The Elements

There are five of them: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit.
Kenna. Alios. Demetrius. Hydra. Enola.
And they are like no one you have ever met; they can manipulate the elements...
Earth loves Enola, Air dotes on her and Fire hates her, while Water needs her, as if she's the air she breathes. And I guess they all protected her too.They're kind of obsessive.
Enola Gray was the vision of pure inoccence, and when the boy with a soul of Ice noticed her...
Well, how could he resist?


4. 3) The Stranger

The Stranger

The last time Enola ever stepped outside, on this exact grass was almost ten years ago, just a few months after her parents died. She was just at the simple age of seven, so it’s not like she could remember anything behind the blur of her tears, and the wall of her dark hair. It never crossed her mind, that the last time she would have ever stepped foot on the grass, would be as she’s dragged into the Manor of Emotionally Disturbed Children by the roots of her hair by a cold unsympathetic police officer. Enola would have never believed that she would be locked in a house by her four other magic friends for the next ten years and spend the whole of her time wishing she could escape and see her parents again. It was like a wild dream, fit for a novel, not for someone normal. Well, as normal as a 'murdering' magical girl who can controls people’s thoughts and feeling at touch can be

She had always dreamed of being saved from her Tower by a handsome Prince on his loyal steed. She even planned out what he would say and how she would respond, so she could act like the perfect vulnerable maiden. She even practiced her distressed sighs, and thank yous when she was alone in the library. And so when the stranger asked her if she was okay, she was gobsmacked.


He called her Princess…

Was he the one who was going to take her way and save her from her keepers? Enola shook her head at her delusional thoughts. Save her? No one can save her from four Elementals. Especially ones who are determined to keep her with them for the next year. Eighteen? Will they seriously keep me locked up for another year?

"Hey, lady, I asked if you’re okay? Are you?” Her head snapped up at his deep husky voice; Enola had almost forgotten he was there. She glanced at him from her spot on the damp grass, just two metres away from the car. And the first thing that struck her was his pale hair, almost white in colour, gelled up into a pointed quiff, the colour of snow. He crossed his arms over his wide chest, dark shades dangling in his hands and a crooked grin on his mouth, while he leaned back in his seat. The next thing that caught her eye was the sharp edge of his high cheekbones, the paleness of his skin, just a shade lighter than his odd hair and the way the his slightly blue tinged lips twisted into an almost challenging cold smirk.

Then his dark eyes met hers and the whole world fell away. Fingers crawled down her spine and shivers shook her body as metallic grey met a cold endless black. The sun disappeared behind the clouds as the sky darkened. Wild wintry wind pushed at her bare calf's, and sent goosebumps across her bare arms. However, the cold was forgotten as Enola felt his stare stumbling across her shaking form, right from her bare feet, past her waist, all the way up to her wide panicked eyes, to the jagged scar on her cheek. She could feel the harsh icy wind creep across it as if it was a tender brush against her cheek, a lover would make. She could feel him staring at it too. The scar. My disgusting, revolting scar. A warm blush flushed her cheeks, as she unlocked her gaze from his and stared at the woods behind him. She didn’t want him to see it. The fact that he saw it was making her feel sick.

Immediately the wind stopped as fast as it came, and the sun came rushing into the sky as if it was a runner at a marathon. In the silence between the frosty stranger and Enola herself, she heard the snap of a seat belt and watched as he turned off the car engine and opened the door.

What was he doing? Panic flickered inside her stomach as he slammed the sleek black door shut and took a stride towards her small form. Was he going to attack me? Demetrius was right, maybe she really should stick to the indoors.

He must have noticed her panicked look since he took a step back against the car, and lifted his hands up as if he was surrendering to the police. He stood with more weight on his right foot than his left, and when he took a step towards me, he walked with a cold confidence that not even the strongest substance in the world could shatter. Enola cracked a smile when his face was in a mask of mock horror.

"Look, I'm sorry if I'm freaking you out." He said.

"It's fine."

Yes he looked a bit unusual with his black eyes, white hair and cold demeanor, but he acted like an alright guy. He did ask if she was okay. And he called her princess.

"Good. Can you do me a favour?"


"I need help."

"What for?" She responded. Enola couldn't help it, she always had a curious nature.

"Do you happen to know where Bilberry Inn is?" He stared right down at her from a few metres away, and she could still see the smoldering endless black of his eyes. Enola couldn't prevent the shiver that came.

"I'm sorry, but I have no clue where that is. " He let out a distressed sigh and tilted his pale head back so that it was resting against the tinted window, which contrasted greatly against the blood red of his button up shirt. The blackness of his car and eyes, highlighted the paleness of his skin and hair, which emphasised the brightness of his shirt. It was an odd combination. His arms crossed.

"You probably can't tell but I-I don't get out much...or at all really." She didn't know why she was telling this stranger this. I guess it was because she didn't feel scared or nervous at all. In fact she was actually quite calm, albeit a bit cold. "This is actually my first time in the outside world for almost a decade, you know."

She could see he looked startled. Enola wasn't surprised. If a man came up to her bare footed, bed hair, with tears running down his cheeks, she's sure she's be surprised too.

"Its you.." he said.

Comprehension filled every feature of his sharp face; he looked like he had just solved the mystery of the universe.


"Do you happen to be living with four other kids? The same age as you? Two boys and two girls?"

Enola shifted from one foot to the other awkwardly and glanced around her trying to avoid eye contact. How the hell did he know?

"Who are you?"

"I'll take that as a yes then," he responded sharply.

This time it wasn't just panic that thrashed inside her stomach, there was a ball of pure terrified fear cashing against her sides too. And it consumed her until all she could focus on was his looming tense form- a lion ready to spring for its first meal in weeks.

"They're using you, you know."

"Who? What are you talking about?"

"You know who i'm talking about. Your so-called friends."

"What have my friends got to do with th-"

"Oh my dear Enola. They have everything to do with this."

"H-How do you know my name?"

A hysterical laugh burst from his blue-tinged lips, but it was cold and dark. "The question you should be asking ,Gray, is why were you locked up in a house for ten years!"

"You're chatting a load of rubbish. I know why they didn't let me out. They didn't want me to get hurt, or harassed like I am now." He simply just grinned at her. However this time it wasn't a cold malicious one like last time, it was almost warm. Which was definitely weird since his whole aura screams frosty and grumpy. "Maybe I should have obeyed them and stay inside next time. Getting outside just to meet you really isn't worth all the trouble."

She was about to turn back to the house when his struck her, and stopped her where she was.

"Don't you want to know who killed your parents?"

Her head snapped up at him in surprise.

"Who do you think you are?"

"I'm someone who can help you."

"My parents are dead because of me and my power. No one killed them but my failing of control. It was my fault."

"Dammit, Gray!"

"How do you know who I am, huh? Who are you?"

For some reason he looked nervous, and Enola wanted to know why. The stranger dragged a tense pale hand through his hair, which left it looking messy and sticking out in all directions. And the sad thing was that It look good on him.

"Its not time for you to know that yet."

She was so frustrated at all the mind games and secrets. And the whole issue is that, she only just met him. How can he affect her so much.


His intense black eyes glittered in the fading sun, as more icy wind brushed against her slender form, which caused her dress to flutter around her knees. Grey clashed with black. Spirit meshed with something so cold and dark, it made shivers cross her whole body.

A loud shout sounded behind her and she froze. Dread seized her. Tensely, thinking she was found out, she stood immobile. However, the world went silent again and gave a sigh of relief. Her friends were probably just having another one of their secret meetings or arguments. They were always discussing something-leaving her out. And now it was her turn. This was her secret. Only she would know she actually came outside after years of being confined in her library prison.

“Oh no, Gray. Did they scare you?”

When her saw freeze, his expression dropped into a cold smile.

"Why are you here?"

A sarcastic laugh left his lips. “Oh, whatever do you mean? I am just a poor lost soul, who has no idea where he is. Oh but thank god, I stopped by this 'special' house, isn't that right? I met such a beautiful lady, who helped me find my way.Sort of." he paused. "But then again, she did have a scar."

Enola flinched. "What do you want from me?"

He took a confident stride forward so that he was now right in my face, but too far away to touch.

"I want you to watch your back with your so-called friends. They're dangerous people." Enola opened her mouth to speak, but he pressed an ice cold finger to her lips before she could. "I'll find you again Gray. Soon. But in the meantime, don't let the Tree-boy control you."

"How, I-"

"Use you powers."

And then he was gone.

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