ThEy DoNt KnOw AbOuT uS

I am writing this movella with my ya :)


5. Chapter 5

Harrys pov-

What the hell is wrong with Sammi made my girlfriend stab her self. I pushed her down and ran to Shelby's side and called the police and ambulance. ~5minutes later~ The police were in front of the house asking me Sammi and Zayn questions. The questions they asked me were: "What happened?" "Sammi which is Shelby's cousin she got up and started to yell at Shelby. Then she started to cry. Sammi went running to Shelby but when she got to Shelby she was right here on the cement with blood around her." "Thank you. We will get her to the hospital right away." I met Sammi Zayn and the boys to the hospital. I could not bear looking at sammi. Shel was like the only one I love. She was perfect to me she was everything I wanted to in a girl.

•1hour later•

"Harry Styles?"

"Yes thats me." I said as I stood up.

"Shelby is alright but she will need to stay in the hospital for a week or so, from the loss of blood."

"What blood type is she?"


"Can I give a pint of blood for her?"

"Let me get the nurse first so she can do the procedure."

Im glad that she is still alive. The doctor came back not even 10minutes later and the nurse took me back to take my blood. I was talking to the nurse while she was taking my blood.

-30minutes later-

"Hey doc can I please go and see Shelby?"

"Yes you can."

So I went to her room and saw her she had a bandage wrapped around her stomach.

"Hey Harry." Shelby said.

"Hey babe."

"Is Sammi here?"

"Yes I don't want to talk to her."

"Me either." I asked her one important question.

"Is what she said about you true?"

"Yes and my mum doesn't even give a shit about me."

"Please don't cry babe." I said to her not even saying anything else.

"So you see what I go through I have been bullied people made fun of me for my weight i wore glasses and braces."

"Well you are beautiful to me no matter what people say."

"Do you know when I can go home?"

"Doc said in about a week."

"What will I do about school?"

"I can come everyday with your assignments and other stuff you need."

"Really you would do that for me?"

"Any thing for my one love."

Shelby's pov-

All I remember is the party how Sammi said "at least I don't have a mum not giving a shit about me." I just started to cry. I ran out with a knife and stabbed myself. Harry is the only boy I know who doesn't want me to die. What will people say about me when I get back to school. Ill live Harry has my back. "Harry will people call me any names when I get back?"

"I will kick their ass if they say anything about you."


"Im dead serious."

"Do you want to know why I killed my sister?"

"Sure only if you want me to know."

"Ok well one day I was hanging out with my friends and my biological dad showed up and said 'if you don't kill your sister everyone who you love will be dead' then I went home and I cried my self to sleep. I asked my sister to come here to me and I stabbed her in the stomach with a spoon. Now just for that I wish I could die." I said with tears running down my face. Harry got up and gave me a big hug. Then he whispered in my ear 'babe you don't deserve to die.'

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