ThEy DoNt KnOw AbOuT uS

I am writing this movella with my ya :)


3. Chapter 3

Sammis pov- To day is the day I finally get to go to my first high school party. I think Shelby is going but I have no idea if she is. She is in love with Harry styles. I texted Shelby:

"Hey you going to the party tonight?"
"Yeah wbu?"
"Yeah Zayn invited me."
"Awesome did you hear Harry has a crushy wushy on me?"
"No but I heard Louis yelling ' Harry Styles Needs To Get Shelby Holt'"
"Yeah I was at my locker getting my text book and he shut his self in his locker or some one else's so I knocked on the door of the locker."
"Omg he must have a humongous crush on you cuz'"
"Well you know that I have a huge crush on him."
"Yeah see ya later I g2g get ready."
"Bye." So I was getting ready for the party and I didn't know what to wear so I put on grey Hollister sweat pants, black tank top, and Uggs. I then texted Zayn:

"Hey whats up?"
"Nothing much just want too see ya thats all."
"Me too."
"Well gotta set up for the party see ya later."
"Bye <3." I didn't have his address so I gave Shelby a call.
•Ring Ring Ring•
"What do u need now?"
"Where is Zayn's house?"
"Umm a few houses down from me."
"Ok thanks." Then she hangs up.
•At the party•
I walk in and everyone is starring at me for a few minutes and then went back talking. Zayn was at the snack table with Niall. Which on the other hand Niall was eating and eating. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and i spun around super quickly almost sending him to the ground.

"Shit i didn't see ya behind me."
"Its alright at least I didn't split my trousers."
"One quick question why is Niall always stuffing his face?"
"I honestly don't know."
"Whens your next football game?"
"Next Wednesday."
"I wish I could come but Im really busy."
"Are you free on Thursday?"
"Yeah looks like it y?"
"I was wondering if you would like to go out?"
"Yeah... I would love that!" Omg I cant stop starring at his eyes or hair. He's so perfect. I was looking for Shelby but I couldn't find her.
"Zayn have you seen Shelby?"
"No....wait is that her making out with Harry?"
"Oooooo." I said and everyone looked at me like I was stupid.

Shelby's pov- Sammi was being so annoying. So at school I was at my locker and all I heard was Louis screaming " Harry Needs To Get Shelby Holt!" I could tell he was peed off. So he went running and shoved his self in to a locker.
•at the party•
I knocked on the door and Harry answered and his face was bright red. I walked in and Louis pushed Harry over to me.
"Hey Harry."
"Yeah whats up?"
"Nothing much."
"Well I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend."
"Yeah. Why wouldn't I want to be your girlfriend? I have had a crush on you forever."
"I have too but I didn't know if you liked me back."
So Sammi was here at the party and all I know is that Harry pulled me into a kiss. Which turned out to be a make out session. I broke away from the kiss.
"Is everything ok?"
"Yeah everything is great but my cousin is here and she'll tell my mum and she will give me a huge lecture about making out."
"O well does she always listen to sammi?"
"Yup." I cant believe it he just asked me out I have been waiting forever.

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