I love her and need to protect her from those people.” He rolled his eyes. “If anything happens to her, I don’t know what I would do.”

Kenna started cackling like a woman possessed, her rouge curly hair flying around her face as she did.

“I can’t believe you’re still in love with that wench.”


“You’re absurd,” Kenna carried on as if a mute invisible ghost had interrupted her. Her eyes gleamed with frustration. “ You do know that she doesn't see you that way, right?" All of a sudden the room temperature raised by ten degrees and the flames in the fire grew higher and brighter. She chuckled sarcastically "She even see's you as a brother. If that!"

"Kenna..." Demetrius had his square jaw clenched.

"And why do you even love her in the first place? She is the weakest out of all of us. As well as being the wimpiest and most pathetic. How low can she get? A stupid fragile doll, is what she is; absolutely worthless. If we didn’t need her, then I would have burne-“

“That enough, Kenna.” Demetrius was facing her now. His threatening looming frame towered over hers, warning flaring in his eyes.

“What? I barely even scraped a millimetre off my long list of reasons on why Little Miss Enola Gray is unworthy. You know what I’m saying is the truth Demmy. And you know you can’t deny it Al.”

“No.” Demetrius’ eyes were flashing between vibrant gold and an monstrous emerald green, both were incredibly bad signs. His vine tattoos were now writhing and rushing up and down his tensed arms as if too consumed by his ferocious power. His muscles bunched underneath his clothes and a malicious grin formed on his rosy lips. However, silly Kenna didn’t notice the beast rising from within. Apparently the glossy wooden floor seemed to hold all the answers to her questions. She shouldn’t have gotten distracted, if she stayed sane, she would have had the common sense to refuse to say what she blurted out next.

“I wish I killed her, ten years ago when I had the chance.”

That’s when the volcano blew.

- - -

Enola Gray took a hesitant step outside. Immediately, the staggering heat rushed over her body like a wave, and her bare knee’s tingled as the warmth reached them, and crawled down her legs. The fresh scent of rain mixed with earth hit her tiny nose like a train and she sighed in ecstasy. This was what she had been waiting for. The smell of nature, and the sight of her dream woods, where all her fantasies could come to life. She could feel the calming breeze that trickled through the air, barely cooling her down. She was already sweating.

Brushing her dark straight dark hair out of her multicoloured eyes, she took a refreshing deep breath to calm her tingling nerves.

As she took her first few steps outside, the fresh green grass tickled her bare feet, and her bare arms slowly warmed in the humid air. As she got came nearer to the dusty dirt road, the sound of a purring car came closer and closer. The sleek black vehicle came into view, and her eye sight blurred. A sharp pang of longing wrapped itself around her heart and squeezed.

Oh, how she wished she could leave this boring village and do her own things without the restriction of her other friends. She would give absolutely anything to get out of here. To even imagine sitting in a car, and driving from this place would be a dream come true.

Tears trickled down her face and a broken sob ripped out of her throat and into the surroundings. The car came closer. She did love her friends. Of course she did, but they controlled her too much. And it got restricting- which is why she needs to get away from them. Maybe not now, maybe not in a few weeks but soon. Soon she will leave and these past ten years of security and suffocation, and then it will be forgotten so that she can finally live her life.

All of a sudden, her grey watery eyes snapped open and the car was in front of her. The rumbling noise stopped. The only sound that was heard was the rustle of her red floral dress fluttering in the gentle breeze.

A low sensual voice sounded out into the open air.

“You okay there, Princess.” And then, in that second, only one thought crossed her mind.

How do humans breathe again?

- - -

“I SAID ENOUGH!” Kenna went quiet, a red hot blush flushing her pale unblemished cheeks, which clashed with her rouge curly hair. Regret flashed in her eyes as Demetrius’ muscled frame towered over her small one. His ferocious face right in front of hers, radiated hatred and rage. A threatening emerald met with a cowering hazel. And the flickering flames in the fireplace behind them went out as Kenna’s control faded into nothing. The light of the sun from the window behind them reflected a glimmering light across his features causing them to shimmer. The light casted shadows across his face, emphasising the deepness on his cheekbones and the length of his black eyelashes. Even though Demetrius was filled to the brim with revulsion towards her. Kenna was transfixed by his beauty.

With eyes locked onto hers, he grabbed her in tight tanned hands, his long fingers wrapping around her bicep. Hydra watched on in a panic and her sea blue eyes glittered with fresh tears. On the other hand, Alios was smug. He never much liked that fiery red head. He only put up with her because she was part of their group. One part out of five in the family. Though if she was gone, it just wouldn’t be the same, even if she acted like a cow most of the time. Especially towards our dear Enola Gray.

Though we may not act like it sometimes, Enola holds a great part of all of our hearts, even Kenna’s. And if something was to have happened to her. We would all be screwed. Literally.

Alios, who was now standing behind Demetrius, placed a calming hand on his shoulder as Hydra pulled Kenna away from his bruising grip. After relighting the fire, Kenna and Hydra curled up by the fireplace as Demetrius paced the Lounge, trying to remove his all consuming anger, which was pulsing throughout the room. Green vines curled up the walls and some grew exotic colourful flowers and plump ripe fruit. At least Demetrius was calming down now. Otherwise, we’d have to redecorate. Again.

Alios cleared his throat catching every ones attention. He fixed his gaze on the Earth Elemental and the girls turned away and started gossiping as per usual, whenever a tense fight was about to start.

“You say you love Enola, but then why do you control her so much?” Demetrius was wide eyed, jaw slacked with shock at the question he was just hit with, but Alios ignored this and carried on ranting. “You know she could have been accompanied by you or one of us, if she wanted to go outside. She’s always safe with one of us.”

“And you know the type of people out there Alios. Stop being hypocritical. Even you wouldn’t have agreed if she asked you if she could go outside. Don’t be so ludicrous. If those people find out about her-“

“-They won’t.”

“But what if they do? What if they see her walking on her own, drag her into a car and attack her?”

“They wont because we’ll protect her from them.”

“But what if we can’t? what if there’s too many for one of use to fight off? You know Enola can’t fight. Her element doesn’t go that way.”


“We need to keep her safe, and the only way to do that, is to keep her from going outside.”

The girls were silent as the boys stood there glaring at each other. It was so hushed they could hear a pin drop. It was so silent they could even hear the murmurs of a young girl, followed by the rumbling of a car driving away…


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