Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


33. Zayn Malik imagine

You were Louis little sister, and he was very VERY protective of you when it came to the boys. Little did he know, that you had a thing for Zayn. You really liked him, and you werent sure if he liked you back. You for sure knew that he had a girlfriend, but he was in your mind all day. You thought about him all the time, and never stopped. One day, you were home alone, waiting on Louis to get home, and there was a knock on your door. You had on a pair of white jean shorts, and a loose over the shoulder sweater. You hair was in a loose side ponytail, and you had on your fuzzy socks. You answered, and before you stood a teary eyed Zayn. His hair was a mess, and his cheeks and eyes were red. "Z-zayn? Louis isnt here." You said softly. He just sighed, and walked in. He sat down on the couch, and put his head in his hands. "Zayn, whats wrong?" You asked sitting next to him. "Perrie- she -she broke up with me!" He cried out. "Shhh, Zayn, i'tll be ok!" You said, as he laid his head on your chest. You tried calming him down. When his sobs finally slowed, he looked up at you. "I'm sorry for barging in on you like this. I just- I needed someone to talk to." HE said sniffling. "It's ok Zayn." You smiled. He slightly smiled back. "Would you maybe not tell the boys?" Hechuckled. "Sure thing." You said giggling. He stared at you, and then leaned in, and kissed you. You sat there wide eyed, and pulled back. "Hannah, I'm im sorry, that wasnt supposed to happen." "Zayn!" You grabbed his face in your hands making him look at you. "Its ok!" You said. But it hurt that he said he didnt mean it. He smiled slightly, and after a cup of tea, he got up and left.

*3 Years later.*

You were now 19. You still remember that kiss with Zayn. It replays in your head everyday. You were only 16, and he was 17, so now he was 20. You havent hung out with the boys in about a year or so. You had changed since you were 16. Your hair was longer, and black, dip dyed ice blue. Your clothes style had changed, and you were headed to a dinner with the boys for winning their brit award. You were smoothing down your dress before you walked in. A teal blue skin tight dress with silver close toed stilletos. Your hair was in loose curls, and your makeup down perfect. You were nervous about seeing all the boys, especially Zayn. You walked in when you heard your name being called by your older brothers voice. "Hannah Banana!" He screamed. You laughed and squealed as he picked you up. "Hey Lou!" You said. You smiled, and laughed. He led you to the other boys. "Boys, im pretty sure you remember Hannah!" He said as you avoided eye contact with Zayn. "Hey everybody!" You said smiling and waving. You sat next to El, and strangly, right across from Zayn. He was looking at you, you could feel it. You just ignored him, but eventually you looked over at him, your drink on your lips. He winked at you, you put your drink down, and said, "I'm going outside... I'll be back." You walked outside, and took a cig, and smoked when you heard the back door open again. "I didnt know you smoked." Zayn said. He was right behind you. "You dont know alot of things about me." You said handing him the cig. He took a long drag, and looked back at you. "So..." He said. "So..." You laughed back. He looked at you again, and smiled. "I like you.... Like... like like you..." He said. You laughed. "same to you...." He said. "So what does this mean?" HE said smirking, walking closer to you.... "I dont know... What does it mean?" You asked, smiirking back. He chuckled, and then kissed you roughly. You pulled away. "Whats wrong?" HE asked. "Did you mean to kiss me this time?" You asked seriously. "I meant to the last time." He said smirking. You smiled as you kissed him again.

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