ThEy DoNt KnOw AbOuT uS

I am writing this movella with my ya :)


2. Chapter 2 (re-done)

-Zayns POV-

I ran after sammi as I saw her run away. 'Why would the guys do this to her?!'

"Sammi!" I yelled as she made a sudden stop.

"What? They dont want me around!" she said as she faced me.

"But i want you around. party at my place tonight." I said with a smile.

"Fine, can I have your number?" she asked, as she handed me her phone.

"Ya, if only i can have your's." I replied as we made a switch of phones. I typed my number in as 'lover boy' haha, we switched phones again. I read her contact name 'future malik <3'...thats so true.

Maybe i should make my move...and soon.


-Harry's POV-

How could Zayn even be friends with Sammi?! But Sammi did have a hot cousin...ahhhhh Shelby, I wonder where she is from...paradise maybe.

"Awe someone has a cwushy wushy!" Louis said as he squeezed my cheeks.

"I do not!" I objected as I pushed his hands away.

"Then why are you starring?" he asked.

"I was just thinking." I replied.

"About how we should maybe get to know Sammi before we judge her?" he asked.

"Kinda." I replied.

"I was to..." he responded, just as Liam came running over.

"Guys! I have some news about Sammi!" he said.

"Ok...go on." I said.

"Well...she is Shelby's cousin and Zayn has a crush on her!" he replied, with excitement.

"Liam, what do you think about Sammi?" I asked him.

"Well, she is really nice! I mean why do you guys bully her?" he questioned.

"Well...thats a very great question...why do we bully her? We need to stop." I replied.

"AND GET HARRY WITH SHELBY HOLT!" Louis yelled down the hall, as he ran up and down making sure he passed Shelby...shit where to hide? LOCKER! I stuffed myself inside making sure I closed it. Im safe.

*knock knock* "Harry?" I heard someone ask, not just anyone but Shelby.

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