life slowed down


2. chapter 2

after a few weeks of nothing but ice cream and homework . Austin was finally able to leave the hospital but she had to stay on bed rest for two weeks and then she had to walk with crutches or ride around in a wheelchair. 

Austin broke the first rule leaving the hospital by folding up her wheelchair and walking out of the hospital with a bag of clothes in one hand wheelchair in another. her mother had not noticed this because she had went to go get the car. but when Kim pulled up she saw her little girl almost jogging to the car . Kim let out a shriek of fear that touched the ears of people four blocks away " Austin get you ass in this car right now"  Austin laughed and let out a huge smile. she was so glad to be out of the hospital . she felt great but the doctors still thought that she should be on bed rest. but she couldn't help pushing this rule to the limits . The first day of being home she tried to make her mother lunch. The site of Austin slicing tomatoes with a large knife was to much for Kim to handle, She screamed at the top of her lunges " Austin get to be right not young lady . Do you want me to end up in the hospital next."  Austin  slowly walked to her room with her head lowered in order to conceal her devilish smile , she partially was sad that she had terrified her mother . But is was so funny to see her mothers face.     after that austin was on lockdown . she was barely alowwed to walk to the bathroom without her mother on her tail and saying be careful.  This annoyed austin to the point that she would often scream at her mother , in response her mother would sulk and walk away . Austin never  apologized. she didn't feel the need to  she was the one that was hurt and she deserved some privacy .  .......... Sammy was still shocked and was barely leaving her house. she hadnt been at school sense the shooting. Her parents understood why she wouldnt want to. Sammy coulnt take everybody looking at her a staring . she couldnt take the people asking questions . more importantly she was scared to walk by that spot where Austin was shot . it was almost right in front of the school and   jsut the thought of that day made her go insane with fear . she wanted to cry and re-kill that dick you shot her friend all at the same time . 

but today  seh tried to push her mind off of that and onto the day ahead. She was going to go see Austin after all this time . and hopefully she was feeling better .  

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