ThEy DoNt KnOw AbOuT uS

I am writing this movella with my ya :)


10. Chapter 10

Nobody's POV-

It has been about 3 month's since Sammi and Harry were labeled unconcious. Sammi is alive well...she didnt fully die anyway. They are officially a couple now, they can hear some of the things that the others have said.

As for the others, they cry everyday..they havent been in school since then. Tara and Zayn are together. Everyone agreed that they would stop the whole bullying thing. And well they have been watching everyday keeping there hopes that Sammi and Harry would wake up.



Harry's POV-

I watched as both Sammi and I started to fade off, we were waking up! Yay! We were waking up!

"Promise me that you will audition for X-Factor." Sammi said.

"Only if you audition with me." I said.

"Deal." we both said as we disappeared.


Sammi's POV-

Soon as we both disappeared, I opened my eyes to reality...seeing everyone's heads in there hands. I immediantly sat up, causing everyone too look at me.

"SAMMI!" everyone shouted as they rushed to my side.

"Hey guys...uhm...can I go see my boyfriend?" I asked.

"Who?" Tara asked.

"Harry." I replied with a smile as I jumped out of the bed pulling all the needles and stuff off of me as I ran out of the room bumping into Harry. We both wrapped our arms around eachother as we were escorted back to our rooms.

"Im not leaving without Harry." I said as I held onto Harry's hand, not letting go.

"And im not leaving without Sammi." he said as he held my hand tighter.

"Fine, lets go back to Sammi's room." the doctor said.

"Ok." we both said.

"You guys have the strongest relationship." he mumbled.

We finally were able to leave after getting checked out. Thank gosh.

"Sammi...Shelby died." Zayn informed.

"SCORE," I yelled as everyone except Harry gave me a weird look "I mean...its so sad." I said, half lying.

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