ThEy DoNt KnOw AbOuT uS

I am writing this movella with my ya :)


14. Chapter 14

Niall's POV-

I watched as Adrienne pushed Sammi out of the way of the big red bus, causing Sammi to hit the sidewalk with her head as the big red bus hit Adrienne as we watched her head come flying off. Haha no offence but I really didnt like her. When Sammi, Harry, and Zayn werent around she would always come to me and the others blabbering her mouth being all like 'ya she was sexually abused when she was younger' or 'did you know that she is pregnant?' like seriously she doesnt even look pregnant at all. If anyone is to look pregnant it would be Adrienne.

"SAMMMMMMMMMI!" Zayn and Tara yelled as they ran across the street besides Sammi who had blood trickling down the side of her face, eyes barely open. Just as the paramedics arrived was when her eyes shut. Come on Sammi you can make it through.

"We can get two others to come with us." the male paramedic stated. Both Tara and Zayn volenteered to go with them and left, leaving me, Harry, Liam, and Louis on our own. Liam had tears in his eyes as Harry's eyes were glossy like he was just about to cry but he was trying to stay strong.

"Lets go..." I said as we all ran to the car and took off following the ambulance. The car was quiet until Louis decided to break the silence.

"Liam why were you the one crying and not Harry?" he asked.

"Because she is like a sister to me. Harry...I have no idea...Harry, why arent you crying?" Liam asked confused, just as Harry burst into tears and held onto me like his life depended on it.

"I never wanted to break up with just happened. Adrienne said that if I didnt break up with her then she would kill her!" he sobbed into my shoulder.

"Thats when you do your kong fu and chop her balls off." I said.

"She's a girl that doesnt have balls." he said confused as he looked up to me.

"And you know that for sure?" I questioned as everyone stiffled a laugh.

"No I dont know that. Haha I see what you did there!" he said as he started to smile through his tears.

"Guys were here!" Liam called from the front as we all piled out of the car, running into the building.

"Hello we are here for Sammi Chittle." I said to the receptionist.

"Ah ha! Right down the hall to the right!" she said as she pointed to the direction we were going to go in.

"Thank you so much!" I called back as we all ran into the room. Just as we walked inside, doctors were everywhere, as the heart monitor was going off non stop like beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Harry pushed the doctors out of the way as he then started to do CPR- mouth to mouth- suddenly.......







she smacked him as she sat up, tangling herself up into all the wires.

"You saved me..." she spoke as she hugged him maybe things wouldnt be so bad after all "thank you curly haired no name man." she finished as we all gasped.

"What? Liam why is your mouth open?" she questioned.

"So you remember him but not me?" Harry asked as he then ran out of the room with tears streaming down his face like never before. Completely unexpected.

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