The Elements

There are five of them: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit.
Kenna. Alios. Demetrius. Hydra. Enola.
And they are like no one you have ever met; they can manipulate the elements...
Earth loves Enola, Air dotes on her and Fire hates her, while Water needs her, as if she's the air she breathes. And I guess they all protected her too.They're kind of obsessive.
Enola Gray was the vision of pure inoccence, and when the boy with a soul of Ice noticed her...
Well, how could he resist?


1. The Beginning Of It All

The Beginning Of It All

There are five of them: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit.

Kenna. Alios. Demetrius. Hydra. Enola.

And they are like no one you have ever met. These are the children who were born with extraordinary powers; They can manipulate the elements.

Now, these five children were all born in the exact same year, on the exact same day and at the exact same moment.

These are the children who lost their parents in terrible accidents. Yes, every single one of them became orphans on the same disastrous day, whether it was by burning, drowning, choking, falling or simply becoming too insane to function.

It was all the same in the end.

Their parents were dead.

However, there were always two facts that kept puzzling the world. Who killed them? And why did the children always survive? And it was these questions, which were efficiently presented to the jury by a certain man, that caused raised eyebrows, baffled frowns and then finally comprehension. It was also these questions which lead the misunderstood children to be charged for murder and exiled far away from civilisation.

Silently, the two boys and three girls made their way to their new home; Magenta Manor- the home of the Emotionally Disturbed Children. It was in the middle of no where- just a few miles from an isolated village called Bilberry. They were truly alone.

Have you ever heard of them? Seen their magic and power? Their parents were dead and the whole of Britain believed they found the first group of seven year old murders.

Or had they?

After ten years of being disregarded, ignored, and invisible, they realise that to they were no longer important. However, there was one man searching for them. And not even hiding their powers couldn't stop him from finding them.


Together, each of the five children bonded over their past and dreamed of their future. They loved each other with a fierceness that could only be seen with family. No one could come between them. Nothing could break them apart. They protected each other; especially her...Enola Gray.

Enola was naive young girl with long dark hair and twinkling grey eyes. Not even the jagged diagonal scar running down her pale left cheek could demolish the perfect image of pure innocence which she portrayed. As well as being the smallest of the tight nit group of Elementals. She was also the youngest and the most gullible. Which was why her friends were fixated on keeping her safe. This meant she was to never, under any circumstances, be authorized to leave the Manor. Not even for a breath of fresh air, or to feel the sun heating up her ashen skin. What's the point of risking disease or kidnap when she can sit by her window seat instead?

They didn't want to give anyone the chance of stealing her away from them. Why? The Elements, Fire, Air, Earth and Water needed her, as without her, they were quite literally nothing.

Yes, Enola was fiercely protected. However it was for a reason, a rare unbelievable reason. She was born with an extraordinary unattainable power, which not even the wisest of men have ever achieved, until now...She had Spirit. Enola Gray could control people's minds, feelings, hopes, dreams; practically anything to do with the human heart and brain. Some call her a soul manipulator, but they, the other Elements, just call her Enola Gray or secretly, their heart.

Earth loved her. Air doted on her, Water needed her, and Fire may have hated her, nevertheless, she was too important to let go, so they didn't.

And so, at the sweet age of seventeen, the group meets a new icy visitor. And he cracked their foundations with a bitter tremor.

He took their heart.

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