ThEy DoNt KnOw AbOuT uS

I am writing this movella with my ya :)


9. Chapter 9

*Harry's POV*

'kiss him and..die' I heard someone say, causing me and Sammi to stop what we were doing.

"Just shut the hell up!" Sammi yelled as she crashed her lips on mine. Suddenly she was being pulled up into the air, no one was visible. Sammi was trying to get loose from the grip but couldnt.

"Put her down!" I demanded. Then they put her down alright, they threw her across the land and into a mountain. I ran over to where she was anad noticed a cut across her forehead.

'I told you she would die.' I heard the voice say. Then I figured that it was Shelby.

I turned around, coming face to face with Shelby.

"If you marry me, I will bring her back to life." Shelby said.

Marry Shelby and make Sammi survive...or...kill Shelby and somehow make Sammi survive...hmmmm what should I do?

I took out my knife that I had in my back pocket and stabbed her (shelby).

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