ThEy DoNt KnOw AbOuT uS

I am writing this movella with my ya :)


4. Chapter 4

-Sammi's POV-

I am so drunk right not the only one, Zayn is too. Right now me and Zayn are sitting on the couch making out.

"Ew! Why did he choose you?" I heard someone say, not just anyone...Shelby. I pulled away and stood up, you know its bad when I stand up.

"Listen. Im not the one with a damn mom who doesnt give a shit about you." I said as she started to back away but I just kept on walking forward to her.

"Leave me alone." she said, as she hit the wall with her back.

"Im not the one who has to put her little cousin down, just because my life is shitty. Im not the one who killed her little sister." I continued on...shit I think I went to far.

"It was on accident! I didnt want to kill her!" she exclaimed as she started to cry, ya that was to far.

"Then why did you?" I yelled drawing everyone's attention, I cant control what I say.

"He would have killed you, and everyone else that I was close to." she replied as tears poured down her face.

"I had no idea." I whispered as I attempted to place my hand on her shoulder, but she just shoved it off and ran outside. The last time this happened, well I caught her with a knife in her hand as she was about to kill her..and now this is happening again.

I ran after her, the cool breeze hitting my skin...looking all over I found her on the cement with blood surrounding her.

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