The Elements

There are five of them: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit.
Kenna. Alios. Demetrius. Hydra. Enola.
And they are like no one you have ever met; they can manipulate the elements...
Earth loves Enola, Air dotes on her and Fire hates her, while Water needs her, as if she's the air she breathes. And I guess they all protected her too.They're kind of obsessive.
Enola Gray was the vision of pure inoccence, and when the boy with a soul of Ice noticed her...
Well, how could he resist?


5. 4) The Uncontrollabale Urges of Earth

The Uncontrollabale Urges of Earth


Enola glanced back down at the dirt road, the car had dissapeared. As well as the odd, cold feeling. Who was he?


And her answer to that question was…she had no clue.


Now, Enola was a smart girl, albeit slightly quiet, but she read a lot. And she knew, from her extensive book collection and her experiences with her friends, that he was no ordinary human.


And she knew, after finally feeling the fresh air against her skin, that nothing could stop her from feeling this again. Not even the stranger could destroy that feeling of pure exctasy, she felt when she finally embraced the afternoon air. The soothing wind was like nothing she had ever felt in a long long time. It was like her own relaxing heaven. Away from Demetrius’s rules, and Kenna’s harsh retorts. Even Hydra’s caring loving personality was starting to grate on her nerves.


With the lazy afternoon sun readying itself for its departure, the hillsides grew dark looming shadows. Enola let out a shiver. The air was now cooling and the grass was still moist from the showering rain from a few minutes before. She had to get back inside. Back to her library, so that Demetrius doesn’t find her missing. Enola knew Nuclear war would break out if anyone of them found her gone.


However, her common sense happened to be misplaced, and confusion filled her every thought, holding her in her spot with the harshest grip possible. She didn’t like how the stranger seemed to know so much about her. He told her to fight back. To not to trust the only people she had known for the past decade- her only family. How dare he? She could never do that! It was an inconceivable notion. She had put her faith in them for most of her life. Enola just couldn’t flip a switch and suddenly not trust them anymore. Her mind didn’t work like that.


Suddenly, she heard the thundering of footsteps and the front door crashed open with a deafening roar. She was caught.


= - = - =


“What the hell did you think you were doing, Enola?” She didn’t reply. She couldn’t. “Do you know what could have happened to you? Kidnap. Murder. Rape. How could you have been so stupid? Were you even thinking?” Enola barely had the strength to lift up her head, never mind answer his questions. She stared down at his shiny balck boots, polished to precision, so that even she could see her reflection. Enola quickly looked away. Demetrius was always one for perfection. She started to shake.


“-Exaclty. You weren’t thinking! Did you not remember our conversation from this morning?” He waited from an answer, before instantly continuing as if she had spoken. His voice turned menacing. “I told you, you can’t defend yourself. Your powers are not strong enough!”


Enola fliched back at his words and her eyes blurred with salty tears.


“Demetrius! Thats enough.” Alios took a step forward in the musty basement and placed a restraining hand on his stiff shoulder. From the corner of her eye, she could see them both. Their tall frames slightly shadowed in the darkness. She could feel blades of grass tickling her feet, and the thorny vines twine up her legs and across her stomach as Demetrius’s anger grew. She let out a sharp gasp as a thorn sliced her skin.


“Demetrius, I said that’s enough.” Enola tried to move from its peircing grip, causing razor-sharp pains all across her body, but the stabbing vines restrained her to the wooden chair.She thought of using her powers, but what could she do? A ball of panic bubbled in her stomach. The vines twisted up her arms and crawled up her back. The thorns stabbed into her like knives, the pain getting excruitatingly worse as the reached higher and higher. Demetrius was right. She wasn’t strong enough.


“Look at what you’re doing. You’re hurting her!”


Quick as a flash, Demetrius snapped out of his rage and the vines fell limp, tumbling to the floor . Lifeless. Enola jumped away from her chair, away from the torturous plants and pressed herself against the damp wall of the basement. With her chest heaving, she wiped away her salty tears, smearing the blood on her cheek as she did. Her body was ablaze with pain. How could he do this to her?


The single light bulb flickered in the silence, gently swinging in the nonexistent breeze. Alios quickly strode towards her and pulled her into his strong arms, murmering reassurances and stroking her tangled hair. Enola, however, met Demetrius’ burning emerald gaze. The light carressed his remorseful features. All traces of anger had dissapeared, and sorrow had replaced it.


He opened his mouth to speak.


“Enola, I-”


“-Don’t. Demetrius, please don’t.” Her voice was shaky. Enola could feel her body trembling. Never, once, had he hurt her. Ever. Sure, Kenna burned a few times- fire was dangerous and unruly, and Hydra just wasn’t good at controlling her element. But Demetrius...he was different, he swore, the day he first met her, that he would never use his element to harm her. And she believed him. She had obiously made a mistake.


He took to take a step towards her.




He sighed, half in frustration and half in anger- at himself. He was a fool.


“Look, you know I didn’t mean to. I was just angry and...”


“At what? That I decided to not obey one of your oppresive rules for once?”


Alios pulled her tighter to his chest, trying to muffle her provoking words. Enola knew she was asking for trouble by facing up to him, but she couldn’t help it. She’d had enough.


“I finally went outside. Finally, after a decade! That isn’t normal. I should be alound to go out whenever I want. You shouldn’t be able to force me. I’m in no danger outisde!”


“What about that man in the car. He was going to take you.”


“He was just talking to me.”


“Oh sure he was, and then take you away when no one was looking. You’re lucky he didn’t just kill you right there.


Enola didn’t know what to say, still wrapped up in Alios’s warm reassuring arms, she quickly thought up a lie. She wasn’t going to rat the Stranger out just yet. She needed to know what he mean’t. What were my friends hiding from me?


“He was lost.” The lie fell from her lips smoothly. It was good enough.




She met his eyes head on, Enola had to make him believe it.


“Like I said, he was a lost old man in the middle of the countryside.”


Demetrius looked unmoved.


“A very old man. No competition for you at all.”


That was when he smirked in amusement.






“I’m so so sorry.”


Her heart ached, as well as the rest of her body, as she turned away from him and met Alios’s twinkling bright blue eyes. Her light in the dark room. He then moved away from her, now that she had calmed down and retrieved a first aid kit. He brushed his too long blonde hair out of his eyes, before pulling out some wipes and cleaning away the blood. There was gashes all over her legs, small cuts sprinkled up and down her arms, soome oozing dark red liquid. Apparently there were some on her neck too. Enola didn’t even realise she was that badly hurt.


As Alios tended to her wounds, she glanced back at Demetrius, who now had a frown on his handsome face.


“You promised.” She was probably a few metres away from him, but he still heard her whisper.


“I know.”


And then it was silent.


A few minutes later, all the blood was gone, and the vines removed from the basement. Enola glanced around at her surroundings. She had no clue at to why she was even in there. After a quick onesided shouting match outside with Kenna and Demetrius, Hydra dragged her down the dusty wooden staircase and into this excuse for a room. It looked as if it hadn’t been inhbited in decades. Stringy cobwebs hung from everything imaginable, large eerie spiders crawled in each corner of the square room, and with a pile of boxes twice her height looming above her head. Enola could say she was absolutley terrified.


The only piece of furnature in the room was the wooden chair she had been sitting on when she was attacked, and a bare mattress in the corner of the room, opposite to the stairs. Enola vehmently refused to touch the chair, nevermind sit on it again. She would never forget that feeling over those vines crawling up her body, ripping open her skin as it went. She shuddered.


Alios and Demetrius was sitting on the bottom step of the musty stairs, whilst she lounged on the mattress, keeping away from the creepy crawlies. Anything with more than four legs offically freaked her out. The boys were whispering about something. She was sure of it. And Enola knew it was about her. Alois wasn’t being very subtle at all either. With the way he kept glancing back at her while he spoke, even if she were blind, the feeling of his gaze would have given it away.


After another few minutes of Enola wondering where Kenna and Hydra ran of to while she was suffering in the freezing dark basement. The boys had finally ended their gossiping session and turned towards her. Though all of them were the same age, Alios looked older, much older. If a stranger had met him, they would have though he was in his early twenties, though they were all only seventeen. Demetrius was the same.


As they walked towards her, their serious unshifting gaze gave her shivers. Something was wrong, very wrong.


“We’ve decided on your punishment, Enola.”


Her eye twitched in shock as she stared at them, opened mouthed.


“For your disobedience, we’ve decided that you’re staying in here for forty-eight hours as you decide on how you shall make your apology.”


Enola’s mouth prepared words, but made no sound. She didn’t understand.


“We’ll give you food and water ofcourse.” Alios jumped in, trying to calm her, making it seem as if locking her in a dark damp room for forty-eight hours was a normal everyday issue, but then again. Nothing in her life had ever been normal. “We’ll open that door at the top of the stairs, and leave it on the bottom step...”


“-The top step.” Demetrius cut in. “She’ll try to escape again.” He sneered at her.


“B-but where will I sleep?”


“On the mattress.” Enola gasped. The mattress? It seemed as if all the sympathy Demtrius had felt towards her after he’d hurt her, had fled. Leaving him cold and emotionless. Sort of like the stranger. Snap out if it, Enola. Forget him!


“Whats the point of this, huh? You’ll only make me want to leave more!”


“We’re trying to discpline you. So you learn not to do it again. What you did was foolish, Enola. You never know what that man may have done! We told you to never go outside! You betrayed our trust, and we cannot forgive you for that just yet.” A few minutes ago, Alios was calm, caring, tending to my wounds, and now he looked like a monster. A terrifying unruly monster. His bright blue eyes glowed in the dim light, his hair splayed across his head, wild and chaotic.


She fliched back, away from him away from the monster that was once her friend. She had no idea what had gotten into them. She watched as the only two men in her life strode up the creaking stairs, away from her. She watched as they slammed the door, not before noticing Demetrius giving her another remorseful smile. Well, now a smile from him wasn’t going to cut it. She was livid. Had she seriously gotten them that scared for her life that they would lock her up in the basement, just to keep her safe? She was barely out for long. Enola didn’t get it, and she would never get it until she got the answers she needed. She knew they would never tell her the truth. Something was definitely not adding up. And if her friends refused to tell her what was going on, she’d get it from someone else. Him. The Stranger.

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